Early Learning Centre for Children: How Yelaoshr is Helping Parents in Malaysia

Early Learning Centre for Children

In Malaysia, there are two age categories for early childhood care and education which is 0–4 years and 4-6 years. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (MWFCD) oversees national initiatives for children’s growth and development and is responsible for the first age range (0–4 years). The MWFCD maintains a list of all childcare facilities, or taska as often known, around the nation through the Department of Social Welfare.

Even though it is not compulsory in Malaysia, early childhood education tremendously impacts children’s development. It also describes a critical period in a child’s growth and concerns how a child’s personality develops.

The child’s biology, psychology, and emotions all change during development. The parents must be informed about the growth process and aware of the changes to ensure the kid learns the essentials of their own development.

Features of the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre for Children in Malaysia

Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre for Children in Malaysia

Yelaoshr’s interactive education programme encourages kids to carry out dramatic scenarios while stimulating their brains and having fun learning academic material in a clean and secure environment. Children are observant, inquisitive, and easily swayed. These five components are necessary for every kids that providing by Yelaoshr with the correct atmosphere for kids to develop, learn, and prosper.

Cognitive Stimulators

Children constantly absorb new knowledge. Cognitive stimulators direct the mental energy in a targeted manner. Yelaoshr provides children with a wide variety of learning opportunities by including new puzzles every week, building blocks, books with high levels of engagement, objects that call for sorting and organising, and exposure to technology through fundamental computer instruction. Moreover, by offering kids a healthy diet, Yelaoshr also increases cognitive stimulation with nutrients that support the growth of brain connections.

Rest & Relaxation

Relaxation is important! The children’s post-game or riddle-solving tiredness is crucial to assimilating the sessions’ lessons in psycological and physical skills. Yelaoshr designs a nap/lounge area with cosy pillows, mats, wiggle chairs, and even therapy balls for kids with ADHD and special needs.

Dramatic Play Areas

One of the most effective methods to foster a love of learning and a passion for life is dramatic play that challenges kids to use their imagination and “pretend” themselves into different roles. Little ones can explore the ideas of accountability, adventure, truth, and morality via make-believe or dramatic play. Yelaoshr employs virtual reality-based content projectors, puppets, costumes, and accessories to make the kids imaginations come to life while educating.

Artistic Expression

A well-rounded personality appreciates both the abstract of art and the logic of science. With an artist’s corner in your child’s development, Yelaoshr will provide the groundwork for this wholeness to encourage young children to express their creative impulses via colour, form, or sound. Yelaoshr also offers materials, including paint, pencils, paper, play dough, and even rudimentary musical instruments (baby pianos and tambourines) to make the lesson more interesting.

Motor Skill Enhancement

Unstructured outdoor play allows kids to develop their muscle tone and coordination. Yelaoshr offers a designated playground and clears a space in the room for children to run about, catch and toss a ball, play tag, and stimulate their blood flow.

The Benefits of an Early Learning Center for Kids

Benefits of an Early Learning Center for Kids

Choosing the best early learning centre involves much more than just finding a location to have your child cared for. Because the foundation of the person your child will become is being laid at this age—likely more so than at any other point in their lives.

These formative years are essential for a child’s healthy growth and future success and enjoyment. Using an early learning centre is a fantastic way for your child to start developing those crucial life skills.

It’s a Place of Socialisation

Quality early learning centre services encourage and foster the growth of these relationships, which are essential for social development. The development of the children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills in their care is entrusted to qualified adults in addition to their respect for the children themselves. Children acquire confidence, overcome shyness, and create the connections necessary for success later on in life when adults encourage them as they engage with others.

It’s a place of structure that helps nurture a healthy desire for lifelong learning.

The best early learning programmes offer a regulated setting where good behaviour is promoted as the kids play, learn, and have fun. Such a structured framework isn’t something self-evident; in fact, the kids won’t even notice it. However, being in a structured environment with timetables and areas designated for particular activities encourages learning in various ways.

This, in turn, fulfils the intense curiosity that toddlers of this age have about the world outside them. If done well, it creates a passion for information that will serve them well in their following academic years when they move on to higher education and beyond.

Promotes Essential Early Life Skills

An early learning centre is an educational establishment run by experts rather than a babysitting service. Between the ages of 3-5, a pre-vocabulary schooler’s will increase from roughly 900 words to about 2,500. The exposure to language kids receives via enjoyable activities like storytelling, singing, and games dramatically help to advance language abilities.

In addition, the foundational skills of topics like arithmetic and reading, as well as enjoying hands-on activities that support cognitive growth, may be built upon with gentle encouragement through discussion, counting games, and Qs & As. Children are taught to apply their investigative talents and deal with various problems.

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

At this time of development, several encounters are essential. Early interaction with instructors and students and adequately planned, age-appropriate learning offer a solid foundation from which confidence may emerge. Kids are more likely to explore their hobbies, look into their capabilities, and start comprehending their abilities and talents when feeling good.

A child’s sense of self-assurance grows in direct proportion to the number of good interactions they experience with others around them. This encourages a positive outlook on how to handle complex challenges in life. Such a strong foundation is essential for the child’s confident start in life’s adventure.

How Can Parents Benefit from Sending Their Children to the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

No Work Compromise

After children, the majority of parents are forced to make career compromises. While taking a temporary sabbatical is OK, giving up on your profession might prove to be a mistake. The childcare sector addresses such parental concerns.

Yelaoshr provides parents with the perfect hands for optimum parenting. With the help of their skilled and ECCE-certified facilitators, they take excellent care of kids. Yelaoshr assumes full responsibility for your child’s whole growth during the program. Additionally, they update the parents. You may contact the tutor of your child at any moment if you’re concerned about them and return your attention to your business or work.

Easily Control Kids At Home

Kids who attend early learning centre learn many self-engagement activities and stop clinging to their parents. Therefore, the kids are well-behaved enough not to bother you while you cook or take care of other home duties. When you choose Yelaoshr for your child, they also begin assisting your kid with all of your house duties.

Yelaoshr cultivates a passion for learning in kids and fosters their capacity for critical thought. Therefore, if you select Yelaoshr, your child will experience perfect growth and development throughout their formative years.

Happy Family

Conflict arises between a husband and wife if they cannot effectively handle a kid’s obligations. Mothers in Malaysia may have more responsibilities than other people, making them feel overburdened. Being a parent for the first time is entirely novel for a mother. As a result, we cannot count on her to manage things precisely as she has never been in the position earlier.

But many of the survey’s findings show that a happy family seeks assistance from a reputable and professional early learning centres. When everything is thoroughly thought out and arranged, the family tie is strengthened even further.

Who can Enroll their Child in the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

Yealaoshr’s Early Learning programme provides a foundation for learning, growth, and care for kids aged 4 and above. Your kids may learn through a variety of activities when they join Yelaoshr for their fundamental development.

Develop your Child in the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

When selecting an early learning centre for your child, there are several features and factors to consider. The most crucial step is to spend some time investigating local early learning centre’s facilities and weighing your selections according to the standards we have listed above.

Touring a few early learning centres’ facilities is generally advised before enrolling your child. Trust your instincts when selecting and assessing your early learning education provider. Never be scared to search for another early learning centre if you think something is wrong.

Yelaoshr has childcare experience, and we want to support your children in becoming better people in the future. To learn more about our childcare services, please stop by or give Yelaoshr a call.

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