The YELAOSHR Enrichment Activity Program: What It Is and How It Benefits Your Child

Enrichment Activity Program

Are you seeking innovative and fun methods to improve your child’s life? In that case, you’ve found the right place to know about it! The several enrichment activities that your kids may participate in are explored in this post. There is something here for everyone, from science experiments to artistic endeavours! Prepare to have fun with your child by becoming ready to do so!

What is an Enrichment Activity?

Activities for enrichment are created to support and improve students’ educational experiences. While enrichment programmes provide children with the chance to explore their interests and develop new skills, regular classroom education gives them the fundamental information and abilities they need to thrive in school.

The aim of enrichment activities, which come in various shapes and sizes, is to enable pupils to realise their maximum potential. Everybody may find something to like in enrichment activities, whether learning about a new topic, getting involved in a group or taking on a leadership position. With so many opportunities accessible, there is no reason not to participate!

How Does the Enrichment Help to Improve Children’s Academic Performance and Social Skills?

Enrichment Activity Program Malaysia

It is no surprise that the epidemic impacted every child’s schooling during the 2020–2021 academic year. To guarantee that they approach the following year with confidence and on track for success, learners require high-quality enrichment activities. YELAOSHR is dedicated to helping parents believe their children have the resources they need to achieve and providing educational assistance to kids to adapt and flourish in their academic endeavours.

Engaged Curiosity and Continuing Education

A kid’s school day is filled with academic goals, and the speed at which the material is delivered may not necessarily leave much time for the child’s innate curiosity and exploration. Students participating in a high-quality enrichment programme have more time to study what they are learning, discover the context and a framework for it, and strengthen concepts by making deeper connections.

A Renewed Passion for Learning

Whatever you perform daily may become monotonous. It is in our nature. Giving kids a brand-new learning opportunity might spark their innate passion for learning. A student’s interest in math or language can be rekindled by YELAOSHR professionally crafted programmes, which blend social interaction and cutting-edge technology tools to boost engagement. Struggling and fast learners might benefit from renewed drive brought on by new experiences.

Opportunities to Develop Social and Soft Skills

Most students had fewer opportunities over the previous school year to involve different brains and viewpoints in their learning. Small-group enrichment activities can help pupils develop their social and soft skills. Children may practise essential abilities for the classroom and beyond in enrichment activities, including active listening, collaborative learning, finding connections to the outside world, and creating and expressing ideas.

Confidence Boost and Anxiety Reduction

Children rely on routines to feel comfortable and secure, but during the past year, their schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social life have all been significantly altered. According to research, COVID-19 has increased the prevalence of anxiety among young people. A nervous learner frequently concentrates on potential outcomes rather than enjoying the process of learning. Giving kids access to enrichment activities can help them rediscover the joy of being a part of a community of learners and open their eyes to the possibilities of the future. More confident students are better students.

Academic Advantages and Closed Learning Gaps

A good enrichment programme may fill in the gaps for kids who have to participate in learning in a less-than-ideal way. Students benefit from enjoyable and exciting learning opportunities centred on learning levels rather than grade levels with programmes like those we provide at YELAOSHR. Students who want further support in a particular area can receive it right where they are, while chances above grade level can be made available to another student seeking challenges. We think that a student’s learning should develop together with their skills.

YELAOSHR is here to narrow gaps, boost confidence, and make learning engaging and enjoyable with committed teachers, a tried-and-true curriculum, and the best educational technology. It’s simple to start!

Enrichment Activities Offered in The YELAOSHR Enrichment Program, and How Do they Benefit kids’ Development?

Aged 4-8 Trilingual Reading & Brain Development Programme

Since Malay is not a mother tongue, most Chinese kids dread and avoid speaking it. Most parents tend to focus more on Chinese and English during preschool than on Malay, which leaves many kids with inadequate national language foundations. When the kids join Standard 1, they have difficulties since they have yet to learn suku kata, especially in SJK, where math and science are taught in the local tongue.

YELAOSHR Malay & English Syllable Pronunciation, Reading and Comprehension Program employs a stress-free learning approach to foster children’s interest in the Malay & English languages so they may become proficient in suku kata, perbendaharaan kata, tatabahasa, and pemahaman at a young age. Teachers will utilise flashcards to help young students recognise words at the Beginner stage, which will gradually strengthen their memory. Within two months, children between the ages of 3 and 4 will be able to read 100 Chinese words. Some 4-year-old kids can take up to 500 words, equivalent to Standard 1 level, within eight months. Our teacher’s job is to help your kid read independently, improve their reading abilities, and develop the habit of reading. The primary purpose of YELAOSHR is to foster a child’s enthusiasm for reading, not to help them pass tests.

Aged 9–12 Chinese & Malay Foundation Intensive Programme

It will be easier for kids to study in the following years if they have a strong foundation in Standard 1 and 2. Children frequently struggle with homework and lag behind their friends in school when reading is demanding, challenging, and irritating. A lazy attitude and a lack of enthusiasm for learning are caused by poor academic performance. In high school, the issue will worsen if a youngster loses confidence.

A kid can receive the teacher’s undivided attention at YELAOSHR, something they would not get in the classroom, to work on an issue. We develop a customised solution to keep your child on track and rekindle their passion for studying before secondary school.

YELAOSHR Malay Syllable Pronunciation, Reading, and Comprehension Intensive Program provides one-on-one coaching and focuses on the issue’s root. Children are better equipped to navigate problems and learn well when there is less social pressure and stress related to the need to stay up with the school curriculum. In this problem, kids can boost vocabulary, rebuild their confidence and interest in learning and cultivate reading habits.


Research and practice in education demonstrate that the High 5 Learning Method gives young students the tools and activities they need to use their ears, eyes, hands, mouth, and minds, fostering the development of their ability to perceive, listen, and read aloud. Their ability to concentrate on their studies is enhanced by a balanced approach to VAK learning methods.

1-to-1 Abakus YELAOSHR Arithmetic programmes train students to use their eyes (visual) to see, ears (auditory) to listen, hands (kinesthetic) to move the abacus beads, and heart (brain) to concentrate as they perform arithmetic calculations. Students who have mastered advanced levels of abacus mental arithmetic may even mentally do mathematical computations. The left and right cortex neurons are continually stimulated, resulting in the balanced development of the left and right brains.


Enrolling your child in the Creative MIQ programme will save you money on expensive imported teaching materials while also allowing your child to benefit from a programme designed by our committed teachers to help them unlock their multiple intelligences, cultivate good thinking practises, and improve their High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)!

The CreativeMIQ learning series combines numerous elements from daily life, actions, behaviours, and experiences with logical principles from basic cognition to deep thinking so that kids may use careful observation and in-depth reflection.

To increase their enthusiasm for studying, CreativeMIQ may combine many life disciplines. The five logical areas of life, mathematics, space, causality, and images are covered in the series to thoroughly instruct kids on how to reason, investigate, and confidently solve issues.

Creative Maths

CreativeMATHs is a higher-order thinking skill and STEM Maker course that kids love most online. The primary purpose of this course is to develop children’s essential thinking skills by enhancing evaluation, synthesis, analysis, application, comprehension and knowledge.

Who can Enroll their Child in the YELAOSHR Enrichment Activity Program, and How do Parents Go About Registering their Child?

YELAOSHR provides children ages 3 to 12 with programmes that emphasise the stimulation and development of their right brains. Flashcards, a play gym, music lessons, and role acting are all part of their program. Each lesson develops and nurtures children’s capacity for creative inquiry and analytical thought. All tutors have undergone professional training in YELAOSHR teaching methodology to deliver engaging learning opportunities. Parents can call us now or visit us to register your child.

How Much does it Cost to Enroll in the Yelaoshr Enrichment Activity Program

Enrichment Activity Program Benefits

YELAOSHR for the 2022-2023 Enrichment Activity Program fee is from RM 290 to RM 550 per month, depending on the subject taken and the days involved.

Enroll Your Kid in the YELAOSHR Enrichment Activity Program Now

YELAOSHR uses a successful teaching strategy that combines learning and enjoyment via various experiences. It does this by utilising a range of kid-focused themes, projects, and activities tailored to meet kids’ requirements and interests.

YELAOSHR prioritises extracurricular activities that teach kids various skills to enhance their academic and social-emotional growth. Students will thus benefit from engaging and fulfilling learning opportunities that promote academic and behavioural success.

Let us bring your kid and your loved ones to the school so they may experience our learning sessions and immersive environment right now.

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