YelaoShr® Creative Preschool


Creative Preschool

Promote Finnish-style approach to early
childhood education.

Provide your child with a wonderful preschool
experience full of play, joy and loving care.


Small Class

“Finnish-style” Education Model


Nice Environment And Safe For Children

YelaoShr® Creative Preschool Curriculum

At YelaoShr® Creative Preschool, we have taught our children how to apply their knowledge to solve problems through some playful methods, exercise, exploration activities, and self-expression to bring up our children become more confident.

There Is Our Daily Life At Creative Preschool

3 aims in YelaoShr® Creative Preschool Curriculum

Language and Cognitive Development

Different children have their own learning pace, so we provide one-on-one instruction so teachers can focus and create an enjoyable learning experience for the children.

Unlike conventional methods, YelaoShr® Word Recognition employ a ‘visual impression’ in teaching that stimulates both the left and right brain of a child to promote whole brain development.

Movement, Hand and Finger Skills Development

A large number of fine manual exercises will have a profound impact on the long-term learning of preschool children.

The activities include the development of writing and drawing, training their concentration and stamina in current studies, and building up their confidence.

Emotional and Social Development

Children will learn how to build a sense of community and develop meaningful relationships with other children and trusted adults. Those are elements of YelaoShr® Preschool.

Through these moments, children will learn the social-emotional skills necessary to express themselves and effectively interact with others in all types of situations.

Europe Multiple Intelligence Education System

Combining learning themes with tools such as game boards makes it easier for children to learn.


Art Craft Project For Children

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