YELAOSHR Intellectual Properties

YELAOSHR Intellectual Properties Notice

Sribhagawan Education Group Sdn Bhd (“SEGSB”) was established in 2014, striving to develop the education industry. The Group under its umbrella owns two brandings in education, namely, [1] YELAOSHR the innovative (one-to-one) teaching of trilingual words recognition reading as well as [2] YELAOSHR International Pre-School Education (Creative Preschool+). All rights to both of these education brandings are wholly owned by the Group.
TAKE NOTICE that SRIBHAGAWAN is the sole owner of the following trademarks:-
  1. YELAOSHR [Class 41 Trade Mark No.: TM2019040328]
  2. YELAOSHR [Class 16 Trade Mark No.: 2014011535]
  3. Teacher Yap [Class 16 Trade Mark No.: 2016013288]
At the same time, the Company has submitted the following application to the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), acquiring the copyright protections on the teaching skills and methods uniquely invented by the Company’s Research & Development (R&D) Department:-
Formative Age Learning Method by YELAOSHR [Copyright Application No.: AR2021W04983]
Pursuant to the Malaysia’s Copyright Act 1987, all YELAOSHR’s teaching skills and materials are entirely belonging to the SEGSB Group. YELAOSHR’s is the sole owner to the whole contents, styles and designs of the uniquely invented teaching skills and material/aid.
✅  Yelaoshr learnings include multiple subjects of Chinese, English, Malay and others. Throughout the many years development and design by the team, [1] the learning methods have even transformed into the present interesting learning experience and [2] the teaching techniques (skills) and materials have now become even more unique. We have written and invented the production of more than 100 sets of different teaching syllabuses and exercise workbooks.
🟨  Teaching Material Design🟡  Progress Test Schedule – use to test and identify the children’s progress 🟡  Pupil’s Learning Growth Schedule – to record the children’s learning growth. 🟡  Pupil’s Exam Review Paper – usage for the learning topics advancement. 🟡  Writing Practices Book / Textbook and Exercise Workbook – usage of pictures and contents are all exclusively innovated. _______________________ 🟧  Chinese Teaching Method 🟠  Stories Association – using creative and orderly short stories into learnings 🟠  Finger Pointing Method – focused learning using the finger movements manner by pointing to the word 🟠  121 Teaching Method – Flashcards using technique, cycles of learning and revising
🟪  English Teaching Method🟣  Learning Method of the 5 Senses – visual, oral, feeling, kinesthetic and auditory. The core of the 5 Senses Learning Method is mainly to train the children to [1] use their mind to concentrate, [2] use their hands to touch the new words, [3] browse through their eyes, [4] listen with their ears and also [5] pronouncing correctly with the mouth. The children will be able to remember the knowledge well and use them wisely by going through this highly concentrated learning method.
🟦  Malay Teaching Method Our courses help the children to learn syallable “Suku Kata”, vocabulary “Perbendaharaan Kata”, grammar “Tatabahasa” and comprehension (Pemahaman) in a short period of time. 🔵  Pronunciation – a e i o u (ah eh ii oh uh), ba (ah-ba) bi (ii-bi) ka (ah-ka) etc. pronouncing methods Yelaoshr Malay Teaching Method is different from other pronunciation method using the English alphabets; we use the unique and innovative tones which enable the children to recognise and swiftly read out the vocabulary by using the above syllables. The above contents state, the Company reserves all rights to the usage and renewal of the copyrights and trademarks. 🟦  Malay Grammar Teaching Method 🔵  by using the creative (key notes/pictures)ways in explaining the importance of every topic 🔵  Exercise Guide – teacher or children explain every exercise question, to identify and understand the importance of the exercise questions The Company, SEGSB solely owns the rights of YELAOSHR related intellectual properties. Save and except as otherwise provided by the laws, without the Company’s written consent, any individuals and corporations is prohibited from using any manners or reasons to use, copy, permanently download, modify, transmit or transcribe any part of the invented teaching materials and learning skills. The above conducts will be amounting to the infringement against the teaching copyrights, and the Company will take legal actions in accordance to the law. Partnership Business Model Notice In order to protect the parent and children’s interests, the Company has in 2021 officially switch from the initial brand assignment licensing partnership model, to the headquarters direct management collaboration model in operating the education brands and other businesses under its umbrella. Since 2019, due to the disputesarising from the management manner, teaching quality, operation procedures and teachers’ training etc., the Company had ended the licensing with a few business owners, are no longer managed by the Company’s business partners. Should you have any query, you may email to or WhatsApp the Company’s customer service hotline +153 278 2559 to verify on whether any education center still hold the Company’s valid business license, and whether still in partnership with the Company. Please take note that any business partner, currently and formerly teaching teacher no longer holding the Company’s business license shall not engage in any promotional and/or marketing activities that may imply that the particular business partner still have any business relationship, and/or partnership with the Company. Once the above situation is found out, notwithstanding whether legally or any other manner, the Company will take all necessary measures, to prohibit all such unauthorized activities, including the activities on the social media platforms. Any party violating YELAOSHR related rights, YELAOSHR will issue warnings, lodge complaints, commence administrative enforcement, proceed with litigation and/or appeal, or negotiate for settlements, as well as file lawsuits when deem necessary.

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