YelaoShr® Junior Educare

Parents’ Peace of Mind Means Children’s Peace of Mind

YelaoShr® Junior Educare offers an environment conducive to effective learning so that children can learn happily in the morning while their parents are at work.


Children learn to manage themselves independently, an essential skill that they need to acquire when they enter primary school.

After school, children come to YelaoShr® Junior Educare to rest and learn in a stress-free environment. We offer one-to-one guidance to boost learning effectiveness and strengthen their foundation so that they can progress according to their age groups. With a strong foundation, learning becomes easy so much so that children need not attend stressful tuition classes and can spend more time with parents during weekends.

Half-day and full-day options are available.

Objectives and Goals

We aim to create a space that promotes autonomous learning and High Order Thinking Skills so that children will be able to:

• Self-manage their homework

• Master trilingual and numerical literacy

• Improve thinking skills not taught in schools

• Develop personal qualities


2 steps to begin YelaoShr learning journey

Submit an Appointment

Because every child is unique, we focus on face-to-face counseling. Arrange for an appointment at our branch near you.

Preliminary Learning Assessment

A simple test for your child will determine how we can advice you on their learning improvement. As for the class time, course fee, etc., we will give you a detailed explanation during the parenting consultation session.