YelaoShr® Creative Preschool (old)

Inspired by Finland’s approach to early childhood education.

Give your child an awesome preschool experience full of play, joy and loving care.

Solve parents’ biggest headache: No need to send children back and forth in kindergartens, nurseries, different classes, etc. All can be done at YelaoShr® Creative Preschool – the comprehensive learning station!


Don’t worry about the large class size or children being neglected in class.

Throw away that “mass production”, here we focus on “fine and exquisite” cultivation. A small class system, student-centred, “Finnish – style” education model

Beautiful environment – children’s learning paradise!

Childhood is a period of life when everything is possible.


It is a time to discover the world and all of the possibilities it holds. We believe that children are active agents in their own lives from a young age, and with age-appropriate considerations, we take their thoughts, ideas and opinions into account as we continuously develop our concepts and train our teachers to adapt and cultivate this approach.


At YelaoShr® Creative Preschool, we believe that children should not be educated to adapt to the changing world, but rather be educated to change the world themselves!

Cultivating “Little Presidents” – a sensible child who grows up confidently!

Yelaoshr Creative Preschool Malaysia

4 aims in YelaoShr® Creative Preschool Curriculum

I. Language and Cognitive Development

Children vary in learning abilities. Some may need more time and exercises than others. Therefore, a tailor-made approach that suits a child’s learning pace helps create a pleasant learning experience that encourages progress.

We provide one-to-one guidance so that the teacher can pay full attention to your child. We do not subscribe to one-size-fits-all teaching method.

Unlike conventional methods, YelaoShr® Word Recognition employ ‘visual impression’ in teaching that stimulates both the left and right brain of a child to promote whole brain development.

At YelaoShr® Preschool, teachers are trained to recognize these moments and increase learning opportunities. We also designed the learning spaces based on educational research to foster these moments because the environment also plays an important role in the children’s everyday learning experiences.

Children’s learning is not limited to specific activities or the classroom. Rather, every situation and moment is a chance to learn something new!

II. Movement, Hand and Finger Skills Development

We view children as unique individuals with their own ideas, thoughts and needs and we therefore prioritize children’s wellbeing, both physical and emotional, along with building their competencies.

We foster their participation and autonomy, teach them how to take care of themselves and others and develop their social-emotional abilities so that they learn the skills for life.

Play is the most natural way for children to learn and it’s a prerequisite for their development. During play, children display their overall development, even performing a level above their developmental stage because they are motivated to learn and unafraid to take risks.

III. Emotional and Social Development

Knowledge is socially constructed, which means that children learn through their relationships with others. Building a sense of community, peer learning and developing meaningful relationships with other children and trusted adults are key elements of the YelaoShr® Preschool pedagogy.

Through these moments, children learn the social-emotional skills necessary to express themselves and effectively interact with others in all types of situations.

IV. Europe Multiple Intelligence Education System

CreativeMIQ – Combining the systematic and thematic learning contents with the easy used game board, children will playing with fun without knowing they are thinking and learning at the same time.


The cute and attractive illustration will increase furthermore their hunger to learning, and also stimulate the borderless imagination and creativity within themselves.

YelaoShr Creative Preschool Curriculum

Lifelong learning begins in the early years, and transversal competencies are a combination of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, as well as the ability to use such knowledge in different situations.

At YelaoShr® Preschools, we teach children how to apply their current knowledge in new contexts through playful methods, movement, exploration, daily routines and self-expression so that they become confident learners capable of adapting to and transforming any setting.

Application Process

YelaoShr® Creative Preschool Application Process
Yelaoshr creative preschool junior educare malaysia
YelaoShr® Creative Preschool Application Process
Yelaoshr creative preschool junior educare malaysia

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