Education Needs 「Gardener」 Spirit

We believe that you have received a welcome gift at the grand opening ceremony of “Wisma Yelaoshr”. In the welcome gift, you will see succulent plants that we have carefully prepared for you. Because we believe that education requires a gardener’s spirit, a good gardener should understand the different character and growth pattern of each plant, and assist each plant to get the ideal growth according to the situation. When a seed is planted, we cannot predict what it will look like in the end, we can only cultivate it with care and attention, hoping that each seedling will grow strong.


What children need is not carving and polishing, but an ecological environment with sunshine and rain and soil nutrients in order to thrive. Therefore, parents and teachers need to be like gardeners, to create a suitable ecological environment for children, to ensure the safety of the space, with sunlight air moisture soil, they can grow on their own and adapt to different environmental changes. We also need to guide our children according to their growth rules and characteristics, so that they can become their own unique selves and “learn on their own and grow with confidence”.


In the face of the fact that each student has different strengths and weaknesses and different learning situations, we must treat children equally and improve the quality of teaching only when we teach them according to their abilities. This is why YELAOSHR insists on the “one-to-one” teaching method, which aims to understand different children’s levels and teach them in different ways, truly reflecting the spirit of a gardener.

Succulent Plant Care Tips

1. Sunlight

Place your gnomes in a place where they can get sunlight and ventilation, and provide proper shade to avoid the strong sunlight in the middle of the day.

If you keep your gymnosperms indoors, it is best to place them near a window where they can get sunlight, or move them to a place where they can get sunlight every other week, or you can buy a plant light to solve the problem of insufficient sunlight.

2. Watering
There is no fixed watering time for gnomes, it is based on the soil to determine when the gnomes need to be watered. The rule of thumb for watering gums is not to dry them, but to water them thoroughly. Sometimes the soil is dry on the surface, but it is still wet, so if we water again, we will have too much water. How can we tell if the soil is dry? We can use a toothpick to check if the soil is dry by inserting it into the soil and then pulling it out to see if it is wet. If it is wet, it means that you don’t need to water yet, but if the toothpaste is dry, then you can water. If the leaves are wrinkled and soft when there is a lack of water in the gums, then watering is definitely necessary. Be careful not to water too much so that the roots of the gums will rot.



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