What is micro-entrepreneurship ?

The world: Creative education starts from me; builds up you and me, and creates the future.

The rapid advancement of technology has allowed education to overcome the challenges of geographical constraints. Today, a mobile phone, tablet or computer can connect us with the world and exert an educational influence.

Through YELAOSHR’s micro-entrepreneurship platform, partners who want to carry out educational undertakings through the teaching platform can be achieved. Through the online teaching model, YELAOSHR has passed this set of proven and effective teaching methods accumulated by more than 60,000 students in Malaysia in the past 15 years. It can spread to more parts of the world to help children read and have the fundamentals to learn.

Suitable candidate :

  1. i. Loves teaching — enjoys the sense of accomplishment in teaching others to learn something
  2. ii. Desires more autonomy at work, especially in the arrangement of working hours
  3. iii. Take responsibility for your work, and believe that the more you work, the more you will receive

Responsibilities :

  1. i. Complete the training assessment and obtain a teaching qualification certificate
  2. ii. Provide students with teaching of Chinese literacy and reading through live online video mode
  3. iii. During the teaching process, abide by the teacher’s guidelines and ensure that the goal is not to teach everything but to teach in a way that the children can understand, to achieve professional teaching quality and effectiveness
  4. iv. Regularly participate in designated training to continuously improve the teaching profession
  5. v. Properly handle student lesson arrangements
  6. vi. If there is any feedback from parents, please report directly to YELAOSHR headquarters

Application requirements:

  1. i. Strong mastery of Chinese: Chinese articulation is clear and can be expressed fluently
  2. ii. Able to communicate, explain and give instructions in English and Malay language
  3. iii. Compulsory to bring your video tools with Internet access, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.
  4. iv. You may work from home, but ensure that your network connection is smooth and does not affect the online teaching

How to start a micro-entrepreneurship?

How much is the micro-entrepreneurial startup fee?

  1. i. Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the micro-entrepreneurship seminar;
  2. ii. All details of the costs involved will be explained in detail in the micro-entrepreneurship seminar

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