Learning Chinese Words: Never Too Early For Young Children!

Learning Chinese words at the age of 3? Why so ‘kiasu’? Mandarin is a difficult language to learn. I want my child to enjoy his/her preschool years. Furthermore, it’s never too late to learn it when he/she enters kindergarten!”

The above is a common reaction from parents when we introduce YelaoShr® Chinese Word Recognition programme to them.

Learning to read Chinese words at the age of 3 is a sign of kiasu? Not necessarily true. In fact, it is a wise move to capitalize on a child’s golden period of right brain development so that its full potential can be realized. This is because our right brain develops earlier than our left brain. As the right brain is fully developed by the age of 3, thus children use it more often before 6. In other words, it is the ideal period for children to learn Chinese words. Their brains are like a blank disc, ever ready to absorb new information. To them, memorizing is not a burden but a biological necessity.

Is it really difficult for young children to learn reading Chinese? In fact, parents who had a tough time learning Chinese when they were young might have learned it using the wrong method. YelaoShr® ‘Word Impression Method’ capitalizes on the separate functions of the left brain and right brain as well as the pictographic nature of Chinese words to help children recognize Chinese words. This method improves learning effectiveness significantly in terms of amount, speed and effectiveness.

Conventional learning method taught in schools uses the meaning in a word to impress children. As Chinese words are pictographic writing, they are beautiful drawings to children. YelaoShr® ‘Word Impression Method’ uses pictorial message to stimulate the natural photographic memory of the right brain so that children learn to recognize Chinese words through images. The method fully harnesses the full photographic cognitive function of the hippocampus, enabling the brain to transform a large amount of Chinese words into images in a short span of time.

Thus, children can learn to recognize Chinese words as easy as a camera taking photographs, which will be stored permanently in the speech centre of the brain.

In addition, teachers will pronounce each word loudly as the flashcard is shown to students. As they follow their teachers in reading each word, children learn to use the eyes, ears and brain simultaneously. This helps improve learning effectiveness significantly.

Therefore, learning Chinese words for children aged 3 to 6 is not as tough as some might have thought. Instead, it fulfils the right brain’s innate need for stimulation.

Most importantly, scientific studies have proven that learning Chinese words at an early age helps improve a child’s intelligence! A brain study in US discovers that Chinese children’s average IQ is 24% higher than that of Caucasian children. This is attributed to Chinese children start learning Chinese words at the age of 4. In short, the right brain is where intelligence and inspiration are located. The earlier the right brain develops, the higher a child’s IQ!

Let your child learn Chinese words now. Give your child a head start in learning!

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