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Are parents worried about the effectiveness
of online teaching?

In this age of information explosion, online teaching, as a new way of learning, is gradually becoming people’s preferred choice. However, for many parents and children, online teaching also brings some pain points and challenges. First of all, parents often worry about the quality and effectiveness of online teaching, fearing that children cannot get enough professional guidance and supervision at home, affecting their learning effectiveness.

Secondly, online teaching also adds a certain an educational burden to parents. They need to spend more time and energy to understand and choose suitable online courses to ensure that their children can access high-quality educational resources. Children may feel that learning at home lacks the collective atmosphere and interaction of school, making them feel lonely and anxious, which affects their learning enthusiasm and effectiveness.

YelaoShr® ClassOne is born for this purpose. We combine 19 years of offline teaching experience with leading technology to address these concerns of parents and children in online teaching and improve the quality and effectiveness of education.

【Exclusive Development of the XiaoYe Learning App】

YelaoShr educational institution has invested heavily in developing a dedicated learning app – the XiaoYe Learning App (XLA). This is a highly anticipated educational innovation project designed to revolutionize traditional paper-based teaching methods in a modern, convenient, and integrated way, providing children with a more enjoyable learning experience.

From the moment parents bring their children to the center, we must seize the opportunity to enable children to make good use of these seemingly fragmented but very valuable times, to make the entire learning process more fulfilling. Therefore, more than 60 centers under YelaoShr uniformly use this exclusively developed application as the standard learning pathway for children in the future.

This application includes the following features:

【Exclusive Development of QLMS Learning Tracking System】

QLMS is a unique learning tracking system developed by YelaoShr, aiming to provide a more transparent and convenient way to monitor children’s learning progress and achieve a seamless learning process.
(Quality Management System)

QMS allows teachers to record the teaching process at any time, including detailed information such as children’s learning progress, learning speed, personal preferences, and preferred learning methods. Even when it is necessary to change teachers, a seamless transition can be quickly achieved to ensure that children’s learning progress remains consistent with appropriate teaching methods.
(Level Management System)

LMS is designed to monitor children’s learning progress and assess their learning achievements. Only after reaching a certain level can children continue to upgrade and learn more challenging knowledge, achieving a progressive learning effect. Every quarter, we also send parents a report on their children’s learning to give them a clear understanding of what their children have learned and at what level they have reached.
This is the core function of the QLMS learning tracking system, providing children with a better learning experience while allowing parents to better understand their children’s performance in Class One.

Are you and your child facing these problems?

Traffic and time constraints

Busy parents and children with many extracurricular activities find it difficult to commute and free up more time

Lack of focus in learning

Most children have weak foundations and poor comprehension, making it difficult for them to concentrate during their studies.

Ineffectiveness of many tutoring attempts

Even after enrolling in well-reputed tutoring centers, children’s academic performance has not improved significantly, and a breakthrough cannot be found.

Benefits of CLASSONE

CLASSONE uses a 1-on-1, customized real-time teaching method, which can quickly improve children’s vocabulary, solidify their foundation, and cultivate excellent listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. By using an engaging teaching method and keeping each class at 20-25 minutes, which is the best time for children to concentrate and focus throughout the session, teachers will repeatedly confirm the child’s progress before further enhancing the level.


Real-time Teaching

Full Concentration


Solid foundation

Customized teaching

Regular Training

Professional teaching team

Brand Value

One-on-One Teaching

We are committed to promoting 1-on-1 teaching, adhering to the educational philosophy of the Finnish international education organization, hundrED, to customize exclusive learning plans for each child!

Professional Online Courses

The pandemic has completely changed our work, study, and lifestyle, making online teaching a necessity. The structured online courses of CLASSONE will surely improve children's learning efficiency.

Solidifying Foundation

"Listening, speaking, reading, writing" are the four stages that must be passed through. Only by improving children's vocabulary recognition and reading ability, and laying a solid foundation in this part, can children achieve twice the result with half the effort in their studies.

Cultivating Independent Learning

Unlike traditional education, CLASSONE encourages children to think and play on their own without any interference or constraints, allowing children to express themselves freely and cultivate a lifelong benefit of independent learning.

Regular Progress Reports

CLASSONE's teaching method is innovative and interesting, combined with an efficient learning cycle. Our teachers will also regularly report children's learning progress to parents to ensure that children make progress.

Teacher In-Service Training

CLASSONE teachers receive regular in-service training to improve their teaching skills, ensuring that constantly our faculty remains at the highest level and never disappoints parents' expectations and trust in us.

See what parents are saying

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Highly recommended, big thumbs up. Everyone is very talented and full of love and dedication. My son enjoys online learning every day 🥰 🥰 🥰 He can now read so many words and identify them well throughout the entire learning process at CLASSONE... Thank you very much and big hugs to everyone.
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A great teaching method makes learning Chinese easy for children and helps them remember many words. I used to worry about my child's memory. After a few years in kindergarten, she couldn't even recognize the most basic words. Luckily, I did the right thing and chose to enroll my child in CLASSONE 😁. With the careful guidance of the teachers, the children's vocabulary recognition ability has improved by leaps and bounds in just one month. Thanks to the teachers for their dedicated teaching.
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Both of my children have been on CLASSONE for a few months, and their ability to recognize characters is amazing! Especially their recognition of Chinese characters is really good! Once again, thanks to the teachers for their love and patience, they are still working hard to teach children during the epidemic, with a tireless spirit. Thank you, teachers~!

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【Progress Guaranteed】is a program that ensures the assessment of children’s learning progress. To provide parents with peace of mind regarding our teaching methods and to allow us to more thoroughly implement our teaching approach, this “Progress Guaranteed” program enables parents to focus on their child’s learning outcomes. This allows parents to confidently let their child immerse themselves in our teaching approach, helping them achieve maximum learning effectiveness.

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