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Creat!ve Preschool+

In the formative age range of 3-6 years old, we firmly believe that the most crucial aspect is to create a solid foundation for children's future rather than blindly following trends or unnecessary innovations. Our innovative teaching approach is best suited for nurturing children of this age group, aiming to develop their literacy skills. Combined with a Finnish-style exploratory experiential teaching method, it stimulates them to continuously express their thoughts and build confidence.


Creat!ve Preschool

In the formative age range of 3-6 years old, we firmly believe that the most crucial aspect is to create a solid foundation for children's future rather than blindly following trends or unnecessary innovations. Our innovative teaching approach is best suited for nurturing children of this age group, aiming to develop their literacy skills. Combined with a Finnish-style exploratory experiential teaching method, it stimulates them to continuously express their thoughts and build confidence.
The Finnish education model represents a philosophy and attitude that respects children’s choices and autonomy, abandons adherence to class concepts, and rejects corporal punishment and criticism, allowing children to grow confidently and learn independently. Our educational philosophy has been shaking the entire education sector for the past 18 years, with many emerging educational centers progressively adopting this approach.
With the arrival of the 21st century and the rapid development of technology, we have entered a new era of artificial intelligence. In this era, the ways of acquiring information and knowledge have undergone a revolutionary change.
In the past, parents obtained knowledge through traditional school education, and early childhood education mainly focused on cultivating children’s self-care abilities, discipline, and academic achievements. However, in the future, much of the knowledge will be accessible through the internet and artificial intelligence, and many jobs will be replaced by intelligent machines.
In such a world, what children truly need is the ability to be creative, innovative, and capable of creating. This ability will enable them to think independently, possess problem-solving skills, and utilize the convenience of technology to create more valuable and meaningful outcomes for themselves, society, and humanity.
YELAOSHR Creat!ve Preschool+ is born to meet this future demand. Our international creative preschool education, through diverse learning and experiential activities, nurtures children’s creative thinking. Our high-level thinking training focuses on sparking children’s creativity, adding infinite possibilities to their future. At YELAOSHR, we not only teach children knowledge but, more importantly, teach them how to create knowledge.
Let us join hands to lay a solid foundation for your child in this challenging and opportunistic new era!

Is your child facing these issues?

Addiction to the virtual world

Children may be immersed in electronic devices and social media all day, neglecting important experiences and social interactions in real life. Excessive use of electronic products can also result in missing opportunities for face-to-face communication with peers, leading to a lack of social skills.

Insufficient self-awareness

Children may struggle to manage their time effectively, leading to chaos in learning and life. They may fail to develop good time management habits and lack a clear understanding of their interests, talents, and goals, making it difficult to plan for the future.

Overprotection and indulgence

Parents, out of excessive concern, may indulge their children, causing them to lack autonomy and problem-solving abilities. Due to an inability to express themselves and engage in deep conversations with family members, children may become increasingly silent, leading to a lack of expressive abilities.

Lack of decision-making skills

Children may lack independent thinking and decision-making skills due to prolonged guidance and decision-making by parents. Experts believe that most children crave opportunities to express themselves but are often limited by their parents. As a result, their mental development is constrained.

These issues may cause parents to worry about their children’s education. Therefore, our YELAOSHR Creat!ve Preschool+ education program aims to address these pain points. Our unique teaching materials, combined with the joyful learning atmosphere inspired by the Finnish model, can help children fully develop. They can discern the pros and cons of electronic products, cultivate independent learning, and confidently grow, embracing a healthier, more vibrant, and fulfilling future, lighting up the path for children!

【Why Choose Us ?】

The education approach we provide is absolutely conducive to the future growth of your child, not blindly following trends or innovating for the sake of innovation. Here are the reasons why we become the preferred education center for parents nationwide:
Unique personalized education: Every child is unique, with their own distinct learning style and pace. We deeply understand this, hence adopting a one-on-one teaching model to provide each child with a personalized learning plan. This not only means children can learn within their comfort zones but also enables them to grasp knowledge more quickly and deeply.
18 years of educational experience: Our proud 18 years of educational experience is a prime reason for your choice. In these lengthy years, we have not only accumulated rich educational experience but also consistently innovated and kept up with the times to meet evolving educational needs. We remain steadfast, continuously striving to provide the best educational methods for children to ensure their learning needs are met.
Comprehensive Development: Our curriculum not only focuses on teaching children to recognize words but also emphasizes nurturing their creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. This means that choosing our program not only provides high-quality education for children but also lays a solid foundation for their overall development. We are committed to cultivating future leaders with critical thinking and leadership skills. Therefore, choosing us is choosing a broader future.
Sharing responsibility with you: We understand and share your concerns and expectations. As parents, you expect your children to grow robustly, ready for a hopeful future. We consider this a shared responsibility, standing shoulder to shoulder with you, becoming the finest educational partner for your child.
In this journey, we will accompany your child’s growth every step of the way, fostering them to thrive in confidence, resilience, and innovation. Each child is a unique treasure, deserving the highest quality education and future. Choosing us will bring a brighter future for your child!

Small Class Sizes

Creative Teaching


Finnish Education Model

Encourage Children to Express Themselves

A Nurturing and Safe Environment

Course Outline - Covering 6 Major Areas

Through the use of tangible small tools and engaging methods, we aim to enhance children’s cognitive abilities and learning capacities. By incorporating games, we teach them how to apply knowledge to solve problems and overcome challenges, making them more capable and confident.

1️⃣ Trilingual Reading and Brain Activation Class
2️⃣ Holistic Multiple Intelligences (MIQ) Education
3️⃣ Creative Mathematics

4️⃣ Creative STEM Education
5️⃣ Emotional Development
6️⃣ Sensory Development

Children Need Nourishment of Creative Thinking

Many educational institutions still focus on nurturing children who can “study well,” whereas YelaoShr Preschool Education emphasizes cultivating children with “creative thinking.”
We believe that creative thinking and creativity are keys to success in future societies and are domains not easily replaced by artificial intelligence. This is precisely our educational feature.
Our curriculum has been refined and validated over 18 years, with more than 98% of parents observing not just academic improvement in their children, but also a growing fondness for learning at YelaoShr!
Because we focus on creative teaching, we move away from the rote learning of 20-30 years ago, replacing memorization with engaging methods. Children are more willing to learn and feel more accomplished in the process of having fun.

What Parents Said

"I never thought the most effective learning involves creativity and play. My eldest son, being 8, missed the preschool period, whereas my younger son, at 4, attended preschool for a year. His way of thinking is completely different from his brother's, even showing greater problem-solving abilities."
"My daughter, who is 5, has always been shy, introverted, and lacked confidence. I remember how challenging it was to send her to preschool the first week, crying all the way from home to the classroom. But a miracle happened after three months; she started enjoying going to preschool every day, engaging with friends, and even insisting on going during public holidays."
"As a single mother, due to time constraints, I decided to enroll my child in preschool instead of leaving her with her grandmother to avoid being overly pampered. At YelaoShr Preschool, my child learned self-care, how to interact with others, and even to think independently. This investment has been completely worthwhile."

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1️⃣ Trilingual Reading and Brain Activation Class 👉 Learn to listen, read, speak, and write in three languages, establishing a solid foundation early on.

2️⃣ Creative STEM Education 👉 Cultivate independent thinking, learn problem-solving skills, and develop good habits such as eating, napping, and self-care.

3️⃣ Emotional Development 👉 Learn emotional management and master interpersonal interaction.

4️⃣ Sensory Development 👉 Through interaction with peers, develop cognitive abilities, sensory integration, and motor coordination.

5️⃣ Holistic Multiple Intelligences (MIQ) Education 👉 Stimulate creative thinking through games and props, helping children understand and absorb knowledge more easily.

6️⃣ Creative Mathematics 👉 Engage with fun mathematical elements, inspiring lifelong thinking and problem-solving skills.

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