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Have You Ever Heard of Using "Magic" to Learn "Maths"?

Have you ever encountered the problem that your kids don’t like math and feel bored and boring with numbers and formulas, resulting in unsatisfactory academic performance? Don’t worry, now with this self-learning “Magic & Craft” creative math curriculum, your kids can learn from it and discover the fun and charm of math.

The “Magic & Craft” creative math curriculum combines elements of magic and math to introduce students to the concepts and principles of math through a variety of fun magic shows. For example, we teach the mathematics of permutations and combinations through card permutations, and improve students’ logical thinking and math skills through puzzle solving and math games. In this program, students can enjoy a happy learning process and also be able to understand and master mathematics more deeply.

"Creative and Mathematical Tricks That are Also Used by International Magicians"

As an abstract subject, mathematics requires students to have high thinking patterns and logical reasoning skills. “Creative Maths” is a combination of high thinking patterns and mathematical knowledge, expanding students’ thinking skills and enhancing their mathematical abilities through innovative learning methods.

“Creative Maths” is not only fun, but also very practical. Combining mathematical knowledge with magic tricks not only cultivates students’ interest and creativity in mathematics, but also allows them to apply what they have learned in their daily lives. For example, students can use magic tricks to solve practical problems, such as calculating distance and time when traveling, or calculating price and profit when doing business. This practical and life-like approach to learning makes it easier for students to apply what they have learned to real life situations, making learning more meaningful and rewarding.

Higher level thinking skills

Many parents may ask, “Will my child get an “A” in math after learning this entire curriculum? The answer is “No!”, because we are not teaching our children to do math by rote, the real math is how to think about problems and answer them. In the learning process, subconscious high thinking patterns have been instilled into the child’s brain, which may affect the rest of his life, different thinking patterns and problem solving skills.

Spent Most of Her Life in The Education Industry with a Positive Attitude to Promote "Creative" Teaching Methods
- Teacher Teoh Poh Yew

Full set of self-study materials available for free !!! Let more people understand the wonders of "Creative Maths" !!! (Bilingual version)

A full set of 8 items to let you discover the mystery

Teaching film demonstration (Chinese and English)

Redeem Steps

Fill out the redeem form

Fill out the form below and select the nearest center to collect self-study materials.

Collect self-study materials (1)

Parents will be notified to visit the center to collect the free self-study material Level-1, as well as a link to the instructional video (in both English and Chinese).

Upload magic results

Parents can record a small segment of their child's learning, upload it to the link we have developed, wait for it to be approved, and then they can take the second half of the material.

Collect self-study materials (2)

Parents will be notified to visit the center to request the free self-study material Level-2, as well as a link to the instructional video (in both English and Chinese).

Application Requirements

– We encourage children between the ages of 6-12 to participate
– We also encourage children with special needs to participate
– The learning materials are fully sponsored by YELAOSHR CREATIVE ARTS SDN BHD with no hidden costs
– After submitting your video, please wait for the announcement to receive the Level 2 learning materials

Parents can learn together with their children and open the door to "Creativity" together

Apply now for free “Magic & Craft” self-study materials, let’s join “Creative Maths” together, use magic to learn math, make learning more vivid and interesting, so that children grow up in a happy learning!

Magic of Math

The Beauty of Math

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