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YELAOSHR is a reputable and sought-after institution in Malaysia that provides top-notch English tuition classes to preschool and primary students. With a strong focus on language proficiency and communication skills, YELAOSHR offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to the individual needs of each student. The experienced and dedicated team of English teachers at YELAOSHR ensures a conducive learning environment where students can thrive and excel in their English language abilities.

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The Areas We Cover in Our
English Tuition


YELAOSHR English Tuition Class in Malaysia is placing a renewed emphasis on teaching grammar. With experienced teachers, innovative teaching methods, and personalized attention, YELAOSHR aims to provide students with comprehensive grammar instruction that will support their overall language development.


At YELAOSHR English Tuition Class, spelling is given significant importance as an integral aspect of language development. Understanding the crucial role that accurate spelling plays in effective communication, YELAOSHR prioritizes spelling instruction to equip students with essential skills. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students are exposed to various spelling strategies, rules, and patterns.


Through comprehensive lessons and interactive activities, experienced teachers at YELAOSHR guide students through the correct usage and placement of punctuation marks, such as commas, periods, question marks, exclamation marks, and more. Students learn the rules and conventions of punctuation so they effectively express their thoughts and ideas while maintaining grammatical accuracy.


With a team of experienced instructors, YELAOSHR focuses on teaching students the proper pronunciation of English sounds, stress patterns, intonation, and rhythm. We utilize various resources, including audio recordings and technology, to enhance the learning experience so students can speak English confidently and intelligibly, facilitating effective communication in both academic and real-life contexts.


The experienced instructors at YELAOSHR employ effective teaching methodologies to help students expand their vocabulary. They learn new words, their meanings, and how to use them appropriately in spoken and written language. By cultivating a robust vocabulary, YELAOSHR prepares students to express themselves eloquently and comprehend complex texts effectively.
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English Tuition Class Work

YELAOSHR is a learning centre that offers English classes in Malaysia. They have a team of experienced teachers and a comprehensive curriculum suited for learners of all levels. Here’s how their English tuition for kids works:

Courses and Levels: YELAOSHR offers a wide range of courses tailored for different age groups and proficiency levels. They provide classes for children aged 3 to 12 years and have courses for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced students.

Trilingual Approach: YELAOSHR’s teaching methodology focuses on a trilingual approach. In addition to Mandarin, they also teach Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) and English. This approach helps students develop strong language skills and facilitates multilingual communication.

Offline and Online Classes: YELAOSHR provides offline and online English tuition classes. Online tuition offers convenience and flexibility, allowing students to learn online lessons from the comfort of their homes. Offline classes are conducted at their learning centres across Malaysia.

Comprehensive Curriculum: YELAOSHR follows a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The curriculum is designed to make learning engaging and effective.

Experienced Teachers: YELAOSHR boasts a team of experienced Mandarin tuition teachers who are skilled in teaching Chinese as a second language. These teachers provide guidance, support, and personalized attention to help students improve their language skills.

Why Select Best
English Tuition Class
from YELAOSHR Malaysia

1 to 1 learning


YELAOSHR offers 1 to 1 learning for their English tuition classes. This means that students receive personalized attention and instruction from a English tutor in one-to-one English tuition. This type of learning allows for a more focused and tailored approach to meet each student's individual needs and goals.

structure learning


YELAOSHR English Tuition Class focuses on structural learning. This approach includes learning grammar rules, sentence structures, and vocabulary in a structured manner. By mastering the fundamental elements of the language, students can develop a solid foundation and improve their overall English proficiency.

creative teaching approach


Based on the available information, the YELAOSHR English Tuition Class utilizes a creative teaching approach. The use of creative teaching strategies can include interactive activities, multimedia resources, games, storytelling, and other techniques that foster active participation and stimulate critical thinking.

high impact cycle


YELAOSHR English Tuition Class utilizes a high-impact cycle focusing on personalized goal setting, participatory guidance, continuous practice, and targeted feedback. The instructional phase incorporates interactive lessons that cover various language skills.

student ai analysis


YELAOSHR English Tuition Class incorporates Student AI Analysis as part of their lessons. This innovative approach utilizes AI technology to analyze and evaluate students' performance, identify areas of strength and areas that require improvement and allow for personalized and data-driven instruction.

Benefits of YELAOSHR
English Tuition

Better Reading and
Comprehension Skills

English Tuition can improve the reading and comprehension skills of students. The English tuition class of YELAOSHR provides students access to a personalized teaching style and individual attention in smaller class sizes. This allows students to receive more focused guidance and support in developing their reading and comprehension abilities like native English speakers.

Communication Skills

YELAOSHR English Tuition Class aims to enhance communication skills in their students through a comprehensive and interactive approach. This enables students to build confidence in mastering English by enhancing their communication skills, leading to increased academic and real-life proficiency and success.

Language Proficiency

YELAOSHR English tuition aims to improve students' English language skills. Through a structured and comprehensive curriculum, students are provided with opportunities to develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The classes focus on building a foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Increased Confidence
and Motivation

YELAOSHR English Tuition is dedicated to increasing students' confidence and motivation in learning English. The classes are designed to create a supportive and encouraging environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves in English. Instructors provide constructive feedback and praise to boost students' self-esteem and motivation.

Opportunities for
Creative Expression

YELAOSHR English Tuition Classes aim to develop children's capacity for creative inquiry and analytical thought. The English tutors undergo professional training to nurture students' creative abilities. Through activities and lessons, students are encouraged to think critically, explore their imagination, and express themselves creatively.

Strong Foundation for
Future Education

YELAOSHR English Tuition builds a strong foundation for student's future education. Students learn to analyze and interpret texts, think critically about complex concepts, and express their ideas effectively. Therefore, students can confidently pursue their educational aspirations in countries where English is used as a dominant language.

Best English Tuition Teacher

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FAQs Regarding Our
English Tuition Class

An English Tuition Class is a specialized educational program designed to help students improve their proficiency in the English language. These classes are typically conducted outside of regular school hours and provide additional support and instruction to supplement the curriculum taught in schools. English Tuition Centre focuses on various aspects of the English language, such as grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, essay writing, and oral communication. They often employ different teaching methods, including interactive activities, discussions, practice exercises, and individualized attention. The goal of English Tuition Class is to enhance students’ language skills, boost their confidence, and enable them to excel academically or in other language-related pursuits.

YELAOSHR English Tuition for primary school focuses on providing comprehensive language instruction to enhance students’ English proficiency. YELAOSHR knows that English is the most spoken language around the world, so they offer a structured curriculum that covers various aspects of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing skills, and oral communication. The goal is to equip primary school students with a strong foundation in English that will benefit them academically and in real-world language contexts. YELAOSHR’s teaching methods may include interactive activities, discussions, and personalized attention to meet students’ needs.

Each YELAOSHR English tuition class typically lasts for 25 minutes. This duration is carefully designed to optimize learning and engagement while accommodating the attention span and energy levels of primary school students. The shorter class duration allows focused instruction on specific language skills or concepts, ensuring students remain actively involved throughout the session.

YELAOSHR English tuition classes cost between RM300 to RM500 per month. This range may vary depending on various factors, such as class frequency and any additional materials or resources provided. It is recommended to contact us directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cost of our English tuition classes.

To help your child prepare for their English tuition class, you can focus on a few key areas. Encourage regular reading by providing books and articles in English, which will improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Practice speaking and listening by engaging in conversations in English and playing language-learning games. Reviewing previous lessons and providing additional resources like workbooks or online exercises can reinforce their understanding. Establishing a study routine and maintaining open communication with the tutor will also contribute to their preparation. By incorporating these strategies, you can support your child in maximizing their learning experience in their English tuition class.

To monitor your child’s progress in their English tuition class, you can start by maintaining open communication with the YELAOSHR private tutor to receive regular updates on their performance and areas of improvement. Review your child’s completed assignments to assess their understanding and identify weaknesses or strengths. By taking an active interest in their learning, utilizing progress monitoring tools if available, and providing ongoing support, you can effectively monitor your child’s progress in their English tuition class and help them succeed.

The time it takes to see improvement in your child’s English skills can vary depending on several factors, including their starting level of proficiency, their learning style, and the amount of time and effort they dedicate to practising English. Generally, consistent practice and exposure to the language can lead to noticeable improvements over time. However, it is vital to remember that language learning is one of the gradual processes. Some children may show improvement within a few weeks or months, while others may take longer.

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