#08 A simple tip to tackle all your child education worries! Bringing up your child is easy and relaxing!

With just a simple tip, parents can educate your children in a relaxing manner and your children’s learning and growing process can be filled with happiness! Educator – Mdm Ye personally pens her secret to education.


Allow children to study in Chinese primary schools but turn your homes into international schools

Even though international schools had rapidly increased in number, there are still a large portion of parents who willingly send their children to Chinese primary schools for education but in their hearts, they are worried that their children will be faced with large amounts of stress.

A brand new 2019 school session has begun, in double income families, parents would send their children to tuition classes and childcare centres. Back at home, parents would need to get piles of reference books from the bookstore. Each time exams commences, parents would take leave to help their children revise the syllabus, afraid that they will not catch up in any subject, failed the exam passing rate and rank low in class.

There are also another group of parents who place their children entirely into the school teachers, tuition teachers, child care teachers’ hands. At home, children will not learn and read just because these parents feel that they have studied enough outside of their homes. When their children have poor results, another tuition teacher is changed instead of truly finding the roots of the problem.

In truth, we can all be better parents to provide more efficient learning to our children.

Have you ever thought of changing yourself into the best teacher your children admire?

Turning your homes into freestyle learning mode as international schools to fully develop your children’s potential?

First and foremost, we need to set a learning goal for our children.

Yes, you heard me right. One goal is enough because we have limited time.
To enter the Chinese circular primary school, has your child learned and recognised enough words? This is because children need to write and do their homework, read notices given out, look at timetables, learn other subjects such as Pendidikan Moral, Science and Mathematics which are all in Chinese words! Can your children truly comprehend the textbooks and workbooks? That is why it is of utmost importance to first tackle the foundation of recognizing large volume of words. Only then can your children truly learn in relaxation!

叶老师 想当年 三个孩子
This is my 13 years ago “Days in the past” photo. At the age of 18, I already had a family with a child.

My method is to tackle the volume of Chinese words recognised prior to children being sent to primary school. They need to know at least 500 commonly used words. Writing words, learning Chinese syllables, spelling and constructing sentences I will not teach as they will learn them when they go to school. If children have already learnt everything in advance, they will feel bored at school. If parents have very limited time, it is the basics and lowest requirement to get your children to learn up at least 200 words.

When your children get to primary school, there is no need to ensure that all subjects are caught up with the syllables and progress. Just use half a year to catch up to one subject is good enough!

In the first year, it is important to build a strong foundation in languages. After mastering Chinese, then continue with Bahasa Malaysia. Due to the fact that children are rarely exposed to Bahasa Malaysia, they are commonly weaker in this language. Why not focus on English? That is because children nowadays can read, English cartoons or storybooks. Hence, no need to worry. It should be understood that our time is limited, our children’s time are also limited. Therefore, we start focussing on one subject would be adequate.

叶老师 自己投入教育行业
While learning to become a good mother, I started to venture into the education industry, learning step by step.

Parents would start to ask the next question: What about other subjects? Mathematics, Moral and Science are all very hard! My concept is that even if children are unable to understand, it is okay! It is because the children do not understand these various subjects due to inadequate words recognised. When words are not recognised, they will not be able to read then understand. Thus, not being able to read and understand exam questions and subsequently unable to answer them is very normal!

I also feel that the morals of children should not be evaluated by exam marks! Shall we just let it be? It is not so. Subjects such as mathematics and science are not just plain memorising subjects. Both these subjects require interesting teaching methods to induce a learning interest in the children and they will naturally be passionate in solving questions!

感恩遇到很多好老师 叶老师
I am grateful for encountering many great teachers that worked together towards something we believe in; 1-to-1 teaching, teaching according to children’s standards

If your child is already primary 3 or 4 or even primary 5 and 6 but you realised, they are weaker in any subject, then the child should start learning from the level he/she understands! For instance, a primary 3 child is very weak in mathematics, we can allow the child to complete workbook exercises for primary 1 and 2 to find out the root of the problems and start from basics, only then can the child catch up to the primary 3 standards!

A children-centred education concept is to learn based on the children’s personal levels and standards. If children are already excellent in studies, then these children should learn knowledge outside of the textbooks; if they are weaker, allow them to be focused on learning just one subject in the upcoming half to one year. To support this point, parents would need to let go of the obsession on marks, to ignore the marks of other subjects, it doesn’t matter if they could not catch up and just to focus on one subject is adequate. I would usually suggest parents should start first on learning how to recognise words and read. If the foundation is not stable, how could parents expect to see their children excel in every subject?

In addition, parents should also carefully observe and discover their children’s interest. Not every child is strong is language or maths and science. Do not bury your children’s gift in sports, arts and creativity. Also, it doesn’t mean that children who do not perform well in primary school will not perform well in secondary school. We should have more faith and hope in our children and believe that they can do it!

Started Yelaoshr Learning Centre because of my own children. Today, entering the 14th year, such perseverance is for many more other children.

Turning your homes into international schools, parents becoming educators; these are the things that we can choose to do to educate our children. We do not need to be perfect parents to qualify to teach out children. In reality, our children are already learning our every move in our daily lives. We just need to grow and learn with them step by step!

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