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Steps to Start Your Creative Learning


Watch the video below by one by one. After completed one topic, you can demonstrate to your child and let them practice it.


While knowledge can be acquired through study, developing the desired skills requires dedicated practice and effort. This is why we need our child to practice.


Record the learning and practicing moment (video/photo), upload to our Facebook group. We are happy to see everyone start playing and think of the logic behind !


Mark your calendar for 15/7/2023 (sunday) from 10am until 12pm, we will have a Live event ceremony for everyone who participated in this Creative Maths Campaign !

Sharing Session

Through this activity, we hope to achieve the following objectives:
1. parents learn how to encourage their children to complete tasks with positive and positive language
2. parents learn how to observe their child’s strengths and small improvements
3. parents are willing to accompany and encourage their children to complete tasks

YELAOSHR founder Dr. Carol Yap will hosts four online sharing session to help parents complete their tasks.

Session 1:
6 May (Sat), 10am-12pm 

Session 2:
20 May (Sat), 10am-12pm 

Session 3:
17 June (Sat), 10am-12pm 

Session 4:
1 July (Sat), 10am-12pm 


Introduction (01"43')

1.1a Magic Table (09"24')

1.1b Magic Cards (03"33')

1.1c Watch Puzzle (03"44')

1.1d Calendar Trick (04"55')

1.1e Mind Reading (02"16')

1.1f The Card Trick (03"25')

1.2a Cones That Run Uphill (02"51')

1.2b Two Cube Calendar (03"41')

Completed !

Upload any learning and practising videos/photos of your child to this Facebook Group.

We will be hosting a Facebook Live event online on 15/7/2023 (Sunday) from 10am-12pm to praise for everyone who participated in this Creative Maths Campaign !

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