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Identifying a Breakthrough in Learning for Every Child

YELAOSHR ® is committed to crafting personalized learning journeys that foster autonomous learning and build confidence in children. Through our specialized programs, we aim to instil a love for self-directed learning, ensuring children grow confidently and make a lifelong positive impact, preparing them for a successful future.
6 years old kid of mandarin kindergarten
"Together, for the past 18 years, we have empowered countless children"
Co-founders: Dr. Carol Yap and Dr. David Yap
"Together, for the past 18 years, we have empowered countless children"
Co-founders: Dr. Carol Yap and Dr. David Yap
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Choosing YELAOSHR means Partnering with Your Child's Professional Education Ally.

“At YELAOSHR, we’ve united an all-female teaching team, passionate and seasoned, backed by 18 years of trust from parents across Malaysia. Authorised by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, YELAOSHR Education College offers in-depth, rigorous training to elevate our teachers’ expertise and teaching skills continually. Our mission extends beyond imparting knowledge to moulding an exemplary, visionary team of educators. We’re committed to high-quality education from our exceptional faculty, rigorously trained and certified to inspire and lead students to their highest potential. Our educational philosophy is to inspire, not merely instruct, believing proper education lies in motivation and enlightenment. Parents can rest assured, entrusting their children to our experienced, well-trained team, continually enhancing our teaching quality and educational outcomes.”
You’re not just selecting a primary school but an educational sanctuary dedicated to deep educational knowledge and the professional growth of its teachers. Let’s collaborate to embark on a splendid learning journey for your child.
yelaoshr mandarin kindergarten team
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Does your child

Officially Launch: Yelaoshr Junior Educare

Parents Work with Peace of Mind, Children Study Happily.

YelaoShr Junior Educare ® is your best choice for worry-free, round-the-clock care and education for the children in your family. Whether you need full-day care or just after-school care, we have the right program for you.

YelaoShr Specialized Education: Triple Pathways, Infinite Possibilities.

YelaoShr Trilingual® (1 on 1) Word Recognition and Reading Method moves away from traditional route-learning education. We employ a ‘personalized’ teaching strategy tailored to each child’s abilities and learning level, ensuring that the teaching method is ‘targeted.’ This approach not only helps children who are falling behind to catch up in a timely manner but also provides every student with the most suitable learning path by developing children’s language and literacy in Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, and other subjects.

Cultivating Creativity,
Wings to Children's Future.

At YELAOSHR Creat!ve Preschool+, we focus on seizing the golden period for children’s literacy. We are committed to nurturing physical development, independent thinking and self-reliance in children, laying a solid foundation for their future. Here, children will grow in an environment filled with laughter and love, and each child has the opportunity to shine and become a unique little star with outstanding Mandarin speaking skills, communication skills and social skills.

Live Online Teaching to Ensure Learning Effectiveness​.

YELAOSHR ClassOne online teaching platform is dedicated to fully utilizing children’s short-term attention spans, improving learning quality through efficient teaching methods. We focus on strengthening children’s pronunciation, reading, comprehension, and writing skills, ensuring that every child makes significant progress in their studies.

Why We Are The Best Mandarin Kindergarten

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why we are the best mandarin kindergarten
why we are the best mandarin kindergarten

What Parents Said

Yee Kwan
Yee Kwan
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Both of my children have shown significant improvement after attending YELAOSHR. The teachers are very patient, and the engaging teaching style makes the children enjoy going to YELAOSHR!"
Theresa Ang
Theresa Ang
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Thank you for the teacher's guidance. My child likes the teacher's teaching style, which is lively and interesting.
Queenie Ang
Queenie Ang
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Let children focus on reading Thank you for your instruction.

90 Minutes of Efficient Learning, How YELAOSHR Ensure Children Make Progress?

90 minutes of effective mandarin preschool learning

At YelaoShr, we are committed to enhancing children’s literacy skills while maintaining an efficient and enriching learning experience through our 90-minute lessons that combine two subjects. Our team of educators closely monitors children’s learning progress and attention, ensuring they receive necessary mental recovery during ‘charging time.’ We employ a ‘little and often’ review strategy and appropriate cognitive activation periods to help children transfer newly learned content from short-term to long-term memory, avoiding passive and monotonous learning approaches. This is not only a distinctive feature of our teaching but also aligns with the globally recognized Finnish education model.

Recognizing the limited duration of children’s attention spans, we ingeniously integrate learning with cognitive activation in our curriculum design, ensuring that children remain fully engaged and energized. In YelaoShr’s ‘charging zone,’ children can reinforce their literacy skills by reading picture books or using the XiaoYe digital learning system while enjoying the pleasures of learning.

To boost parental confidence and fully implement our teaching philosophy, we have introduced the ‘Improvement Guaranteed’ program, ensuring children’s learning progress and providing parents with peace of mind when entrusting their children to us. Our goal is to create an enjoyable and effective learning environment for children, allowing them to experience the joy and value of growth through learning.

Our Fees and Timetable

Trilingual ® 1 on 1

Establishing a Strong Foundation in Trilingual
RM 300+
  • (Monday to Friday)
  • 2.00pm - 3.30pm
  • 3.30pm - 5.00pm
  • 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • 7.30pm - 9.00pm
  • (Saturday)
  • 9.00am - 10.30am
  • 10.30am - 12.00pm
  • 12.00pm - 1.30pm
  • 1.30pm - 3.00pm

Creat!ve Preschool+

Cultivating Creativity, Wings to Children's Future.
RM 600+
  • (Monday - Friday)
  • Haft Day 8.00am - 1.00pm (incl. meal)
  • Full Day 8.00pm - 6.00pm (incl. meal)
  • Junior Educare
  • RM3XX+/month
  • "Parents work with peace of mind, children are carefully taken care of here."
  • (Monday to Friday)
  • 8am - 3.30pm
  • 8am - 6pm
  • After School - 6pm

YelaoShr ClassOne

Live Online Teaching to Ensure Learning Effectiveness
RM 480+
/2 months
  • 10.00am / 10.30am
  • 11.00am
  • 2.00pm / 2.30pm
  • 3.00pm / 3.30pm
  • 4.00pm / 4.30pm
  • 5.00pm / 5.30pm
  • 6.00pm
  • 7.00pm / 7.30pm
  • 8.00pm / 8.30pm
  • 9.00pm / 9.30pm

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