Why Are Kids So Reluctant to Go to School?

In today’s educational environment, developing multilingual abilities is crucial for children’s learning and future careers. Many parents and educators notice that a child’s performance in school is greatly influenced by their language skills.

In Malaysia’s multilingual society, mastering three languages has become an essential part of a child’s education. However, many children face difficulties when learning a second or third language, directly impacting their interest in learning and academic success. To tackle this challenge, many educational institutions are adopting innovative teaching methods, and YelaoShr® stands out as a prime example of this.

YelaoShr®’s Educational Philosophy and Methods

YelaoShr® is a one-on-one teaching institution with 19 years of industry experience. This institution uses the Finnish educational model, emphasizing personalized learning plans and the importance of student self-learning. They believe every child is unique and should have a customized learning plan to meet their specific needs and pace.

Customized Learning Plans

YelaoShr® designs exclusive learning plans for each student based on their specific needs and skill levels. Through one-on-one teaching, teachers can deeply understand the student’s learning style and challenges, providing more effective guidance and support.

Strengthening Trilingual Foundations

In multilingual education, YelaoShr® places special emphasis on foundational trilingual education. They use innovative materials and methods, such as the 100x Speed Reading Technique, to significantly enhance children’s language recognition skills and vocabulary. This not only helps children better understand course content in school but also lays a solid foundation for their future academic and career success.

Introducing the Finnish Educational Model

Finnish education is renowned worldwide for its high standards and innovation. YelaoShr® has introduced this model to Malaysia, creating a new educational experience. This model encourages children to learn through exploration and practice rather than mere memorization and repetition. Such a learning approach sparks children’s interest in learning and strengthens their problem-solving abilities.

Educational Achievements and Social Recognition

With its outstanding educational services, YelaoShr® has won several awards in the education sector, including the 2019 Sin Chew Education Product Award, Sin Chew Business Excellence Award, Sin Chew Outstanding Education Institution Award, and the 2022 Golden Bull Award for Outstanding SMEs. These awards not only affirm YelaoShr®’s leadership in education but also reflect the high recognition of its educational quality by the market and parents.

YelaoShr®’s Contribution to Society

Currently, YelaoShr® offers a special promotion: parents can purchase a RM98 experience voucher to enjoy courses worth RM700. This promotion provides parents with an excellent opportunity to experience YelaoShr®’s educational services at a highly cost-effective rate. The offer is limited to the first 50 parents who sign up, so interested parents should act quickly to seize this rare opportunity.

Through these measures, YelaoShr® not only improves children’s learning conditions but also lays a solid foundation for their future educational journey. For children facing obstacles in language learning, YelaoShr® provides a comprehensive and effective solution, ensuring every child can achieve academic and personal growth.

YelaoShr®【Class One】: Reshaping Your Child’s Learning Future

In today’s fast-paced society, with increasing life demands and intense competition, many parents find themselves juggling busy work schedules and family responsibilities, often leaving them with limited time to help their children with schoolwork. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and helplessness, worrying that their children might fall behind in their studies due to a lack of attention.

However, even with demanding work and family responsibilities, parents can still help their children succeed academically through some simple methods. First, try to manage your time effectively and set aside dedicated moments to be with your child, understand their learning progress, and offer necessary support and guidance. Secondly, build a strong communication and trust relationship with your child, making them feel comfortable to express themselves and seek help when needed. This not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also allows you to understand their needs and challenges better, providing timely assistance.

Additionally, using various learning resources and tools can further support your child’s education. You can select high-quality educational programs or websites that make learning fun, or encourage homework and extracurricular reading to spark their interest in learning and bring them joy and satisfaction.

Despite busy work and family commitments, with a bit of effort and patience, parents can still help their children achieve academic success. By managing time wisely, fostering good communication and trust, and utilizing learning resources and tools, parents can create a supportive learning environment for their children to thrive.

In this context, YelaoShr®【Class One】becomes the best choice for parents. Our online teaching platform focuses on providing personalized online education, helping children achieve better academic results.

Personalized Matching to Support Your Child’s Growth

YelaoShr®【Class One】features a unique 100% Perfect Match system, identifying the most suitable teacher based on your child’s nature and personality. Whether your child is shy or lacks confidence, we can pair them with kind, understanding teachers who excel in offering praise. This close teacher-student relationship helps build trust and enhances learning outcomes.

Combining Quality Materials with One-on-One Teaching

YelaoShr®【Class One】not only offers materials refined over 19 years but also employs a Finnish-style one-on-one teaching model to ensure your child truly grasps the knowledge. Our teachers are not just knowledge transmitters but also mentors guiding children to learn independently and grow confidently.

19 Years of Educational Expertise

YelaoShr® brings nearly two decades of educational experience to the 【Class One】online platform. In just three years, 【Class One】has helped over 15,000 struggling students make significant academic progress.

Making Education More Convenient and Efficient

Our goal with the 【Class One】live teaching platform is to support busy parents and those who find it difficult to attend in-person classes. By simply turning on a computer or tablet at home, your child can access high-quality educational resources, making learning free from time and location constraints.

Encouraging Self-Learning and Confident Growth

Like YelaoShr® Educational Institutions, YelaoShr®【Class One】upholds the philosophy of fostering self-learning and confident growth in children. We not only teach languages but also guide children to learn proactively. Through unique and creative teaching materials, every child can find joy in learning, stimulating their creativity and thinking skills, thus making progress and growing happier and more confident.

Let your child experience YelaoShr®【Class One】where learning is fun and growth is exciting. Contact us now to book a personalized learning journey for your child.

Why Are More People Joining the Education Industry?

In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in the number of individuals entering the education industry. What’s driving this trend? Let’s break it down. First, education is widely recognized as a key factor in social progress and personal growth. As people increasingly value the importance of education, the demand for high-quality educational services continues to grow.

Second, with the advancement of technology and the widespread use of the Internet, the education industry is experiencing a digital transformation. The rise of online learning platforms and educational technology products provides entrepreneurs with ample opportunities and room for innovation.

Moreover, the education industry holds significant social value and commercial potential. Investment in education is often seen as a long-term commitment, making it relatively stable even during economic downturns.

In the education sector, especially among aspiring entrepreneurs, the allure of zero collaboration fees seems like a blessing. However, beneath this appealing offer, there are deeper commercial truths. For those eager to become collaborators, understanding these three key truths is crucial.

Truth 1: Basic Packages

Many education centers claim to offer “zero collaboration fees,” but they often set traps in the basic packages. Similar to how TV networks provide basic channels for free but charge extra for additional channels, collaborators might find themselves paying extra for necessary training and system support. These hidden fees can be quite frustrating.

Truth 2: DIY Approach

Before joining an education center, entrepreneurs might expect the headquarters to provide resources such as renovations, furniture, and teacher training. However, in some cases, collaborators not only need to pay out of their own pockets but also do the work themselves. It’s like buying a house and then having to handle all the renovations and furnishing personally.

Truth 3: Double Pricing

Behind the “zero collaboration fees” often lies another charging strategy. Collaborators might be forced to purchase textbooks or supplies at inflated prices from the headquarters. This means paying 30-50% more than the market price, which directly affects their profits.

Achieving Win-Win for Long-Term Success

For entrepreneurs, recognizing these truths is essential. Integrity is the foundation of business, especially in the education industry, where a people-oriented approach is crucial. Only by considering the collaborators’ perspectives and genuinely caring about their interests can a win-win situation be achieved.

For those truly interested in starting a business in the education sector, choosing a trustworthy brand is vital. YelaoShr® is such a brand. While they do charge collaboration fees, these fees are not for the company’s profit but are used as startup funds for the collaborators. This includes store renovations, furniture purchases, textbooks and supplies, training support, and system support. YelaoShr® is committed to transparent fees, helping collaborators start from scratch without worrying about the complexities. Importantly, YelaoShr® provides textbooks and supplies at cost price, allowing collaborators to sell at market price and earn a reasonable profit.

Additionally, YelaoShr® focuses on corporate and brand development, regularly launching various activities and operational strategies to promote the growth of all collaborators. Choosing to join YelaoShr® is like finding a reliable partner, adding confidence and security to the entrepreneurial journey.

If you are genuinely passionate about the education industry and eager to start your own business in this promising field, contact YelaoShr® to learn more about their market positioning and collaboration details. They won’t lure you with “zero collaboration fees” but will work with you to elevate the education industry to new heights!

YelaoShr® Jr Educare: Your Top Choice for High-Quality Childcare

In today’s fast-paced world, many families have both parents working full-time jobs. Balancing work with raising children can be challenging and exhausting. Parents often worry about their children’s learning progress while juggling their busy schedules. Traditional daycares may offer basic care, but they often fall short when it comes to focusing on children’s learning and development. Parents spend a lot of money, only to see minimal improvement in their children’s academic performance, leading to disappointment and frustration. This is where YelaoShr® Jr Educare comes in, bringing relief to parents. With 19 years of educational experience, YelaoShr® Jr Educare goes beyond basic childcare to focus on comprehensive child development. YelaoShr® Jr Educare offers more than just childcare; it’s a holistic educational experience. We use the Finnish creative teaching method, engaging children with fun and interactive activities that stimulate their interest in learning, creativity, and thinking skills. We also emphasize building a strong foundation in three languages, setting the stage for their future success. In addition to daily educational activities, YelaoShr® Jr Educare provides professional tutoring to help children with their schoolwork, ensuring they excel academically. Our MIQ potential development games and YelaoShr® Fun E-learning platform offer diverse and enjoyable learning experiences.

The Seven Core Services of YelaoShr® Jr Educare:

✅ 19 Years of Educational Experience: YelaoShr® Jr Educare has 19 years of rich educational experience, utilizing effective teaching methods to deliver high-quality education services.

✅ Finnish Creative Teaching: We adopt the Finnish creative teaching method, focusing on nurturing children’s creativity and thinking skills through engaging activities.

✅ Strong Foundation in Three Languages: YelaoShr® Jr Educare prioritizes building a solid foundation in three languages – the mother tongue, English, and a third language – crucial for their language development.

✅ Fostering Independent Learning: We aim to develop children’s ability to learn independently, think critically, and solve problems, preparing them for future success.

✅ Professional Tutoring for Schoolwork: Our team of professional teachers offers personalized tutoring to help students tackle schoolwork challenges and achieve academic excellence.

✅ MIQ Potential Development Games: Our MIQ games and activities are designed to unlock children’s potential and develop their comprehensive abilities.

✅ YelaoShr® Fun E-learning: We provide an engaging E-learning platform with a wide range of fun and educational online resources, making learning enjoyable and effective.

"Menu Rahmah" Program

Additionally, YelaoShr® Jr Educare actively supports the government’s “Menu Rahmah” program, offering more affordable education services. We’ve adjusted our fees and provided additional discounts, helping families save up to 70% on tuition costs. We understand the importance of education and aim to make high-quality education accessible to more families through this initiative.

Over the past 19 years, YelaoShr® Jr Educare has helped countless children achieve excellent academic results, earning the trust and praise of parents. We feel immensely honored and grateful for this recognition. Therefore, we are committed to giving back to the community, ensuring more children have the opportunity to experience YelaoShr®’s Finnish creative teaching.

At YelaoShr® Jr Educare, we believe education transcends social classes, and every child deserves the best education. Starting today, entrust your childcare needs to YelaoShr® Jr Educare. While your children grow happily, you can focus on your work with peace of mind.

Why are some children struggling with their studies? A weak foundation in trilingual skills could be the main culprit.

It’s no longer uncommon for children to have less-than-ideal academic performance. Many parents have tried various tutoring centers and methods, yet the problem persists. So, why do some children struggle in school? A lack of trilingual skills may be one of the primary reasons.

In a multilingual country like Malaysia, with its diverse ethnic groups, a strong trilingual foundation is crucial for learning. A solid grounding in three languages makes learning any subject much more effective.

Whether in primary or secondary school, if a child has poor language skills, mastering any subject becomes exceedingly difficult. Language skills are like a sturdy wall; without a strong foundation, the structure of learning cannot be built robustly and might even collapse.

So, why are some children lacking in trilingual skills?

Firstly, if children have not yet mastered the three languages, even the most dedicated teaching can leave them confused and unable to understand. This may lead to them becoming distracted and losing interest in learning.

Over time, these children may lose confidence as their peers seem to progress faster and the subjects become increasingly challenging. They might begin to avoid studying, resist learning, or even become rebellious when facing these difficulties.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Absolutely. YelaoShr®’s one-on-one trilingual teaching can effectively boost children’s language skills and enhance their learning efficiency.

Poor academic performance is often linked to inadequate trilingual foundations.

YelaoShr®’s tailored trilingual instruction addresses this issue by providing personalized teaching, innovative materials, and confidence-building strategies. If your child is facing learning difficulties, consider YelaoShr® for a customized learning plan that strengthens their trilingual foundation, catches them up academically, and enriches their learning experience with unique educational philosophies. Don’t delay in securing effective learning support for your child; contact YelaoShr® today.

Start Your Educational Journey: YelaoShr® Professional Collaboration Guide

In recent years, the education sector has been widely recognized as a booming field, attracting increasing attention and investment. This trend is driven by several factors. Firstly, with the continuous development and progress of the economy and society, people’s demand and expectations for education are also rising.

Education is seen as a crucial way to enhance personal qualities and competitiveness, thus gaining more importance. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of the internet and information technology, the education industry is undergoing a digital and intelligent transformation, offering vast space and possibilities for educational innovation. Moreover, the emphasis and support from local governments for education are significant factors driving the development of the education sector.

Let's explore why the education industry is currently a booming field:

1. Rising Education Levels and Changing Educational Concepts:

As society develops and the economy progresses, people’s expectations for education also increase. More and more families are willing to invest more resources in improving their children’s education, which drives the development of the education sector.

2. Technological Innovation and the Rise of Online Education:

Technological advancements have brought significant changes to education, making online education possible. Through the internet, students can access broader and more flexible educational resources, injecting new vitality into the education industry.

3. Government Policies and Promotion:

The Malaysian government has repeatedly emphasized the importance of improving the quality of local early childhood education in the “Education Blueprint 2013-2025” report! Since the release of this blueprint plan, the number of daycare centers, kindergartens, and early education centers has been increasing! Parents are realizing the importance of laying a solid foundation for early childhood education.

4. Recognition of Creative Learning by Society:

With the continuous acceleration of social development, the concept of creative learning has gradually gained widespread recognition. People are beginning to realize that education is not only for employment but also for personal development and social progress. This change in perception also drives the development of the education sector.

Do you want to start your own educational business?

If you dream of owning your own educational center, want to be a center owner, and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams but worry about the challenges of starting and running a business, and fear losses? Don’t worry, now is your opportunity to realize your dreams! YelaoShr® warmly welcomes you to join us, and together we will help you succeed, saying goodbye to blind exploration!

5 Reasons to Propel Your Career

1. Malaysia’s Top-Rated Brand

YelaoShr®, Malaysia’s leading pioneer in early childhood education, has been steadily developing in the industry for 19 years. We prioritize quality and adhere to consistent brand standards, earning the trust and praise of countless parents.

2. Extensive Customer Base

Our student base is not limited to the Chinese market but also includes the Malay and Indian markets. With the growing trend of learning Chinese, the demand from students is continuous, bringing a stable flow of customers to your education center.

3. Proven Profitable Model

After 19 years of market validation, YelaoShr® has developed a mature profitable model, saving you a lot of exploration time. Our model withstands market tests, helping you easily replicate a successful business model.

4. Comprehensive Management System

No need to explore on your own; YelaoShr® provides a complete management system to improve operational efficiency and simplify complicated processes. Our strong back-end team will fully support you during the store opening process, helping you easily handle various challenges.

5. Flexible Collaboration Agreements

The market is ever-changing, and flexible adaptation is key to staying ahead. Our flexible collaboration agreements can be adjusted according to market changes, helping you maintain a competitive edge.

YelaoShr® Collaboration Models

  • · Joint-Venture Collaboration Model
  • · Territory Joint-Venture Collaboration Model
  • · Tuition Centre Conversion Model

Compared to other industries, collaborating with YelaoShr® offers advantages such as low capital, low risk, high returns, and strong stability.

If you are passionate about the early childhood education industry, we sincerely invite you to join us and start your own early childhood education center. If you already own a tuition center, we also welcome you to participate in our Tuition Centre Conversion Model and join us in moving forward together.

Currently, we have over 60 branches across Malaysia, mainly in Penang, Taiping, Ipoh, Klang Valley, Seremban, Johor, Kuching, Miri, and Kota Kinabalu. More branches are expected to open this year!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity! Contact us now to learn more about YelaoShr®’s market positioning and collaboration details. Let’s work together to take the education industry to new heights!

The Importance of In-Service Training: Achieving a UK Diploma and Malaysian Government Recognition as a Career Milestone

As society and the job market evolve, achieving success and stability in one’s career has become more challenging. In today’s competitive environment, standing out requires more than passion and perseverance; it demands continuous enhancement of professional knowledge and skills. In-service training has become a crucial factor in helping individuals create irreplaceable value in their careers. This article explores the importance of in-service training, particularly how achieving a UK diploma and gaining recognition from the Malaysian government can be a significant career milestone.

YelaoShr® EDUCATION COLLEGE (YEC) is dedicated to providing high-quality in-service training. It offers valuable opportunities for education professionals in Malaysia to improve their educational standards and professional skills continually. In this article, we will delve into the significance of in-service training at YEC and how obtaining a UK diploma with Malaysian government recognition can be a landmark in your career.

YEC: Your Pathway to Professional Excellence

In-service training is essential because an ideal job is the backbone of a successful career. However, in the highly competitive job market, passion alone is not enough. Modern society demands that we continuously adapt and learn to keep pace with changes and technological advancements.

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has mandated that educators not only possess educational qualifications but also stay updated with the latest educational theories and technologies to provide high-quality education. This requires educators to continuously learn and update their knowledge to maintain their competitiveness, highlighting the value of in-service training.

YEC’s In-Service Training Courses

YEC offers an excellent opportunity for educators to advance and become professionals in their field. YEC’s in-service training courses cover a wide range of educational topics, including curriculum design, teaching methods, classroom management, educational technology, and student psychology. These courses are designed by experienced founder Dr. Yee Yee Yap, along with educational experts and industry leaders, ensuring that educators receive the most authoritative and practical educational knowledge.

The training environment at YEC is lively and interactive. Here, educators can actively participate in discussions and share experiences, fostering a family-like atmosphere of mutual encouragement and support. This interactive and cooperative environment promotes knowledge sharing and innovation, benefiting every participant.

Enhancing Education Quality and Personal Growth

In-service training not only improves education quality but also fosters personal growth, creating irreplaceable value for oneself. By participating in YEC’s in-service training courses, educators can continuously enhance their professional knowledge and skills, better meeting the needs of students and educational requirements.

Moreover, obtaining a UK diploma with Malaysian government recognition increases educators’ career opportunities and competitiveness. This recognition affirms their achievements in the education field and marks a significant milestone in their career. The diploma not only demonstrates their professional knowledge and skills but also enhances their attractiveness in the job market.

In-Service Training: Choosing YEC, Choosing Success

In-service training is a key factor in achieving career success. By continuously learning and enhancing professional knowledge and skills, educators can stand out in a competitive job market and create irreplaceable value for themselves. Achieving a UK diploma with Malaysian government recognition enables them to reach a significant career milestone, increasing their career opportunities and competitiveness. Therefore, choosing YEC is choosing success and the backbone of your career!

Whether you are a newcomer considering a career in education or an experienced educator, YEC’s in-service training courses offer valuable opportunities to help you continuously grow and advance.

Choosing the right industry is key to creating irreplaceable value for yourself

Why can’t administrative or service roles, like blue-collar jobs, add value to one’s career?

When seeking a job, it’s not just the salary that matters but also the future prospects of the industry. A few hundred dollars in raise might seem tempting, but if the job involves long hours, working on weekends and public holidays, and does nothing to enhance your resume, then the cost is too high.

In blue-collar roles, long hours, overtime, and irregular shifts can impact your health and stall your career progression. These jobs often lack clear promotional paths and make it difficult to plan for the future. Moreover, dealing with challenging customers or tough working environments is common.

Additionally, the resume from a blue-collar job often lacks competitive edge in the job market, with fewer opportunities for raises and promotions. During job interviews, you might often be asked, “What salary do you expect?” However, due to market constraints, even switching jobs doesn’t lead to significant pay increases.

Prolonged standing, walking, and physical labor can cause discomfort and affect the quality of life. Conversely, office jobs might lead to unhealthy lifestyles, increased waistlines, and obesity issues. Such roles do not foster career development and can harm your health.

In contrast, YelaoShr® Educational Institute offers more promising career development opportunities. If you are passionate about education, enjoy interacting with children, and have patience, love, and responsibility, this could be your chance.

YelaoShr® can help you start as a teacher and gradually advance to a supervisor or even a center principal. Some teachers can even become partners, open their branches, and become owners. Opportunities like these are rare in blue-collar jobs, but YelaoShr® offers the chance to become an entrepreneur and earn passive income.

Furthermore, YelaoShr® provides on-the-job education and training to help employees gain early childhood education qualifications from the UK, enhancing their resume competitiveness. This not only opens up more opportunities in the education sector but also adds value to your career.

If you’re tired of long hours, lack career prospects, or just want better pay and more freedom, YelaoShr® Educational Institute might be your ideal choice. We currently have openings for two teaching positions. If you’re interested, send us your resume soon! Whether you’re looking for a promising career or a better salary and quality of life, YelaoShr® welcomes you to join us in creating more value and opportunities. Don’t let blue-collar jobs limit your career possibilities—choose YelaoShr®, and open new doors for your future!

Why should we stick to one-on-one teaching?

The benefits and positive impacts of one-on-one teaching on children are quite clear. It can significantly improve their literacy development as well as their comprehension and independent learning abilities at various stages.

First, let’s discuss the advantages of one-on-one teaching. Eighteen years ago, many educational institutions and tutoring centers were hesitant to adopt this teaching method, but YelaoShr® has steadfastly chosen it. Why?

Many educators resist one-on-one teaching because they fear the difficulty of addressing diverse student needs. However, it is precisely this personalized attention and teaching approach that has led to its significant success in education. Compared to traditional large class teaching, one-on-one teaching offers unique advantages.

First, it allows for high levels of focus. In a large class setting, a teacher often needs to take care of 30 to 40 students, making it hard to ensure that each student gets sufficient attention and guidance. However, in one-on-one teaching, a teacher can fully focus on one student, ensuring their learning process receives thorough attention and guidance.

Second, one-on-one teaching accommodates each child’s learning pace. Every child learns at a different speed and has different needs, which traditional large class teaching cannot meet. In one-on-one settings, a teacher can tailor individual learning plans according to each child’s situation, ensuring they absorb knowledge in the shortest possible time. This means no child is left behind, and each one has the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Third, one-on-one teaching provides more opportunities for listening. Children who are listened to feel less psychological pressure, are more willing to express themselves, and become more confident in learning. Cultivating this confidence is crucial to a child’s learning process, as confident children are more likely to overcome learning obstacles and actively engage in their studies.

What positive impacts does one-on-one teaching have on children?

For children aged 3 to 6, literacy is one of the most important foundations of learning, directly affecting their future attitudes towards education. If a child has low literacy, they may lose interest in learning and be reluctant to follow adults’ instructions. However, through one-on-one teaching, children can learn to read at a higher rate, boosting their confidence, improving their thinking skills, and enhancing their ability to ask questions. This lays a solid foundation for their educational journey.

For children aged 7 to 12, comprehension and independent learning abilities become crucial. If a child struggles with comprehension, they might develop a negative attitude towards learning and find it difficult to understand and cope with school materials. However, one-on-one teaching can enhance a child’s comprehension skills, enabling them to study independently and confidently face academic challenges.

The benefits of one-on-one teaching are clear. It provides high levels of focus, personalized education, more listening opportunities, and accelerates learning speed. This positively affects children’s learning abilities and confidence, laying a solid foundation for their future academic and career success. Despite some challenges, one-on-one teaching is undoubtedly an effective educational method, particularly suitable for families who want to provide personalized care and guidance to their children. YelaoShr® continues to advocate for one-on-one teaching because we believe it offers the best educational experience and academic achievements for every child.

Early Learning Centre for Children: How Yelaoshr is Helping Parents in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are two age categories for early childhood care and education which is 0–4 years and 4-6 years. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (MWFCD) oversees national initiatives for children’s growth and development and is responsible for the first age range (0–4 years). The MWFCD maintains a list of all childcare facilities, or taska as often known, around the nation through the Department of Social Welfare.

Even though it is not compulsory in Malaysia, early childhood education tremendously impacts children’s development. It also describes a critical period in a child’s growth and concerns how a child’s personality develops.

The child’s biology, psychology, and emotions all change during development. The parents must be informed about the growth process and aware of the changes to ensure the kid learns the essentials of their own development.

Features of the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre for Children in Malaysia

Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre for Children in Malaysia

Yelaoshr’s interactive education programme encourages kids to carry out dramatic scenarios while stimulating their brains and having fun learning academic material in a clean and secure environment. Children are observant, inquisitive, and easily swayed. These five components are necessary for every kids that providing by Yelaoshr with the correct atmosphere for kids to develop, learn, and prosper.

Cognitive Stimulators

Children constantly absorb new knowledge. Cognitive stimulators direct the mental energy in a targeted manner. Yelaoshr provides children with a wide variety of learning opportunities by including new puzzles every week, building blocks, books with high levels of engagement, objects that call for sorting and organising, and exposure to technology through fundamental computer instruction. Moreover, by offering kids a healthy diet, Yelaoshr also increases cognitive stimulation with nutrients that support the growth of brain connections.

Rest & Relaxation

Relaxation is important! The children’s post-game or riddle-solving tiredness is crucial to assimilating the sessions’ lessons in psycological and physical skills. Yelaoshr designs a nap/lounge area with cosy pillows, mats, wiggle chairs, and even therapy balls for kids with ADHD and special needs.

Dramatic Play Areas

One of the most effective methods to foster a love of learning and a passion for life is dramatic play that challenges kids to use their imagination and “pretend” themselves into different roles. Little ones can explore the ideas of accountability, adventure, truth, and morality via make-believe or dramatic play. Yelaoshr employs virtual reality-based content projectors, puppets, costumes, and accessories to make the kids imaginations come to life while educating.

Artistic Expression

A well-rounded personality appreciates both the abstract of art and the logic of science. With an artist’s corner in your child’s development, Yelaoshr will provide the groundwork for this wholeness to encourage young children to express their creative impulses via colour, form, or sound. Yelaoshr also offers materials, including paint, pencils, paper, play dough, and even rudimentary musical instruments (baby pianos and tambourines) to make the lesson more interesting.

Motor Skill Enhancement

Unstructured outdoor play allows kids to develop their muscle tone and coordination. Yelaoshr offers a designated playground and clears a space in the room for children to run about, catch and toss a ball, play tag, and stimulate their blood flow.

The Benefits of an Early Learning Center for Kids

Benefits of an Early Learning Center for Kids

Choosing the best early learning centre involves much more than just finding a location to have your child cared for. Because the foundation of the person your child will become is being laid at this age—likely more so than at any other point in their lives.

These formative years are essential for a child’s healthy growth and future success and enjoyment. Using an early learning centre is a fantastic way for your child to start developing those crucial life skills.

It’s a Place of Socialisation

Quality early learning centre services encourage and foster the growth of these relationships, which are essential for social development. The development of the children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills in their care is entrusted to qualified adults in addition to their respect for the children themselves. Children acquire confidence, overcome shyness, and create the connections necessary for success later on in life when adults encourage them as they engage with others.

It’s a place of structure that helps nurture a healthy desire for lifelong learning.

The best early learning programmes offer a regulated setting where good behaviour is promoted as the kids play, learn, and have fun. Such a structured framework isn’t something self-evident; in fact, the kids won’t even notice it. However, being in a structured environment with timetables and areas designated for particular activities encourages learning in various ways.

This, in turn, fulfils the intense curiosity that toddlers of this age have about the world outside them. If done well, it creates a passion for information that will serve them well in their following academic years when they move on to higher education and beyond.

Promotes Essential Early Life Skills

An early learning centre is an educational establishment run by experts rather than a babysitting service. Between the ages of 3-5, a pre-vocabulary schooler’s will increase from roughly 900 words to about 2,500. The exposure to language kids receives via enjoyable activities like storytelling, singing, and games dramatically help to advance language abilities.

In addition, the foundational skills of topics like arithmetic and reading, as well as enjoying hands-on activities that support cognitive growth, may be built upon with gentle encouragement through discussion, counting games, and Qs & As. Children are taught to apply their investigative talents and deal with various problems.

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

At this time of development, several encounters are essential. Early interaction with instructors and students and adequately planned, age-appropriate learning offer a solid foundation from which confidence may emerge. Kids are more likely to explore their hobbies, look into their capabilities, and start comprehending their abilities and talents when feeling good.

A child’s sense of self-assurance grows in direct proportion to the number of good interactions they experience with others around them. This encourages a positive outlook on how to handle complex challenges in life. Such a strong foundation is essential for the child’s confident start in life’s adventure.

How Can Parents Benefit from Sending Their Children to the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

No Work Compromise

After children, the majority of parents are forced to make career compromises. While taking a temporary sabbatical is OK, giving up on your profession might prove to be a mistake. The childcare sector addresses such parental concerns.

Yelaoshr provides parents with the perfect hands for optimum parenting. With the help of their skilled and ECCE-certified facilitators, they take excellent care of kids. Yelaoshr assumes full responsibility for your child’s whole growth during the program. Additionally, they update the parents. You may contact the tutor of your child at any moment if you’re concerned about them and return your attention to your business or work.

Easily Control Kids At Home

Kids who attend early learning centre learn many self-engagement activities and stop clinging to their parents. Therefore, the kids are well-behaved enough not to bother you while you cook or take care of other home duties. When you choose Yelaoshr for your child, they also begin assisting your kid with all of your house duties.

Yelaoshr cultivates a passion for learning in kids and fosters their capacity for critical thought. Therefore, if you select Yelaoshr, your child will experience perfect growth and development throughout their formative years.

Happy Family

Conflict arises between a husband and wife if they cannot effectively handle a kid’s obligations. Mothers in Malaysia may have more responsibilities than other people, making them feel overburdened. Being a parent for the first time is entirely novel for a mother. As a result, we cannot count on her to manage things precisely as she has never been in the position earlier.

But many of the survey’s findings show that a happy family seeks assistance from a reputable and professional early learning centres. When everything is thoroughly thought out and arranged, the family tie is strengthened even further.

Who can Enroll their Child in the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

Yealaoshr’s Early Learning programme provides a foundation for learning, growth, and care for kids aged 4 and above. Your kids may learn through a variety of activities when they join Yelaoshr for their fundamental development.

Develop your Child in the Yelaoshr Early Learning Centre

When selecting an early learning centre for your child, there are several features and factors to consider. The most crucial step is to spend some time investigating local early learning centre’s facilities and weighing your selections according to the standards we have listed above.

Touring a few early learning centres’ facilities is generally advised before enrolling your child. Trust your instincts when selecting and assessing your early learning education provider. Never be scared to search for another early learning centre if you think something is wrong.

Yelaoshr has childcare experience, and we want to support your children in becoming better people in the future. To learn more about our childcare services, please stop by or give Yelaoshr a call.

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