How To Choose The Right Daycare Center For Your Child In Malaysia


You’re probably a parent seeking the top daycare or childcare facility in Malaysia close to where you live. You’re not alone, after all. These days, a lot of parents have two full- or part-time jobs, making it difficult for them to raise their kids without one of them jeopardising their careers. 


If you fit this description, it may be time to think about enrolling your kids in a daycare facility. For young children, daycare centres are caring, comfortable spaces. 


We will discuss how to select the finest childcare in this post.

How To Choose The Best Daycare Center For Your Child 


Your search for the ideal childcare facility will become more focused if you know the primary reasons you require childcare for your child. This will assist in directing you toward the relevant service. To be sure your kid receives high-quality child care, add the following childcare centre standards to your checklist.


Registration of Childcare Center Licensing 

Licensing is the gold standard for health and safety standards in any childcare provider. Sadly, not all childcare centres in Malaysia have licences. For others, there can even be unskilled carers. 


According to the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), childcare facilities should adhere to national health, welfare, and safety standards to ensure children’s safety. You can check if the Ministry of Education accredits the preschool you are considering or if it is a childcare facility, the Department of Social Welfare. 


When you visit a childcare facility, ask questions about the teachers and caregivers who will be responsible for your kid.


Safety and Security In and Around the Daycare Centre

Children enjoy exploring their surroundings, but because of this, parents need to be very concerned about their safety. Children are naturally drawn to everything around them because they are innocent, including potentially harmful objects. 


In addition, the area should have no dangers that might threaten children. If a kid needs first aid, there should be supplies on hand, and instructors should be taught the basics. 


When you visit, please look at the daycare centre and enquire about its security and safety SOPs. Keep an eye out for a childcare centre’s level of security measures, such as security access, CCTV cameras, and a visitor policy system.



Toddlers’ immune systems are still growing, making them more prone to illness and infection. For this reason, childcare centres should impose stringent sanitary regulations. 


Verify that the classroom area where the kids frequently hang out is cleaned regularly. Daycare facilities should have clear SOPs in place to benefit both the facility and the parents. 


Some childcare facilities require sick kids to miss school while they heal at home before returning to daycare. Doing this can prevent the infection from spreading to other children. To keep your kid and the other children safe, some childcare facilities have health admittance criteria for enrollment, such as requiring that your child have a specific set of vaccines.


Location of Childcare Centre 

It would be convenient for you as a busy parent to select a childcare centre close to your place of employment. It would be best if you thought about how long it takes to get from your house to your office, home, and the childcare facility. 


Because many providers charge steep penalties for late pick-ups, you should consider these aspects. Find a childcare facility that provides flexible hours if your work schedule is erratic.


Meals Offered and Nutritional Choices 

A growing youngster needs a healthy diet. Therefore, it’s essential to determine whether the childcare facility provides a wide variety of filling, nutritionally sound, and well-balanced meals for your children. We urge you to ask the centre for a few sample menus to ensure you are happy with the culinary options. 


Inquire about the centre’s flexibility in this area since kids might be fussy eaters. If the centre knows your kid has unique dietary requirements, ask the centre how they will meet those needs.


Education Type 

Childcare facilities, many of which adhere to a particular educational philosophy, such as Reggio Emilia or the Montessori approach, also offer high-quality early learning programmes and instruction. 


Since infants learn by mimicking people, finding a daycare with teaching and parenting ideals align with yours is essential. As you visit the childcare centre, ask the teachers about their philosophy on early childhood education, their activities, and how they handle various situations.


Caretakers’ Communication Skills 

Leaving your toddler with someone else might be unpleasant because you fear they could cry or be in distress while you’re away. If your kid is still unable to communicate, the primary source of information should be the carers. 


So that you can stay informed, think about how the centre keeps you updated about your child’s growth, from feeding times to education and play. An attentive caregiver should often keep you updated on significant changes. 


Do keep in mind that a caregiver is in charge of many kids. After the day, respectfully inquire about your child to acquire the latest information.


The benefits of engaging your child in daycare during their development years



Approximately 60% of kids reside in locations without daycare facilities. Although skipping daycare may seem like a great way to save money, it is not necessarily in the child’s best interests. So, are you aware of all the benefits it may offer?


There is much more than just hiring a babysitter to get things done. Continue reading as we go through the top 5 advantages of childcare.


1. Regular Routine 

The framework is crucial to a child’s intellectual development, especially in toddlers. They find security and consistency in everything, including regular meal and sleep schedules. They may not be able to discern the time, but by having activities planned, they can get a sense of how the day goes. 


This is provided by travelling to and from childcare and the program’s schedule while the child is there. Time spent playing, eating, and sleeping gives a youngster everything they require to develop into an intelligent, capable child. Your kid will flourish if the schedule includes learning activities.


2. Development of Social and Emotional Skills 

Despite your best efforts, kids have limitations in the family bubble. Daily, they do not have the opportunity to contact people from other backgrounds. Children who attend daycare are taught to apply social and emotional skills for anything from collaboration to dispute resolution. 


The ideal childcare facility will provide educational activities that support this. In a controlled atmosphere, structured games and play encourage the development of problem-solving skills and self-expression. 


Another benefit is that it lessens the separation anxiety that kids experience. While we all want our children to depend on us, encouraging independence is crucial. This is crucial for emotional growth.


3. Behaviour Improvement 

High-quality childcare has been associated in studies with fewer behavioural issues and attention deficit disorders. How to solve difficulties becomes a vital ability for a child as their social skills mature. This implies adolescents have other options for expressing their rage, frustration, and disappointment than tantrums and misbehaviour. 


These abilities are not limited to the early years. They change as the child ages, and the issues they deal with are more complicated. This will eventually enable them to develop into well-rounded, emotionally secure adults.


4. Smoother Transition to Kindergarten 

It is simpler for kids to transition to kindergarten when they have already developed the skills necessary to comprehend a structured day. They will understand how the day is structured and how they must commute to and from locations other than their house. 


Additionally, childcare will implement reading and numeracy skills. They will not only comprehend how the school operates but also excel academically. They can now access more challenging activities and comprehension with childcare.


5. Autonomy and Independence

Independence must be encouraged early if you want your child to become a self-assured adult. We all want our kids to depend on us, yet letting go is crucial to their development. Childcare centres are the first step in that. 


Your child’s sole helpers at daycare will be themselves and the teachers. With so many classmates nearby, students develop their social skills or independence. Simple chores you may have previously performed—like putting on outdoor clothing or cleaning up—will come naturally to them. 


You may regain some of the freedom you may have lost as a parent. You may return to work or spend more time on domestic and family responsibilities when your child is at childcare.


Top 3 Childcare Centres in Malaysia

childcare in Malaysia


Yelaoshr is the top-rated daycare cetre in Malaysia. Yelaoshr focuses on all aspects of learning in high-quality childcare. They pay attention to what interests kids and create activities that help them broaden their knowledge and abilities in several areas. When children can draw connections across alphabets, they better comprehend the subject. When your child and a friend make a paper box feeder, for example, they use maths and science to measure and combine materials to make the feeder stable, language to describe their ideas and decide how to solve the problem, and reading (with the help of caregiver) to learn what kind of seed different birds prefer. This integrated, deeper learning helps kids prepare for their kindergarten education.


Yelaoshr helps kids with their language abilities by allowing them to listen to and communicate with others. They chat with kids while they play, in groups and one-on-one throughout the day. They encourage kids to share their knowledge, opinions, and feelings. Most children in childcare learn what reading is for and what rhyming sounds are. They discuss and listen to stories with the kid, making the learning process lively. Yelaoshr helps their students to be more fluent when reading to create a base for their language ability. Yelaoshr also focuses on children’s writing progress. 


Yelaoshr has much subjectivity on the part of the caregiver and much thinking when dealing with each child and understanding how they might grow. As a result of this subjectivity, Yelaoshr learning/teaching has developed several teaching styles. They had varied strategies to help kids comprehend different teaching styles and fill in the gaps in the knowledge of childcare for kids.



The Klang Valley-based Kinderland Child Care programme offers a thorough preschool curriculum through its 17 centres. To foster your children’s independence and confidence, the teachers will walk them through the daily rituals of eating and taking a bath. 


Children at this age will have increased access to and opportunity for a specially designed, integrated, and comprehensive approach to learning with a full or half-day programme. They are equipped with trained caregivers to look after your children while you’re at work.


R.E.A.L Kids 

With more than 30 locations and 5,000 children countrywide, R.E.A.L Kids is the largest owner-operated kindergarten chain in the nation. It was founded back in 1986. Our completely established and holistic curriculum is complemented by their extensive programmes, which include a variety of enrichment sessions and extracurricular activities in preparation for national and international curricula. 


The educational philosophy, R.E.A.L., which stands for “Results Enhancing via Active Learning,” directs and encourages all endeavours. At R.E.A.L., kids establish a method of learning that seems most natural to them to honour each child’s individuality and the abilities they offer to the world.


4 Reasons to send your kids to Yelaoshr daycare centre in Malaysia

childcare centre

In our childcare, we at Yelaoshr work hard to provide every child with the best possible head start in formal education. Childcare creates a solid mentality to decrease the likelihood that any kid would drop out of school at a higher educational level. Our responsibility is to help children develop a mentality marked by curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. Every child should have the academic resilience to follow whatever job path they choose and at any level. We provide half-day and full-day baby childcare. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

Growth in Social and Emotional Skills 

We begin teaching your children the fundamentals of social and emotional reactions at a young age (at a level they can understand). We admonish the kids to be kind, engaging, and understanding with their pals. Our curriculum includes entertaining indoor and outdoor activities that call for the kids to engage with one another and, in some cases, work as a team to accomplish shared objectives during play and games. We also teach kids about nature and domestic animals through photographs and kid-friendly movies.

Phonics and Speech Enhancement 

Your kids’ early exposure to speech and phonics will lay a solid basis for improved success in higher educational institutions. We instruct the kids on how to recognise and pronounce letters, numbers, and typical items found inside and outside the house. Every child in Yelaoshr will be introduced to engaging activities like singing, reading, and other things as the curriculum progresses. At Yelaoshr, we teach our kids using the traditional Montessori curriculum.

Developing Movement and Motor Skills 

Our instructors and babysitters are qualified to assist young children in developing their motor abilities, including crawling, walking, picking up and putting down objects, pulling, clapping, etc. We offer the tools necessary to support this element of your kids’ growth. Additionally, because every kid has a different way of learning, we are also aware of what to do when a kid needs assistance to acquire some fundamental motor skills.

Logical Thinking and Math 

We presently live in a world where infrastructure and technology are developing quickly. The best companies always look for bright, analytical brains to assist them in resolving issues that impede technological growth. A kid’s development into an adult with fully developed mental and analytical capacities—capabilities that become leverage to solve problems and give value to their communities—requires an early introduction to logical thinking and math. We are pleased to be tasked with guiding young children in this direction, and we possess the educational know-how and tools necessary to promote the growth of a brilliant and analytical mind.


Develop Your Child with Yelaoshr

There are several factors to consider while choosing a childcare centre for your kid. The most crucial step is to take the time to research local childcare facilities and analyse your options using the criteria we have outlined above. 


Touring a few daycare facilities is frequently advisable to get a feel for the environment before deciding. When choosing and evaluating your childcare provider, trust your gut. If you believe something is incorrect, don’t be afraid to look for another childcare facility. 


Yelaoshr is expertise in childcare, and we would like to help your kids develop as better human beings. Please have a visit or call Yelaoshr to learn more about our childcare facilities. 


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