Creative Preschool 国际创意学期教育

Creative Preschool 国际创意学期教育

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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

YELAOSHR Creative Preschool integrates kindergartens, nurseries, day care centers, literacy centers, multi-intelligence centers, left and right brain potential development centers etc. into an innovative Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) education system for children.

We all know that children aged 3 to 6 years old absorbs like a sponge. The younger they are, the stronger their ability to absorb. During this time, it is important to lay a good foundation, as their learning ability can take on more and faster. Besides focusing on the child’s learning, we also strengthen their cognitive function and social-emotional development. We can see how there are various social phenomena, stress and emotional problems displayed in the news every day. Hence, developing a child’s problem-solving skills must not be ignored.

Therefore, YELAOSHR Creative Preschool Education has curated a comprehensive teaching method to address a child’s emotional, social, moral, and academic needs. We enable the children to develop good thinking, emotional and living habits through various links and activities. Not only that, but we also provide one-on-one trilingual literacy as recommended by parents for a holistic learning environment.

Sensory Development

Let children distinguish items by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. We will also let children dance through music and do manual exercises. These exercises can help with a child’s sensory development.

Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Through interesting methods such as organising exploration activities or letting children express themselves through dancing, these activities can exercise their thinking abilities. Besides that, we will also teach the children on how to apply their knowledge to solve a problem, so that they can become more confident.

Social-Emotional Development

Children will learn how to develop a sense of community and build good relationships with other children, teachers, parents, and elders. These are the key elements we focus on.

Trilingual Literacy

During this time when children are rapidly absorbing, we provide a one-on-one trilingual literacy which allows teachers to focus and teach according to the level of different children. We do not adopt a cramming teaching model in order to build a pleasant learning experience for the children and enable them to learn easily after entering primary school.

Plant the Seed of Ability in the Hearts of Children

Why are children’s daily life practices so important? Daily life includes how the child takes good care of himself, takes good care of his surrounding, have self-confidence and in working together with others. In the process of each day, we help to build these skills of learning to analyze, understand and link to each other.

Each child is unique. We hope to help every child find his place and let them experience an abundant and rich life, and to learn to be proactive and able to exercise judgement independently at the starting point of life.

A Happy Paradise for Childhood

YELAOSHR Creative Preschool is a place where children experience leaving home for the first time and entering into a new community. During this process, they will learn how to interact with others and build interpersonal relationships. We all know children are considered “treasures” in this generation. Everything at home has already been done for by the parents of grandparents of the children. Hence, coming to YELAOSHR Creative Preschool Education will help children learn how to manage these things well. Through a diverse education, we guide the children to develop healthily and enable them to affirm themselves.

As an Early Childhood Education teacher, we need more patience and love in caring for each of the young children. This is because we understand that children may not be used to leaving the home environment at first, and at this time the teachers would need to give comfort and embrace time and time again to slowly establish a safe attachment with the children.

We know that there is no set of methods that could be fully applied to all children, and no measure to evaluate the quality of a child. Therefore, we will all perceive the needs of each child from their perspective with empathy. From unwillingness, to slowly willing to try, and when they are finally able to learn, then that becomes the best testimony.

Don't let fate determine your child's future ,
This is an important life-changing matter!

Let this positive environment accompany your child’s growth, and what they learn will follow them through life!
It may look simple, but it is a very meaningful educational process. Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us to find out more.

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