YelaoShr® Junior Educare

Parents’ Peace of Mind Means Children’s Peace of Mind

YelaoShr® Junior Educare

Are you overwhelmed by taking care of your children, or are you even torn between work and family? Then YelaoShr® Junior Educare is your best choice, a one-stop center for day care and educational services for children in the family! Whether you need around-the-clock care or just after-school care, we have the right service for you.

Our childcare services include nursery, kindergarten and preschool to meet the needs of different families and children. Our professional education team is able to provide the highest quality care and education services for children. We are not only here to give parents peace of mind, but also to enable children to grow and develop in a loving, welcoming and safe and secure environment. We will provide a full range of care for your child, including safety, hygiene, food, rest, play and learning, so that your child can spend each day in a happy and healthy environment.

Well-designed Preschool Programs and a Great Place to Rest and Study After School

Early education is vital to your child’s development, so we offer a diverse educational program for children in the areas of language and cognitive development math, sport and skill development, emotional and social development. We create an enjoyable learning experience for your child through a fun and playful approach.

After school, children come to YelaoShr® Junior Educare to rest and learn in a stress-free environment. We offer one-to-one guidance to boost learning effectiveness and strengthen their foundation so that they can progress according to their age groups. With a strong foundation, learning becomes easy so much so that children need not attend stressful tuition classes and can spend more time with parents during weekends.

Half-day and full-day options are available.

  • • 8am – 12pm
  • • 8am – 2pm
  • • 8am – 3.30pm
  • • 8am – 6pm
  • • After school – 6pm

Objectives and Goals

We aim to create a space that promotes autonomous learning and High Order Thinking Skills so that children will be able to:

• Self-manage their homework

• Master trilingual and numerical literacy

• Improve thinking skills not taught in schools

• Develop personal qualities

1. Self-manage Homework

We create a highly self-disciplined learning environment for children. Unlike school, here the teacher is a passive observer: through the process of being with the child, observing and understanding the child’s needs before giving guidance and direction to the right situation.

2. Master Trilingual and Numerical Literacy

We believe that when a child has a good foundation of trilingual literacy and reading comprehension, he or she will have a greater ability to complete school work independently and have greater confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

3. Improve Thinking Skills that Not Teaching in Schools

Children need not only the accumulation of “knowledge”, but also the building of more general knowledge (knowledge that has been experienced and can be connected to life), the expansion of more insight (things other than homework, assignments, and exams), as well as the courage (self-confidence), and finally the ability to collaborate with others to reach consensus.

We do not give our children more practice problems like those in school books (we are not a cram school). We will train our children to be more disciplined and efficient, and to finish their school work first. Then we will assign children to different levels of creative thinking series according to their learning level.

4. Develop Personal Qualities

This is like a second home for children, just like coming home from school, you have to know how to take care of yourself; your classmates here are like brothers and sisters who get along with each other after school, you have to know how to get along. Therefore, what we care about is not only whether we get our homework done, but also whether we do well for ourselves and gradually become a respectable and trustworthy person.


2 steps to begin YelaoShr learning journey

Submit an Appointment

Because every child is unique, we focus on face-to-face counseling. Arrange for an appointment at our branch near you.

Preliminary Learning Assessment

A simple test for your child will determine how we can advice you on their learning improvement. As for the class time, course fee, etc., we will give you a detailed explanation during the parenting consultation session.

You and Your Child can Enjoy a Better Life and Growth Amazing

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to come and learn more about our Junior Educare services, which we believe can bring more convenience and happiness to you and your children!

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