The High 5 Learning Method™

Educational research and practice show that High 5 Learning Method™ provides young learners with the resources and exercises to use their ears, eyes, hands, mouth and mind, thus developing their abilities to see, listen and read aloud. With a balanced approach to VAK learning styles, it helps improve their focus in learning.

ABAKƱS™ 珠心算左右脑开发课程

YelaoShr® 1-to-1 Abakʊs™Arithmetic programmes train students in using their eyes (visual) to see, ears (auditory) to listen, hands (kinesthetic) to move the abacus beads, and heart (brain) to concentrate as they perform arithmetic calculations. In advanced level of abacus mental arithmetic, students can even perform arithmetic calculations in their mind.


With constant stimulation to the left and right cortex, the neurons are continuously activated, thus ensuring a balanced left and right brain development.

High 5 Learning Method™

ABAKƱS™ 珠心算5到学习法

Young learners will be able to develop their eyes, ears, tongue and touch, honing their sensory organs like honing a knife.


It is often said that our experience at 3 years old will set our future till 80. In other words, early influences have a long-term effect in our life. Helping a child to develop his or her learning ability is the most valuable gift a mother can give to her little one.


With the know-how to focus on learning, and the support of technology and internet, knowledge can be easily acquired by the little one at the finger tips. Your child will be able to avoid the rat race of merely pursuing high scores in examinations and reset himself or herself on the path of lifelong learning to freely discover the joy of acquiring knowledge.

2 steps to begin YelaoShr learning journey

Book an Appointment

Because every child is unique, we focus on face-to-face counseling. Arrange for an appointment at our branch near you.

Preliminary Learning Assessment

A simple test for your child will determine how we can advice you on their learning improvement. As for the class time, course fee, etc., we will give you a detailed explanation during the parenting consultation session.

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