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Do not underestimate the impact of the pandemic on education. We must avoid the loss of a generation

The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Had Three Impacts
Covid-19 has claimed millions of lives
People suffer from job instability
Children who are supposed to be in school were asked to stay at home

As a result of the pandemic, as of 2021, students have lost far more than 200 school days, which is equivalent to a loss of about a year of semester. Long-term interruptions in learning could leave a lasting impact, while long hours spent on screen for classes would make it difficult to adjust and catch up with schoolwork when students return to schools. This is especially true for students in younger grades.

The instability of learning during the pandemic could have a serious impact. Just imagine the long-term disadvantages of children not going to school, which stops them from continuous learning, and they may also forget a lot of the knowledge they have learned. Statistics shown that students absent from school for 7 months will experience a 20% increase in “learning poverty” (unable to read and comprehend). Unless remedial action is taken quickly, the rate of learning poverty will increase even higher.

With schools closed for a long time, children are moving straight to the next grade without mastering what was taught in the previous grade. This is especially true for lower-grade students who experience more academic losses, which leads to difficulty keeping up with classes, which may result in dropping out of school. This is why education must meet the needs of the students, which include basic reading, writing and comprehension needs, as well as their mental health needs. By implementing remedial actions, we will be able to control the loss of education disruption, restore lost learning ability, cope with future challenges, and even establish education to be better than before the pandemic.

Unless remedial measures can be found to minimise the effects of academic interruption, this pandemic will leave a huge setback for this generation. Ultimately, we will realise that the biggest loss over the pandemic period is the students who have missed the opportunity to learn and study.


YELAOSHR is the first choice for one-on-one creative teaching! For only RM98, it includes a literacy test worth RM150, which allows you to understand whether your child’s literacy level is up to standard ✅ inclusive with 6 on-site classes.

A. Pay online with MC Payment (support FPX online banking and credit cards)

For only RM98, which includes RM150 worth of literacy test to help you understand whether your child’s literacy is up to standard ✅ and to witness YELAOSHR’s one-on-one creative teaching!

B. Pay with PayPal (*Credit card payment is supported. It is recommended to use this payment method if purchase through MC Payment is unsuccessful)

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Take remedial action. Don’t let your child miss out on this precious time

★ #• 4 to 8 years old: Up to 500 to 3000 characters reading (CH, ENG, BM 1:1 creative teaching method) literacy, pronunciation, reading and comprehension course ★

Did you know? The above learning difficulties are what most children will face when they enter first or second grade of primary school! However, ultimately it is due to children aged 5 or 6 did not properly master basic literacy. The main reasons are insufficient kindergarten teachers and lack of good training, many complicated subjects and a lack of professional training models for literacy etc;

Experts have pointed out that 3 to 6 years old is a child’s prime time for literacy. It is also a period in life where memory is at its strongest, and rapid learning takes place.At this age, your child’s brain is like a blank disk. To them, memory is not a burden but a physiological need. Suppose you are able to let your child take up literacy practices at aged 3 to 7. In that case, your children can quickly achieve the amount of literacy needed to be completed the entire primary school stage in a short period, such as 2500 commonly used Chinese characters.

Therefore, we should not miss the prime time to study in a child’s life. Your children will be trained by us to ensure that when they enter primary school, they will not have Mommy worrying about them, as they will be capable of completing their own homework and stand on their own feet. There are also many unexpected surprises, where many parents would come forward and thanking the teachers. Children aged 4 or 5 years old can easily recognise and pronounce various new words, showing greater self-confidence in learning than others of the same age!

Children are like sponges because their ability to absorb is like a sponge naturally absorbing water, and often we cannot measure the vast amount of knowledge that may be squeezing it out after.

★ 9 to 12 years old: Primary level Chinese, Malay, English (1:1 Creative Teaching Method) – Basic Remediation and Enhancement Courses ★

✔ The education policy has been shifted to teaching Mathematics and Science using the national language. The Malay language proficiency of Chinese Primary School differs from what you and I had learnt when we were younger, where we start learning from itik, ayam, arnab etc. If your child’s comprehension is not on par, pushing them to study further even though they cannot understand what the question means, would it be an issue of language proficiency, or is it due to failure in memorising the multiplication table?

✔ When your child did not perform well in the exams, in addition to making up for it, you do not understand the seriousness of not being able to make up for the deficiency. Did you think that there was no other way other than making up for it? Did you know that there are many children who are merely slow and not stupid? You wish to help your child pick up faster to make up for it. In fulfilling your wish, who else is there to understand him? We should develop the “slow” ones, and not cause them to turn from being “stupid” to “hopeless”, or does this stem from the inability of the school teachers to teach????!!!!!

How do we fix this? Through our original creative teaching method, we can re-cultivate and help children lay a good foundation of language and grammar according to their level. There is still time for remedy in primary school, and they can still catch up as they enter high school.

Steps on How to Purchase Coupons:

Step 1: Click the “Buy Now” button on this page to purchase the coupon. (For online purchase only).
Step 2: After purchase, click to select a centre for an appointment
Step 3: You’re done. The teacher will contact you directly to explain the course. That’s it. Happy learning!

Course Outline

○ Introduce basic Chinese, Malay or English, 100 to 3000 trilingual literacies, reading, comprehension and writing
○ • Bahasa Malaysia Suku Kata, Ejaan, Tatabahasa and general Malay reading
○ • Cambridge English Vocabulary and Natural Pinyin Basic Course
○ • Recognise 100 to 3000 Chinese characters

Sg Besi [SG], Setapak Danau Kota [DK], Wangsa Maju [WM], Sri Damansara 7 [SD], Kepong Rimbunan [KP], Bandar Menjalara [BM], Sungai Buloh [SB], Jalan Ipoh Taman Mastiara [MT], Selayang [SJ]

Alam Damai [AD], Taman Segar [TS]

Puncak Jalil [JL]

Bandar Kinrara [BK]

Mahkota Cheras [MC], Sungai Long [SL], Kajang Prima [KJ], Semenyih [SY], Sungai Chua Pearl Avenue [SC]

Damansara Jaya [DJ], SS2 [SS2]

USJ 21 [USJ], Putra Heights [PH], Subang Jaya [SS14], Kota Kemuning [KK], KLANG Bukit Tinggi [BT], KLANG Bandar Bukit Raja [BBR], KLANG Banting [BA]

SABAH Kota Kinabalu [SKK], SARAWAK Kuching Bormill [RKC], Kuching Saradise [RSR], Miri [RMR], JOHOR Nusa Bestari [JNB], JOHOR Mount Austin [JMA], JOHOR Kulai, JOHOR Permas Jaya [JPJ], JOHOR Ulu Tiram [JUT], BUTTERWORTH Teras Jaya [PTJ], PENANG Lembah Permai [PPM], PERAK Ipoh Pinji Seni [PPS], Ipoh Sri Ampang [PAP], Ipoh Bercham [IB], Taiping [PTP], N.SEMBILAN Seremban 2 [NSR]

    • YELAOSHR Online [ylsonline] consists of 2 virtual classes, while other branch centres have 6 on-site classes
    • Deadline for redemption of coupons: 60 days from the date of coupon purchase
    • The coupon is only applicable for on-site/physical classes at the centre
    • To visit the centre, you are required to make an appointment in advance. Please make an appointment at least 3 days in advance
    • The 6 virtual language experience classes must be completed within 2 weeks after the first redemption. To redeem it now, click here to make an appointment
    • After making an appointment, please bring your child to the centre and provide a proof of payment
    • The special coupon is only valid if you purchased it prior to an unscheduled meeting. After making an appointment with the centre, the special coupon will be automatically voided. Parents can only sign up for the course at the original price with the person-in-charge at the centre.
    • Discount coupons can only be purchased online. The on-site purchase price at the centre is RM290.
  • Only one coupon can be purchased per child. Only valid for first time coupon purchase for children aged 4 to 12 years old. Not applicable for parents who have previously purchased the coupon and existing students at the centre.
  • ○ Parents can choose one out of four different standard school time periods, such as:

  • Monday to Friday 2pm – 3:30pm, 3:30pm – 5pm, 6pm – 7:30pm, and 7:30pm – 9pm

  • Saturday 9am – 10:30am, 10:30am – 12pm, 12pm – 1:30pm and 1:30pm – 3pm

  • (The above schedule is the time going to the centre for classes. It varies according to the working hours of each centre.)

  • ○ Please select a branch from the above branch centres. After a purchase is made, the selected centre location cannot be changed

  • ○There are no physical coupons to be collected or posted. Accept proof of coupon payment displayed on Android and iOS devices

  • ○ After a successful purchase, please check your email for the payment receipt. Purchased coupons will be backed by an official MC Payment receipt

  • ○ Please bring the coupon receipt voucher (MC Payment), or present your mobile phone to the person-in-charge at the centre for verification

  • ○ MC Payment’s name will appear on your credit card/bank statement

  • ○ Any cancellations must be made in writing (e.g., via email). We do not accept phone call or door-to-door cancellations.  Cancellation will incur a 10% processing fee.

Every child is precious because they are unique,

Let us witness the joy in their growth and be inspired

Queenie Tan
Queenie Tan
Read More
The younger son is slower than his class in learning, but under the one-on-one and systematic teaching of Yelaoshr, he already has a good ability to read characters (Chinese), and also knows how to read Malay. I believe that children can progress better. Many thanks to the teachers at the center for their careful teaching. ❤️
Suet Wah
Suet Wah
Read More
It is very important for children to grow up and learn happily !! So I am very fortunate to have chosen the right one to enroll my child in Yelaoshr, and I am very grateful to the teachers for their careful cultivation, so that I can witness the progress of my child. come on
Chloe PeggyLim
Chloe PeggyLim
Read More
The children have been studying in Yelaoshr for 2 years. They have been afraid of Mandarin vocabulary, but now they can recognize and read them. I really thank the teachers for their patience in teaching the children. . No regrets for sending them here❣️
Emily LPing
Emily LPing
Read More
#BalakongYLS #ZhengYu teacher #XueEn teacher Thank you teacher for your careful teaching My child is a zero-based baby who didn't know how to write a word before entering Yelaoshr; now he can read a Chinese storybook by himself at the age of five; he can even speak Ejaan in Bahasa. Children also like to go to the center for classes. One-on-one teaching is really good for kids. Thank you for meeting Yelaoshr. Thank you teachers.
Melissa Liew
Melissa Liew
Read More
Great teaching method, let the children learn Malay easily and remember a lot of new words. Before, I had been troubled by my child's poor memory. After several years in kindergarten, he couldn't even recognize basic new words. Fortunately, I made the right choice to let my children learn in Yelaoshr 😁. Under the careful guidance of the teacher, the child's literacy ability improved by leaps and bounds in just one month. Thank you teachers for your careful teaching ❤️


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