#04 XiaoYe: The difference between Yelaoshr’s 1-to-1 teaching and tuition

Many Daddies and Mummies would ask Mini Ye: Is Yelaoshr a tuition centre? Sometimes I would naughtily reply, “Oh no, if you want to send your kids to tuition then please don’t send them to Yelaoshr!” Such negative replies would always scare them but Mini Ye actually did not lie to them because Yelaoshr is indeed not a tuition centre as the two have their differences.

葉老師 1對1教

Today let me, XiaoYe analyse with you Daddies and Mummies:

Parents would send their children to tuition centres because the numbers of students in a class are small and the materials taught are based on current syllabus and focus can be set of certain subjects. If you look at this statement plainly then Yelaoshr is indeed a better choice! Why?

At Yelaoshr, it is about 1-to-1 learning. Based on the number of children learning in a class, we are on the upper hand. Teachers can wholeheartedly teach and guide a child’s progress. However, Yelaoshr does not teach according to their age but based on their knowledge level. If a primary 3 child after going through a test was found to be only equipped with a primary 1 level, Yelaoshr will start teaching from the primary 1 level. The difference with tuition centres is that we are not rushing the school syllabus but to focus on the child’s current level and to build up their foundation. We want to ensure that we truly taught the child and then only we will progress to another stage but not just to simply finish off the class.

Teacher Yap 1 to 1 coaching

We need to know that every child’s learning progress is not the same and that their character is not the same. Why did Confucius advocate teaching according to their abilities? (Suddenly feel that I’m so knowledgeable!) It is this principle. Every child’s learning method is different; some needed stories to strengthen their comprehension, some needed more visuals, some needed to do actions for them to see while teaching, some needed repetitive exercises, some needed small amounts of information but more frequency etc. 100 children requires 100 teaching methods, only then will we find the most effective and most suitable learning method for a child.

(XiaoYe realised that a child’s current status/mood in class will directly affect their learning effectiveness. Hence, in this 1-to-1 education model, a teacher’s main responsibility is to correct the children’s learning conditions. However, in a tuition centre, it is one teacher to many students which makes it quite difficult to implement such measures.)

1 to 1 Teacher Yap Yelaoshr

If a child’s standard is low, then how fast can you see the results? Mini Ye cannot boast and exaggerate. If a child is primary 3 but only has the levels of a primary 1, it is rather impossible to ensure that he is able to catch up within two to three months. This actually also depends on the child’s condition with cooperation from the parents (do they send them to classes on time/are the number of classes required enough for the child). Nevertheless, what we do have faith in is the children’s improvement every month will be better than the previous month.

In contrast to regular tuition classes, it may be say that lessons are taught according to the students’ syllabus in school, allowing children to learn in school and later revise at tuition classes. However, if there are students who cannot catch up, the tuition teacher is unable to drag the whole class’s progress just because of that one student. Hence, they can only guide and ensure if the students finish their homework and exercises. When we compare with Yelaoshr, who places much focus on the concept of teaching until they understand instead of finishing the lesson, the ideologies of a tuition centre are at oppositions with us as they will focus on finishing the syllabus. Due to commercial tuition centres having one teacher to many students, it is understandably hard to know if a student truly understands the lesson. If in any way there are students who responded much slower or their learning abilities poorer, they can only force the weaker group of students to catch up.

Yelaoshr 1 to 1 tutoring

This article from XiaoYe is of course not to say Yelaoshr is tip top and that tuition centres suck but when parents look up the two options, it also depends on the children’s situation: if your child is able to catch up with the syllabus at school, then tuition classes can help to strengthen their studies; but if they are unable to catch up and still goes for tuition, they will feel dejected and defeated, uninterested and would not want to learn which resulting in not catching up with the syllabus and having this negative cycle in studies.

Hence, we, at Yelaoshr hold fast to our beliefs. We want to allow children who are left behind to go back to the starting point and start afresh. Building up their foundations well, rebuilding their confidence and interests in learning and students will naturally catch up to their level.

Nah, XiaoYe has explained very clearly to you. If you sent your child to Yelaoshr but noticed that Yelaoshr does not teach the school’s syllabus, don’t blame XiaoYe for simply recommending!

叶老师 1对1教 Miri

We having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

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#03 XiaoYe: Is your child having a stable foundation in learning? Can they keep up with the progress?

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! XiaoYe is back again! When some people see me, it is like I have a nimbus right above my head. Why so? Because looking at me is like looking at a saviour! (I think it’s plain exaggeration from myself)

The real saviour is not me, XiaoYe but Yelaoshr! Yelaoshr is here to save who? We are here to save those children who are entering primary school but still have yet to build up a stable foundation in language! In the primary school setting, a teacher teaches a whole class of children, if children’s foundation is not strong enough, not only will they not understand in class, the teacher will not realise that they are having problems with language because it’s just too hard to take care of so many people. The teacher will then continue teaching to catch up to the timeline, who will care for your children? Who will help and save them? The answer is Yelaoshr!

Proudly presenting to you — [7-12 years old] Chinese and Malay Language Foundation Repair and Strengthening Class!

With a strong foundation in language, it is like a warrior fully armed for battle, when encountered with new knowledge, they are able to understand, analyse and absorb. Hence, Yelaoshr’s specialisation is its unique teaching materials, with the implementation of 1-to-1 teaching mechanism as this can be “targeted teaching for improvement” that cannot be done by teachers at school. In any weaker areas, we will teach specifically on those areas and not just teach every student the same thing. After all, every child has different needs, as what Confucius said “teaching in accordance with their aptitude” is what children truly needs! Apart from teaching, our teachers will also utilise different kinds of methods to regain children’s confidence and interest in learning due to having a poor foundation in language will cause children to lack interest in studying. Thus, classes at Yelaoshr implementing creative teaching methods will allow children to realise that learning is so much fun and so interesting!

In addition to Chinese language, the most important language in Malaysia is the Malay language, our national language! Many parents do not converse in Malay while at home so it takes a toll to learn Malay compared to Chinese. What can I do now? Come along, Yelaoshr can help you! Our strengthening class will start from the basics of Malay language such as pronunciation, reading and comprehension, strengthening children’s language skills in Malay. It does not matter if your children cannot master suku kata (syllable), perbendaharaan kata (vocabulary), ejaan (spelling), pemahaman (comprehension) or tatabahasa (grammar), we can teach them well!

Mini Ye was also once a child and I know even if I cannot catch up to other classmates, I may not show it as I will be afraid of the eyes and looks of other children, that they will look down on myself, laugh at myself. As time goes by, inferiority settles in and turns into hating this subject etc. Don’t be afraid, at Yelaoshr we conduct 1-to-1 teaching, children will not have any peer pressure and need not to be afraid of not catching up with the syllabus. Because at Yelaoshr, we take a child’s level as priority and that we will teach them until they understand then only will our teachers move on to another stage. In this way, parents will be assured and children will not be stressed.

If your children having an unstable language foundation? Come, take hold of Mini Ye’s hand and I will bring you to understand more!

*Be rest assured at Yelaoshr, children will be in a happy environment and see their own improvements! Start 2019 stably and return to a path of happy learning!

We having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

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#02 XiaoYe: 3-6 years old is the golden age for children to learn new words!

Actually, there is one thing that I, Mini Ye have been distressed about for a long time. Each and every time when Mini Ye tells everybody that Yelaoshr can help children of ages 3-12 to recognise and learn new words, many of them would have such a shocking reaction to “3 years old”? “Hey, you are exaggerating too much! How can 3-year olds recognise words?” Why does no one believe me? Why? WHY?

Experts say that 3-6 years old is the golden age for children to learn new words, and it is also a period of time where a person’s learning abilities are the fastest, memorising abilities are the strongest in a lifetime! Shocking? Do you know why?

Because at that period of time, children’s brains are like a blank hard disk so memorising things are not a burden to them but more of a physiological need. If you have a child at home, you will realise that they will often remember some things that are very detailed. For example, what shoes you wore yesterday, what did you ate the day before. To us, these are some very surprising details but to them these are naturally occurring! Hence, if we are to take hold of this golden period of time and equip them with the requirements of learning words (2500 words) throughout their primary school years then the amount of time they require to learn when they grow up will be shorter! This is what we call SMART!

Nah nah nah, there you go again! You are doubting me again, aren’t you? Aiya, you are unable to listen anymore… Let me grandly introduce to you – 3-8 years old Chinese, Malay and English Language Reading Brain Development Class!!!

Yelaoshr implements a revolutionary education method, allowing children to focus and recognise words in a relaxing manner, enabling them to read books earlier thus cultivating the interest in reading. When they approach primary 1, they would have learnt many words and going to school will not be stressful while they can catch up in school faster than others! This unique teaching method created by Teacher Yap can help children of this age easily grasp 1500 chinese characters and trilingual words, building up a strong foundation in language!

Lots of question marks in your brain? Okok, nevermind, if you have any questions do not hesitate to PM me, Mini Ye. I’ll answer you one by one when we meet again next time! A promise is a promise! It’s of no use for me to continue more, take a look at the learning environment at Yelaoshr’s classes!

We having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

More info: https://teacheryap.com/voucher/

#01 – XiaoYe: Allowing children to learn and improve with the “High Impact Learning Cycle”!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! If you are scrolling through Facebook or reading articles, look over here! There is treasure here! Nah nah nah, don’t you go and buy the case but return the pearl, enter a huge mountain full of treasure but leave empty handed! I am Yelaoshr’s ambassador – XiaoYe! In the future if you see me, it means good news for you, understand? You have to read on!

Nah, everybody knows that in Malaysia, we have many education centres, but when we talk about teaching children how to recognise words, pronunciation, reading, comprehension, writing…Hahahaha! Yelaoshr is definitely a first-choice for people! Why? Hmph, I knew you would ask why, XiaoYe would like to let you know a magic weapon! Once you know how to master the magic weapon, it can be used in you and you children’s life and learning process!

This magic weapon is called the “High Impact Learning Cycle”!

XiaoYe’s good friends Joe DeGutis and Michael Esterman (I know them but they do not know me) were researching at the Boston Attention and Learning Laboratory realised through brain imaging that: if you want to be focus and attentive for a long period of time, the best strategy is to – focus and be attentive for a period of time, rest for a short while and then refocus back!

小叶 高效能学习循环 - A

That is why at Yelaoshr, our children’s learning time (60-120 minutes, depending on the number of subjects) is separated into:

  1. Learning session: this is our specialised 1-to-1 teaching methods
  2. Recharging session: children can go to the “recharge zone” and choose their activity of interest such as reading picture books, playing puzzle games or just take a rest.
  3. Revision, strengthening session: children will use “lesser knowledge, more repetitions” technique to revise the things they have learnt just now, turning short-term memory into long-term memory.

小叶 高效能学习循环 - B

In these one to two hours, if children do not have time to relax and only study and learn, heh heh, actually that is not effective because a child’s attention cannot be maintained for such a long time. So what if you force him on the table to study? His soul may have flown to the park, YouTube, games… and then you noticed him being inattentive, and you will scold and hit him. He is innocent, okay?

Hence, at Yelaoshr we emphasised on: No “dead memorising and learning kind of passive learning” and allow them to have time to recover their attention. Another important point is: to teach them to fully understand not to just finish the syllabus. You teach to finish the syllabus; even if you make the child repeat all the words after you but at the end of the day he does not remember or recognise words, it is useless. Through the “High Impact Learning Cycle” form of learning, recharge and revision strengthening, we are ensuring that the children learnt all the words that we have taught, only then we will proceed to the next level of new syllabus.

小叶 高效能学习循环 - C

It’s the same for me, XiaoYe! After talking so much, I guess you have already lost your patience in reading? Alright, I shall leave them for the next time we meet to tell you what other aspects is Yelaoshr good at! Okay? You can test this learning method with your children at home!

90-minute 1-to-1 Guidance High Impact Learning Cycle

We having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

More info: https://teacheryap.com/voucher/

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