YELAOSHR Bahasa Melayu (BM) Tuition Class in Malaysia

YELAOSHR is a reputable provider of Bahasa Melayu Tuition services in Malaysia, and their experienced tutors can help their students achieve their language learning goals. Their personalized BM Tuition programs are designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of each student, whether they are seeking tuition for academic, personal, or other reasons. Whether a student is a beginner or an advanced learner, Yelaoshr can provide him with the support and guidance he needs to achieve fluency in Bahasa Melayu.

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The Areas We Cover in Our
Bahasa Melayu Tuition


Ejaan is a BM term referring to the spelling. It is used to describe the written word system that uses the correct sequence of letters or characters to represent the intended meaning of each word. Our Bahasa Melayu Tuition Program focuses on teaching Ejaan. Helping students improve their Ejaan skills is about giving them the tools they need to communicate more effectively in writing and conversation.


Our personalized Bahasa Melayu Tuition programs are designed to improve our students' pemahaman (comprehension) skills by practising reading and listening comprehension exercises and using interactive activities and multimedia materials. We focus on developing our student's ability to recognize key themes, identify relevant information, and draw conclusions from texts or conversations.

Perbendaharaan Kata

With YELAOSHR Bahasa Melayu Tuition, we are dedicated to helping our students develop a strong and diverse perbendaharaan kata (vocabulary). Our experienced tutors use a range of methods and resources to teach new words and phrases, including engaging exercises, real-life scenarios, and multimedia materials and reinforce their use in practical communication situations.

Suku Kata

Suku kata (syllables) are a vital part of Bahasa Melayu learning in Malaysia, as they are the building blocks of words and help students understand how words are pronounced and spelt. By focusing on teaching suku kata in our Bahasa Melayu tuition program, we help students develop a strong foundation in the BM language that will serve them well as they progress in their studies.


We teach Tatabahasa, which means grammar in our Bahasa Melayu Tuition. Understanding the rules and structures of Tatabahasa can improve students' comprehension, writing skills, and communication abilities in BM. It also helps them develop confidence in their BM language skills, which is crucial for academic and professional success in future.
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BM Tuition Class Work

Without a strong foundation in Malay, Standard 3 students cannot be able to keep up in school. This only leads to greater fear and dislike of the language, creating a virtuous cycle of poor command of the language even till secondary school.

Most tuition centres fail to get to the root of the problem. Without a solution that targets the cause, it is impossible to help a student improve and rebuild his or her interest in the language.

YelaoShr® Intensive Programme of Bahasa Melayu Tuition targets the cause of the problem with one-to-one guidance. Without peer pressure and stress caused by the need to keep pace with the school syllabus, children are able to sail through the challenges and learn effectively.

Our teachers specialize in teaching young learners who:

  ○ Have Not Mastered Suku Kata
  ○ Have Not Mastered Perbendaharaan Kata
  ○ Are Weak in Ejaan
  ○ Are Poor in Pemahaman
  ○ Are Weak in Tatabahasa

Why Select Best
Bahasa Melayu Tuition Class
from YELAOSHR Malaysia

1 to 1 learning


One-on-one learning is excellent in helping students improve their Bahasa Melayu skills, as it provides personalized attention and a customized learning experience. With one-on-one learning, the experienced tutor can focus on the specific needs of students, whether it's improving their Ejaan, suku kata, or tatabahasa skills.

structure learning


We provide structural lessons in our Malay tutoring courses to help students improve their Bahasa Malaysia language skills quickly and efficiently. By breaking down a language into its core components and teaching them logically and sequentially, you'll be able to build a solid knowledge base and improve fluency easily.

creative teaching approach


Our creative teaching approach in BM Tuition is a dynamic and engaging way to approach language learning, which can help students to understand and retain BM concepts. By incorporating creativity, imagination, and innovative teaching methods, this approach can make the BM Tuition process more fun and interactive.

high impact cycle


Our high-impact cycle is a powerful teaching approach designed to help students learn and retain new concepts more effectively. Breaking the learning process down into distinct phases, such as planning, teaching, assessing, and reflecting, can help ensure that each BM Tuition lesson is structured, engaging, and impactful.

student ai analysis


In our Malay Tuition Class, student AI analysis is particularly useful in identifying areas where students struggle with grammar, vocabulary, or comprehension. From the analysis, our BM tutors will tailor their teaching methods and materials to meet these specific needs to each student.

Benefits of YELAOSHR
Bahasa Melayu (BM) Tuition


Bahasa Melayu is a vital subject in the Malaysian education system, and excelling in it can significantly impact a student's academic success. Enrolling in our Bahasa Melayu Tuition will provide students with personalized guidance and tailored support to a student's unique learning needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Better Social

For non-native speakers or children from different language backgrounds, learning Bahasa Melayu through our BM Tuition can help them integrate better with their Malay-speaking peers and society. By improving their language skills, children can communicate more confidently and effectively with their peers, participate in social activities, and form meaningful relationships.


Our Bahasa Melayu Tuitions provides opportunities for students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Malay culture. Through this language learning, they can explore Malaysian literature, traditional customs and cultural practices. This fosters a sense of cultural identity, pride and connection to their heritage.


Our Bahasa Melayu Tuition has the potential to enhance children's reading comprehension skills by providing them with strategies to interpret and comprehend texts, including literary works and academic materials. This can translate into better performance in other subjects that require reading and comprehension skills, such as Science, History, or Geography.

Mastery of The
National Language

Bahasa Melayu is the official language of Malaysia, and proficiency in this language is crucial for students living here. Our Bahasa Melayu Tuition can help students improve their language skills, enabling them to communicate fluently and effectively in various settings such as school, social interactions, and daily life in Malaysia.


Our Bahasa Melayu Tuition can develop students' writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and essay composition. By enrolling in our Bahasa Melayu tuition program, students can receive personalized guidance from experienced tutors who will help them improve their writing proficiency in the language.

Best Tutors on Bahasa Melayu

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Teacher Avy

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Teacher Iris

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Teacher Karen

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Teacher Taryn

FAQs Regarding Our
Bahasa Melayu (BM) Tuition Class

Bahasa Melayu Tuition is a form of teaching or tutoring that focuses on teaching the Malay language to students. This may involve one-on-one or group lessons. BM Tuition aims to improve student’s language skills and ability to speak, listen, read and write Malay. Most Bahasa Tuition will pay attention to teaching Ejaan, Suku Kata and Tatabahasa. Tutors are available to provide individualized guidance and support to students at all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. They help students develop strategies for understanding and interpreting the text, strengthen grammar and vocabulary, and improve writing and speaking skills. Overall, Bahasa Melayu Tuition can be an effective way for students to enhance their language skills and excel academically or professionally.

The time it takes for a child to become proficient in Bahasa Melayu through our tuition can vary depending on various factors, such as their current level of proficiency, the frequency of their lessons, and their dedication to learning. With consistent effort and practice, your child can start to see improvements in their BM language skills within a few weeks or months of enrolling in our program. However, becoming fully proficient in a language is a continuous process that requires ongoing commitment and practice. We encourage our students to stay committed to their learning goals and make good use of our resources and support from our Bahasa Melayu tuition program.

Yes, Yelaoshr offers online tuition as home tuition for Bahasa Melayu, which is flexible and convenient for our students. Our experienced online tutors have taught preschool children for many years. They will use various methods and tools to deliver engaging and effective lessons online, such as video conferencing platforms and interactive online resources. This means that students can receive personalized guidance and online support from YELOASHR Bahasa Melayu online tuition, no matter where they are.

25 minutes for each class. Our Bahasa Melayu is usually 25 minutes per tuition lesson. This time frame is the optimal time duration for students to focus and engage in studying while fitting into busy schedules, based on research. Our experienced Bahasa Melayu teachers will use this time effectively to deliver engaging and effective tuition tailored to each student’s specific needs and goals.

Our Bahasa Melayu tuition fees range from RM300 to RM500, depending on the number of lessons per month. Our tuition fees include personalized lesson plans, study materials, and one-on-one instruction from experienced Bahasa Melayu tutors who work closely with each student to ensure progress and success.

No, Bahasa Melayu Tuition is not solely for academic purposes. While it can aid in academic performance and achieving higher grades, its benefits extend beyond that scope. This tuition provides an opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Malay language and culture, enhancing their ability to communicate confidently with others in daily life. Furthermore, learning through tuition can improve their language skills, critical thinking abilities, and cultural sensitivity. Therefore, while academic purposes are vital, Bahasa Melayu tuition offers many advantages beyond the classroom.

To track your child’s progress in Bahasa Melayu, we use various assessment tools and methods, such as quizzes, tests, and speaking assessments, to evaluate their language skills. Our experienced BM tutors also monitor students’ performance during each lesson and provide feedback on areas they need to improve. In addition, we also provide regular progress reports to parents that outline their children’s achievements, areas for improvement, and goals for the next phase of their learning. We also encourage open communication between parents, students, and tutors to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

What Parents Say Towards
Our BM Tuition Malaysia

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