The Bamboo Law of Collaboration: Explosive Growth and Success

In today’s competitive market, collaboration has become a key way for many people to realize their dreams and self-worth. However, the path to starting a business is full of challenges. The key to success lies in finding a promising industry and a reliable partner. The education industry, with its stable market demand and broad prospects, has become the first choice for many collaborators. Within this field, YelaoShr® stands out as a trustworthy partner due to its professional teacher training, unique teaching system, and rich operational experience.

YelaoShr® is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to its partners, helping them avoid pitfalls and achieve rapid growth. Whether you are a new collaborator or someone with experience in the education sector, YelaoShr® offers tailored solutions to help you stand out in the market.

Professional Teacher Training and Technical Support

YelaoShr® offers professional teacher training and technical support to its partners. Joining YelaoShr® means entering an industry full of potential and opportunities. With 19 years of operational experience, YelaoShr® has established a mature, unique curriculum and teaching system that provides a solid foundation for new partners, reducing the challenges of starting a business. YelaoShr®’s success is not just due to its own efforts but also to the support and assistance it provides to its partners, giving them confidence and security in their collaborative journey.

Patience and Perseverance in the Early Stages

The early stages of collaboration require patience and perseverance, similar to the growth process of bamboo. Bamboo appears unremarkable initially, but its roots continuously expand underground, storing energy before eventually experiencing explosive growth. Likewise, the initial investment and effort in collaboration lay the groundwork for future success. YelaoShr®’s growth follows this “Bamboo Law,” where years of effort and accumulation have led to rapid brand development. As a partner, understanding and applying this principle will help you maintain a positive and resilient mindset in the early stages of your venture.

Experience and Systems Paving the Way for Partners

After years of development, YelaoShr® has navigated through the toughest stages. Now, new partners benefit from the path YelaoShr® has paved over 19 years. The brand’s growing influence and market demand are built on a foundation of early accumulation and preparation. By leveraging YelaoShr®’s rich resources and experience, partners can achieve more with less effort, establishing and growing their presence in the industry smoothly. YelaoShr®’s success encompasses not only the education sector but also marketing, management, and operational support.

Team Support and Market Demand

Collaboration, like the growth of bamboo, is a gradual process. Fortunately, with YelaoShr®, you are not alone in your endeavors; you have the support of an entire team. Every successful collaborator has untold stories of effort and perseverance. Opportunities favor those who are prepared and quick to seize them. YelaoShr®’s team provides not only technical and operational support but also psychological and moral encouragement to partners.

Education Philosophy Meeting Modern Needs

YelaoShr®’s Finnish-style education philosophy aligns precisely with the needs of modern parents and students. Finnish education is renowned for its high-quality and innovative teaching methods. YelaoShr® brings this advanced education philosophy to Malaysia, better serving the local market. Where there is demand, there is opportunity. But why should customers choose you? What are your strengths and background? YelaoShr®’s unique curriculum and teaching system have been market-tested and replicated in hundreds of successful cases. Joining YelaoShr® means tapping into endless business opportunities brought by the brand.

Ongoing Support and Development Post-Joining

YelaoShr® provides not only initial training and support but also continuous attention and assistance throughout the partnership. Whether it’s improving teaching methods or adjusting marketing strategies, YelaoShr® offers the latest information and resources promptly. Partners can enhance their abilities and maintain close contact with the headquarters through regular training and exchange activities, collectively addressing market changes and challenges.

Mindset and Opportunity in Collaboration

Every successful collaborator has untold stories of effort and perseverance. Collaboration requires not only determination and patience but also a keen market sense and the ability to seize opportunities. YelaoShr®’s success is rooted in its unique educational philosophy, mature operational system, and accurate grasp of market needs and timely seizing of opportunities. By joining YelaoShr®, you not only gain access to a successful business model but also find your own space for growth in a constantly changing market.

Market Prospects and Potential

Market Prospects and Potential The education industry is full of potential and prospects, especially in modern society where parents’ demand for quality educational resources is constantly increasing. YelaoShr®’s brand influence and market demand continue to grow, with early accumulation and preparation being the cornerstones of success. By utilizing the rich resources and experience of the headquarters, partners can achieve more with less effort, smoothly establishing and developing in this industry. YelaoShr®’s success is not only its own growth but also a driving force and innovation for the entire education industry.

YelaoShr® offers partners not just professional teacher training and technical support, but also a proven path to success through years of practice and validation. By leveraging the headquarters’ resources and experience, partners can smoothly develop in the education industry. Collaboration requires patience and perseverance, but with YelaoShr®’s support, your collaborative journey will be smoother. Joining YelaoShr® means not only joining a brand but also entering an industry full of potential and opportunities. From initial training support to ongoing operational assistance, YelaoShr® will be your solid backing on your collaborative path. Choosing YelaoShr® means choosing a successful future.

Why Are Kids So Reluctant to Go to School?

In today’s educational environment, developing multilingual abilities is crucial for children’s learning and future careers. Many parents and educators notice that a child’s performance in school is greatly influenced by their language skills.

In Malaysia’s multilingual society, mastering three languages has become an essential part of a child’s education. However, many children face difficulties when learning a second or third language, directly impacting their interest in learning and academic success. To tackle this challenge, many educational institutions are adopting innovative teaching methods, and YelaoShr® stands out as a prime example of this.

YelaoShr®’s Educational Philosophy and Methods

YelaoShr® is a one-on-one teaching institution with 19 years of industry experience. This institution uses the Finnish educational model, emphasizing personalized learning plans and the importance of student self-learning. They believe every child is unique and should have a customized learning plan to meet their specific needs and pace.

Customized Learning Plans

YelaoShr® designs exclusive learning plans for each student based on their specific needs and skill levels. Through one-on-one teaching, teachers can deeply understand the student’s learning style and challenges, providing more effective guidance and support.

Strengthening Trilingual Foundations

In multilingual education, YelaoShr® places special emphasis on foundational trilingual education. They use innovative materials and methods, such as the 100x Speed Reading Technique, to significantly enhance children’s language recognition skills and vocabulary. This not only helps children better understand course content in school but also lays a solid foundation for their future academic and career success.

Introducing the Finnish Educational Model

Finnish education is renowned worldwide for its high standards and innovation. YelaoShr® has introduced this model to Malaysia, creating a new educational experience. This model encourages children to learn through exploration and practice rather than mere memorization and repetition. Such a learning approach sparks children’s interest in learning and strengthens their problem-solving abilities.

Educational Achievements and Social Recognition

With its outstanding educational services, YelaoShr® has won several awards in the education sector, including the 2019 Sin Chew Education Product Award, Sin Chew Business Excellence Award, Sin Chew Outstanding Education Institution Award, and the 2022 Golden Bull Award for Outstanding SMEs. These awards not only affirm YelaoShr®’s leadership in education but also reflect the high recognition of its educational quality by the market and parents.

YelaoShr®’s Contribution to Society

Currently, YelaoShr® offers a special promotion: parents can purchase a RM98 experience voucher to enjoy courses worth RM700. This promotion provides parents with an excellent opportunity to experience YelaoShr®’s educational services at a highly cost-effective rate. The offer is limited to the first 50 parents who sign up, so interested parents should act quickly to seize this rare opportunity.

Through these measures, YelaoShr® not only improves children’s learning conditions but also lays a solid foundation for their future educational journey. For children facing obstacles in language learning, YelaoShr® provides a comprehensive and effective solution, ensuring every child can achieve academic and personal growth.

YelaoShr®【Class One】: Reshaping Your Child’s Learning Future

In today’s fast-paced society, with increasing life demands and intense competition, many parents find themselves juggling busy work schedules and family responsibilities, often leaving them with limited time to help their children with schoolwork. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and helplessness, worrying that their children might fall behind in their studies due to a lack of attention.

However, even with demanding work and family responsibilities, parents can still help their children succeed academically through some simple methods. First, try to manage your time effectively and set aside dedicated moments to be with your child, understand their learning progress, and offer necessary support and guidance. Secondly, build a strong communication and trust relationship with your child, making them feel comfortable to express themselves and seek help when needed. This not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also allows you to understand their needs and challenges better, providing timely assistance.

Additionally, using various learning resources and tools can further support your child’s education. You can select high-quality educational programs or websites that make learning fun, or encourage homework and extracurricular reading to spark their interest in learning and bring them joy and satisfaction.

Despite busy work and family commitments, with a bit of effort and patience, parents can still help their children achieve academic success. By managing time wisely, fostering good communication and trust, and utilizing learning resources and tools, parents can create a supportive learning environment for their children to thrive.

In this context, YelaoShr®【Class One】becomes the best choice for parents. Our online teaching platform focuses on providing personalized online education, helping children achieve better academic results.

Personalized Matching to Support Your Child’s Growth

YelaoShr®【Class One】features a unique 100% Perfect Match system, identifying the most suitable teacher based on your child’s nature and personality. Whether your child is shy or lacks confidence, we can pair them with kind, understanding teachers who excel in offering praise. This close teacher-student relationship helps build trust and enhances learning outcomes.

Combining Quality Materials with One-on-One Teaching

YelaoShr®【Class One】not only offers materials refined over 19 years but also employs a Finnish-style one-on-one teaching model to ensure your child truly grasps the knowledge. Our teachers are not just knowledge transmitters but also mentors guiding children to learn independently and grow confidently.

19 Years of Educational Expertise

YelaoShr® brings nearly two decades of educational experience to the 【Class One】online platform. In just three years, 【Class One】has helped over 15,000 struggling students make significant academic progress.

Making Education More Convenient and Efficient

Our goal with the 【Class One】live teaching platform is to support busy parents and those who find it difficult to attend in-person classes. By simply turning on a computer or tablet at home, your child can access high-quality educational resources, making learning free from time and location constraints.

Encouraging Self-Learning and Confident Growth

Like YelaoShr® Educational Institutions, YelaoShr®【Class One】upholds the philosophy of fostering self-learning and confident growth in children. We not only teach languages but also guide children to learn proactively. Through unique and creative teaching materials, every child can find joy in learning, stimulating their creativity and thinking skills, thus making progress and growing happier and more confident.

Let your child experience YelaoShr®【Class One】where learning is fun and growth is exciting. Contact us now to book a personalized learning journey for your child.

Why Are More People Joining the Education Industry?

In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in the number of individuals entering the education industry. What’s driving this trend? Let’s break it down. First, education is widely recognized as a key factor in social progress and personal growth. As people increasingly value the importance of education, the demand for high-quality educational services continues to grow.

Second, with the advancement of technology and the widespread use of the Internet, the education industry is experiencing a digital transformation. The rise of online learning platforms and educational technology products provides entrepreneurs with ample opportunities and room for innovation.

Moreover, the education industry holds significant social value and commercial potential. Investment in education is often seen as a long-term commitment, making it relatively stable even during economic downturns.

In the education sector, especially among aspiring entrepreneurs, the allure of zero collaboration fees seems like a blessing. However, beneath this appealing offer, there are deeper commercial truths. For those eager to become collaborators, understanding these three key truths is crucial.

Truth 1: Basic Packages

Many education centers claim to offer “zero collaboration fees,” but they often set traps in the basic packages. Similar to how TV networks provide basic channels for free but charge extra for additional channels, collaborators might find themselves paying extra for necessary training and system support. These hidden fees can be quite frustrating.

Truth 2: DIY Approach

Before joining an education center, entrepreneurs might expect the headquarters to provide resources such as renovations, furniture, and teacher training. However, in some cases, collaborators not only need to pay out of their own pockets but also do the work themselves. It’s like buying a house and then having to handle all the renovations and furnishing personally.

Truth 3: Double Pricing

Behind the “zero collaboration fees” often lies another charging strategy. Collaborators might be forced to purchase textbooks or supplies at inflated prices from the headquarters. This means paying 30-50% more than the market price, which directly affects their profits.

Achieving Win-Win for Long-Term Success

For entrepreneurs, recognizing these truths is essential. Integrity is the foundation of business, especially in the education industry, where a people-oriented approach is crucial. Only by considering the collaborators’ perspectives and genuinely caring about their interests can a win-win situation be achieved.

For those truly interested in starting a business in the education sector, choosing a trustworthy brand is vital. YelaoShr® is such a brand. While they do charge collaboration fees, these fees are not for the company’s profit but are used as startup funds for the collaborators. This includes store renovations, furniture purchases, textbooks and supplies, training support, and system support. YelaoShr® is committed to transparent fees, helping collaborators start from scratch without worrying about the complexities. Importantly, YelaoShr® provides textbooks and supplies at cost price, allowing collaborators to sell at market price and earn a reasonable profit.

Additionally, YelaoShr® focuses on corporate and brand development, regularly launching various activities and operational strategies to promote the growth of all collaborators. Choosing to join YelaoShr® is like finding a reliable partner, adding confidence and security to the entrepreneurial journey.

If you are genuinely passionate about the education industry and eager to start your own business in this promising field, contact YelaoShr® to learn more about their market positioning and collaboration details. They won’t lure you with “zero collaboration fees” but will work with you to elevate the education industry to new heights!

YelaoShr® Jr Educare: Your Top Choice for High-Quality Childcare

In today’s fast-paced world, many families have both parents working full-time jobs. Balancing work with raising children can be challenging and exhausting. Parents often worry about their children’s learning progress while juggling their busy schedules. Traditional daycares may offer basic care, but they often fall short when it comes to focusing on children’s learning and development. Parents spend a lot of money, only to see minimal improvement in their children’s academic performance, leading to disappointment and frustration. This is where YelaoShr® Jr Educare comes in, bringing relief to parents. With 19 years of educational experience, YelaoShr® Jr Educare goes beyond basic childcare to focus on comprehensive child development. YelaoShr® Jr Educare offers more than just childcare; it’s a holistic educational experience. We use the Finnish creative teaching method, engaging children with fun and interactive activities that stimulate their interest in learning, creativity, and thinking skills. We also emphasize building a strong foundation in three languages, setting the stage for their future success. In addition to daily educational activities, YelaoShr® Jr Educare provides professional tutoring to help children with their schoolwork, ensuring they excel academically. Our MIQ potential development games and YelaoShr® Fun E-learning platform offer diverse and enjoyable learning experiences.

The Seven Core Services of YelaoShr® Jr Educare:

✅ 19 Years of Educational Experience: YelaoShr® Jr Educare has 19 years of rich educational experience, utilizing effective teaching methods to deliver high-quality education services.

✅ Finnish Creative Teaching: We adopt the Finnish creative teaching method, focusing on nurturing children’s creativity and thinking skills through engaging activities.

✅ Strong Foundation in Three Languages: YelaoShr® Jr Educare prioritizes building a solid foundation in three languages – the mother tongue, English, and a third language – crucial for their language development.

✅ Fostering Independent Learning: We aim to develop children’s ability to learn independently, think critically, and solve problems, preparing them for future success.

✅ Professional Tutoring for Schoolwork: Our team of professional teachers offers personalized tutoring to help students tackle schoolwork challenges and achieve academic excellence.

✅ MIQ Potential Development Games: Our MIQ games and activities are designed to unlock children’s potential and develop their comprehensive abilities.

✅ YelaoShr® Fun E-learning: We provide an engaging E-learning platform with a wide range of fun and educational online resources, making learning enjoyable and effective.

"Menu Rahmah" Program

Additionally, YelaoShr® Jr Educare actively supports the government’s “Menu Rahmah” program, offering more affordable education services. We’ve adjusted our fees and provided additional discounts, helping families save up to 70% on tuition costs. We understand the importance of education and aim to make high-quality education accessible to more families through this initiative.

Over the past 19 years, YelaoShr® Jr Educare has helped countless children achieve excellent academic results, earning the trust and praise of parents. We feel immensely honored and grateful for this recognition. Therefore, we are committed to giving back to the community, ensuring more children have the opportunity to experience YelaoShr®’s Finnish creative teaching.

At YelaoShr® Jr Educare, we believe education transcends social classes, and every child deserves the best education. Starting today, entrust your childcare needs to YelaoShr® Jr Educare. While your children grow happily, you can focus on your work with peace of mind.

Exploring the Benefits and Choices in the Education Sector: Transitioning from Blue-Collar Jobs to Teaching

As society evolves and job market competition intensifies, many graduates and women in blue-collar jobs are considering the education sector as a new career path. They often have doubts about whether they are suitable for this profession and what benefits the education sector offers that blue-collar jobs lack. This article explores these questions and provides some solutions and choices for those who are undecided.

Benefits of the Education Sector

First, let’s look at the potential benefits of becoming a teacher. Compared to other professions, the education sector indeed has some attractive advantages.

1. Stable Job and Salary

Many large companies are downsizing, but the education sector remains relatively stable. There is a high demand for teachers throughout the country, making it less likely for teachers to face unemployment. Additionally, teachers’ salaries are usually stable and sometimes come with extra allowances.

2. Shared School Holidays

Unlike other working professionals, teachers get to share school holidays. This means they can spend holidays with their children without worrying about taking leave or finding someone to cover their work.

3. Meaningful Work

Teaching is considered a meaningful profession because teachers can positively impact students’ growth and development. This sense of achievement is something money can’t buy.

4. Career Development Opportunities

The education field offers a wide range of career development opportunities. Teachers can pursue further studies and advance to positions like principal, education consultant, or education policy maker.

5. Social Recognition and Respect

Teachers are generally respected and recognized in society. They are seen as knowledge disseminators and pillars of society, which is also a form of benefit.

Is Teaching Suitable for Blue-Collar Women?

While the education sector has many advantages, whether it suits someone depends on their interests and abilities. Here are some traits that are suitable for becoming a teacher:

1. Love for Creative Teaching

Teachers need to be creative and able to design engaging educational content that makes learning more interesting and meaningful.

2. Good Organizational and Communication Skills

Teachers must be able to organize educational activities and communicate effectively with students and parents. Good organizational and communication skills are crucial for successful education.

3. Affability

Teachers should be able to build close relationships with students to better understand their needs and concerns and provide support.

4. Patience, Attention to Detail, and Responsibility

Education is a job that requires patience and meticulous attention. Teachers need to cater to each student’s individual differences and take responsibility for their growth.

5. Gentle Disposition

Teachers often need to handle various challenges and problems, so a gentle disposition can help them better cope with difficult situations.

Solutions and Choices

If you’re unsure whether you’re suitable for teaching, consider attending the Creative Teaching Workshop hosted by YelaoShr® EDUCATION COLLEGE (YEC). This well-designed workshop offers interested women an opportunity to understand the teaching profession within just three days and help you find the answers.

At the Creative Teaching Workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about YelaoShr®’s culture and values.
  • Experience the educational center environment and meet the team.
  • Interview experienced teachers to gain insights into the education sector.
  • Receive induction training to understand the tasks and skills required to become a teacher.
  • Enhance safety awareness and learn how to protect children’s safety.
  • Get an introduction to YelaoShr®’s internal system, Dingtalk.
  • Develop the ability to observe children and identify their personalities and preferences.
  • Design storybooks or craft games to inspire creative teaching.
  • Understand the differences between children and learn how to build trust through interaction and guide them in learning.

Eligibility for the workshop includes women aged 16 to 30, with or without teaching experience, as YEC provides comprehensive on-the-job training. Key selection criteria also include a love for creative teaching, an outgoing and gentle personality, good organizational and communication skills, affability, patience, attention to detail, and responsibility.

If you’re still undecided about whether teaching is right for you, attending this free Creative Teaching Workshop can give you a clearer understanding within just three days. The workshop will provide valuable experience and knowledge, helping you make an informed choice between a blue-collar job and a career in education.

The education sector as a career choice offers many benefits, but suitability depends on personal interests and abilities. Attending the Creative Teaching Workshop can help you better un

The Crucial Role of Preschool Education in Malaysia

One of the key focuses of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 is providing high-quality preschool education. This initiative has led to a rapid increase in local daycare centers, kindergartens, and preschools. But why is preschool education so important that the government has made it a key component of educational reform? This article explores the importance of preschool education in Malaysia, along with its solutions and options.

The Crucial Role of Preschool Education in Malaysia

The “Education Blueprint 2013-2025” report released in 2013 clearly emphasizes the necessity of providing high-quality early childhood education. There are profound reasons behind this decision, as early childhood education plays a crucial role in children’s growth and development. Let’s explore why early childhood education is so important and understand why it has become the cornerstone of educational reform in Malaysia.

Why Is Preschool Education So Critical?

Preschool provides children with a vital starting point, helping them build a strong educational foundation. This stage focuses not only on academic knowledge but also on social, emotional, and cognitive development. Through preschool education, children can prepare adequately for future learning and school life.

During the critical ages of 3-6, children’s brains develop rapidly. Preschool education uses creative and engaging teaching methods to stimulate intellectual growth. This early stimulation fosters curiosity and a love of exploration, laying a solid foundation for future learning.

Preschool education not only imparts subject knowledge but also cultivates learning skills. Children learn how to be proactive learners, solve problems, and think creatively. These skills will benefit them throughout their lives, giving them the confidence to tackle various learning challenges.

Preschool also focuses on emotional and social development, teaching children how to manage emotions, interact with peers, and build healthy relationships. These skills are crucial for future success, as children need to collaborate and communicate effectively in school and social life.

Creat!ve Preschool+: Providing Exceptional Preschool Education

Meeting the standards of the Malaysia Education Blueprint, Creat!ve Preschool+ has become a popular international preschool institution. Established by YelaoShr®, a well-known education provider with 18 years of experience, Creat!ve Preschool+ is dedicated to offering high-quality preschool education to lay a solid foundation for children.

Creat!ve Preschool+ offers a carefully designed curriculum that distills 18 years of educational excellence. Through various creative themes, they teach academic knowledge while also enhancing brain and learning abilities. Here are some highlights of their curriculum:

This course teaches listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills in three languages, providing a multilingual foundation to help children communicate better.

Through creative STEM education, children develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills, sparking their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This course helps children learn emotional management and interpersonal skills, laying a solid foundation for their social and emotional well-being.

By interacting with peers and sensory stimulation, children enhance their cognitive abilities, helping them understand the world better.

Using games and props, this course stimulates children’s creative thinking, making it easier for them to absorb knowledge and increase their interest in learning.

Integrating fun math elements into the curriculum, this course fosters children’s mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Creat!ve Preschool+ aims to comprehensively enhance children’s intellectual development, expressive abilities, learning skills, and interpersonal interactions. Their well-rounded curriculum helps children aged 3-6 build a strong foundation in the preschool stage, preparing them for future learning and life.

The Importance of Recognizing Words: Why Forcing Children to Write Isn’t the Best Approach

As children grow, parents naturally want them to learn to read and write, as these are fundamental skills for communication and literacy. However, some parents might mistakenly believe that forcing their children to read and write equates to them having learned these skills. This approach can actually be counterproductive. This article will explore why forcing children to read and write isn’t the best method and how to better help them enhance their word recognition and reading abilities.

The Four Stages of Language Learning

Before discussing the importance of word recognition for children, let’s first understand the four basic stages of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This is a gradual process, much like how babies need to learn to crawl before they can walk. Expecting children to write repeatedly before they can even read is like expecting a six-month-old to walk—it’s pointless.

The Relationship Between Reading and Writing

Parents often worry whether it’s useful if their children can read but not write. The answer is, of course, it is useful! Just like how we can fluently speak Cantonese, Hokkien, or Hakka without being able to write these dialects. Reading and writing complement each other. Only being able to read but not write limits a child’s expressive abilities in language. Therefore, parents should value their children’s writing skills but not be overly anxious, as schools from kindergarten to elementary will require children to write a lot.

The Root of the Problem

The problem arises when many children, despite writing a lot of characters, can’t correctly read them when asked. They merely copy the strokes without truly understanding the meaning of the characters. This mechanical way of writing doesn’t lead to progress; once the workbook is closed, the children forget everything. This is why parents should focus on improving their children’s word recognition and reading abilities, not just writing.

YelaoShr®’s Solution

YelaoShr® is an educational institution specializing in enhancing children’s word recognition and reading abilities, aiming to help children build a strong foundation, ensuring they write efficiently. With over 18 years of educational experience and more than 400 rigorously trained and certified teachers, our instructors possess Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) backgrounds and hold Malaysia Skills Certificate Level 3 (SKM Level 3) and certifications from the Department of Skills Development (JPK) and Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp).

At YelaoShr®, we use personalized learning plans to create tailored education plans for each child. Our one-on-one teaching approach guides children to learn independently, helping them build a strong foundation in three languages and keep up with their peers. Additionally, we teach 100x word recognition techniques to enhance children’s vocabulary, focusing on educational quality rather than merely completing tasks.

The Role of Parents in the Learning Process

Parents also play a crucial role in this learning process. They can learn how to better support their children’s education, ensuring good progress in word recognition and reading. Here are some measures parents can take:

Understand your child’s learning needs and develop a suitable learning plan to help them with word recognition and reading.

Instead of just forcing them to complete homework, encourage your children to learn proactively, boosting their motivation and interest.

Ensure that during the early stages of learning, your child has a clear understanding of basic letters, vocabulary, and grammar, which will help them become more confident in future learning.

Parents should closely monitor their children’s progress in word recognition and reading, identifying and addressing issues promptly.

Encourage your children to develop reading habits by providing a variety of reading materials, from picture books to storybooks, to spark their interest in reading.

By following these steps, parents can better support the development of their children’s word recognition and reading abilities, helping them achieve better results in language learning.

While writing skills are important for children, it is essential not to overemphasize writing at the expense of word recognition and reading. Children need to go through the four stages of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to truly master a language. YelaoShr® offers professional educational solutions to help children build a solid foundation in word recognition and reading, enabling them to be more confident and successful in their future studies. With active parental involvement and support, children can better develop their la

A Life Trapped: The Helpless Routine of a 9-to-6 Job

Every morning, as soon as the first light breaks, my time is no longer my own. I drag myself out of bed, my body and mind still in a state of slumber, but the relentless alarm clock pushes me into the endless cycle of daily work life.

I miss the days when I could work from home, take a little break, and not have to rush out every morning. There was no need to endure the crowded traffic and the frustration of being stuck in jams.

Back then, I could stay in bed a bit longer, savor a delicious breakfast at my own pace, and then start work leisurely. Now, back in the office, I spend my days with colleagues crammed together. What’s worse, everything is getting more expensive: transportation costs, gas, parking fees, food, drinks, even using the restroom. But my salary remains meager, making it feel like I’m actually losing money by going to work!

My despair grows deeper each day. I truly don’t want to be a 9-to-6 office worker anymore. Even worse, I often have to work overtime, squeezed into crowded public transport, and by the time I get home, it’s already 10 PM. I barely have any time for myself, not even enough for a relaxing cup of coffee.

One day, I thought, if I miss working from home so much, why not try becoming a freelancer? So, I signed up on a local online teaching platform called Class One and applied to become a live-streaming teacher. To my surprise, everything went smoothly!

Now, I don’t need to leave the house and still earn a steady salary each month. This is the life I’ve always dreamed of—working from home without worrying about traffic jams, commuting costs, or transportation issues.

Honestly, I had no teaching experience at first, but this platform was incredibly supportive. They taught me everything from scratch—how to teach and handle different situations. They were truly considerate!

Although being a freelancer might seem like it pays less than an office job, when I calculated the commuting and miscellaneous expenses, I realized I’m actually better off now. I can even afford the latest iPhone without any worries.

I’m not saying everyone should quit their jobs. Everyone has their own preferences, and some people genuinely enjoy working in an office. There’s no right or wrong choice. But for me, this decision has made me much happier than my previous office days.

This is just my personal experience. I hope everyone finds a work style that suits them. Don’t be afraid to try new things—you might discover a way of life that truly makes you happy.

Choosing an Effective Online Learning Platform for Your Child: Key Considerations

In today’s fast-paced society, parents are increasingly burdened with work pressures, leaving them little time to spend with their children or to drive them to tutoring sessions. However, a child’s academic performance remains a constant concern for parents, making online classes a viable solution. Below, we discuss the benefits of online classes for children and explore how they can address and alleviate parental concerns.

Benefit One: Flexibility and Convenience

With busy schedules, parents often need help to take their children to tutoring classes personally. Here, the flexibility and convenience of online classes come into play. By choosing an online platform with a learning tracking system, parents can have their children attend classes from home, saving time and significantly reducing their burden.

Benefit Two: Learning Tracking System

When selecting an online platform, it’s important to consider whether it includes a learning tracking system. Class One, for example, features a pioneering system known as the Quality and Level Management System (QLMS).

QMS (Quality Management System)

This system addresses many parental concerns by allowing teachers to track a child’s learning progress, pace, preferences, and favorite learning styles. This ensures that even with a change of teachers, Class One’s staff can review the QMS report to keep the child’s learning on track and adapt teaching methods accordingly.

LMS (Level Management System)

LMS is mainly used to monitor children’s learning progress and assess their learning outcomes. Only after completing a level can children continue to upgrade and learn more challenging knowledge, which helps improve learning effectiveness. Every quarter, Class One also sends learning reports to parents, allowing them to directly understand what their children have learned, what level they have reached, and what progress they have made. This enables parents to timely understand their children’s learning situation and provide better support for them.

Benefit Three: Rich Educational Experience

Class One, a subsidiary of YelaoShr®—renowned for its 18 years of educational experience and being the top-rated educational institution in Malaysia—has condensed this expertise into its live online classes. In just three years, Class One has helped over 15,000 students make unprecedented academic progress, demonstrating the platform’s extensive educational experience and capacity to deliver high-quality education.

Solving Parental Challenges

Online classes not only benefit the child but also help parents tackle a range of issues.

Time Management

Busy parents may find it difficult to physically take their children to tutoring. The flexibility and convenience of online classes allow children to learn from home, saving travel time and further reducing parental stress.


Many parents worry about their children’s ability to stay focused during online classes and struggle to monitor their progress. However, Class One’s QLMS allows parents to keep track of their child’s educational status, including their progress and learning methods. This system enables parents to supervise their children’s education effectively, ensuring they stay on track.

Quality of Education

Choosing a quality online platform ensures that children receive a high level of education. Class One, leveraging YelaoShr®’s 18 years of educational expertise, focuses on high-quality, one-on-one teaching that enhances children’s reading skills and learning abilities. Parents can rest assured that their children are receiving top-tier education.

In conclusion, online classes not only support a child’s learning but also help parents manage their busy schedules, lack of time, and supervision challenges. Opting for an online platform with a robust learning tracking system and a rich history of educational excellence can positively impact a child’s education and bring greater convenience to parents.

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