Equality mindset in teaching

YuQian, a 25-year-old girl is very passionate in becoming an educator. Every single step she took has only one purpose, which is to achieve her dream. YuQian who holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education wanted to continue her master’s degree in Educational Psychology but she dropped out eventually. “Many students in the master’s class are not from the educational background. Therefore, the initial stage of this course focuses more on the basic knowledge and I have already learnt these during my bachelor’s degree. That is not very beneficial for me so I have decided to drop out and gain some experience in the society.”

During her studies, what made YuQian emotional were the obstacles faced by the children who required special care in their studies. This is because 80% of her bachelor’s degree syllabus is about special education and also things that she witnessed during her internship. “When I was in my degree, I had my internship in a kindergarten. The teachers there were not from special school and thus the children who required special care had to attend the ordinary classes as there was not any dedicated classroom for them. Other than being ignored for not being able to keep up with the progress, they received a lot of weird stares as well.” YuQian thinks that she should do something for them and thus, she used her own spare time to teach them for two weeks, helping them to recognize the alphabets.

The children’s growth is my greatest satisfaction ❤

After dropping out from the master’s degree, YuQian joined the [YeLaoShr] branch in Sri Petaling in February 2017. She showed her determination to help the children who require special care during the interview. “The colleagues know that I have a major in this area and they will consult me on how to deal with it. I told them not to focus only on the children’s learning but to educate them about lives. I usually don’t talk much about their illnesses or symptoms. As long as they are being cared for, it will definitely help them.”

 Although [YeLaoShr] will receive special children from time to time, most of the students are normal children. YuQian said: “In fact, I was a little disappointed at first as this is different from what I expected. I even thought of working in other centers which is for special children only but this thought vanished soon.” YuQian realized that the children who come to [YeLaoShr] do not have good foundation. In a way, they are also being neglected in school just like the special children. Being able to help them is very meaningful. In September 2018, YuQian became the person in charge of Bukit Jalil branch. Having her own business is definitely the best way to reach her goal to help more special children. “When I first joined, I was attracted by the educational philosophy of [YeLaoShr]. The one-on-one teaching method can definitely help the children who struggle to keep up with the learning progress by teaching them from the basic.”

Working happily because the children are in my heart and I’m in theirs’ too ❤

YuQian met a 6-year-old girl in [YeLaoShr] and she was diagnosed with mild Dyslexia. Patients with Dyslexia tend to see the words floating and they are not able to focus on reading. When the father sent her to the center, he was extremely worried. He worried that she might not be able to read from then on. However, after attending classes in [YeLaoShr], she improves and she can now read smoothly. “This girl had just been diagnosed for a few months when I was updating her learning progress with her father. I told him that she put in a lot of effort and that’s why she could progress well.” 

Of course, things did not go smoothly at the beginning. When YuQian taught her according to the normal progress, the girl complained saying that there were too many words to learn. So, YuQian gradually reduced the numbers of words until it is within her ability. “She needs encouragement. So whenever she does anything right, no matter how small it is, I will praise her, give her a hug or pat her on the head to boost her confidence.”

There was once YuQian gave the girl an article in Bahasa Malaysia where all the texts formed a very long string with no spacing in between. “The girl was a little panicked at that moment. She said she could not understand and those words looked blurry to her. I asked patiently if she can try to separate the words by drawing a line between them. ‘You have learnt this before. This is simple and you can do it for sure!’ So she started to calm down. Saya, ada… word by word and she managed to draw the lines in between the words of the entire article and she got it all right!” This experience is a great encouragement to the girl. Since then, YuQian always motivates her with what happened that day and she ends up working harder and putting in more effort than other children.

The happiness of a teacher is to be loved because of love and to possess because of cherishing ❤

There is another 9-year-old girl, she does not require any special care and she is mentally sound. However, there is problem with her learning attitude. “She has the ability to learn but she is lazy, she shows a tired face all the time and she is all frowning. When I teach her vocabularies in Bahasa Malaysia, she said that she is not interested in the language and she can’t master it.” Every time when YuQian tried to teach, she would just lie on the table and showed no interest to learn. If she was asked to remember 15 vocabularies, she would forget 10 of them. This is not going to work, so YuQian tried communicating with the girl. “I asked her: ‘What is the purpose of you coming to the center? You are here to learn and that is hard right? If one day you have to learn how to drive, will you put in effort?’ She answered of course she will, because everyone needs to know how to drive. So I said: ‘That’s right, Bahasa Malaysia is also important. Although it is difficult, I am here to guide you, step by step and we can do it.” The girl shed a tear after listening to what YuQian said and she agreed to learn. Since then, she stops complaining about how hard the language is. She even asks for more homework so that she can learn faster. YuQian is very pleased to see this. 

The 9-year-oldGirl is now very close with me

YuQian said: “Regardless special children or normal children, many children in the center have problems with their mentality. We, as the teachers must treat them equally. The children are very innocent, they will treat you like how you treat them. They can definitely feel it if the teachers put in effort to build a strong relationship with them. Seeing the children’s transformation is the greatest accomplishment for the teachers.”

Family is my motivation

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