Why Should You Choose YELAOSHR ?

Why Should You Choose YELAOSHR ?

[One-on-One Teaching] For Better Focus

The one-on-one teaching method establishes a stable atmosphere for the teachers and children in the class, and it is easier to manage a child’s listening and speaking. Teachers would only need to pay attention to a child’s emotions to ensure the child is not easily stressed. On the contrary, if many people are gathered in one place, children and teachers require more “concentration”, and it will be difficult for the children to effectively communicate and absorb quickly. This is why YELAOSHR highly recommend on one-on-one teaching method.

Comfortable [Learning Environment]

We pay attention to the interior design and layout of the centre. It is carefully designed to allow children to focus and adapt to a learning environment they are familiar with. All centres adopt a unified indoor colour and learning atmosphere so that when children enter the centre, they will naturally enter a learning state they are used to and enjoy the learning process. Our Creative Preschool is especially particular, from the space layout to matching colours and materials that will help the children feel more comfortable because they will spend a long session here.

Research and Development Team [Original Instructional Materials]

YELAOSHR original teaching materials and one-on-one teaching methods are able to achieve target remedial teaching that ordinary school teachers are unable to do by using the most effective programs to help children keep up with the learning progress speedily and restore their confidence and interest in learning. The senior research and development team for the teaching materials pays attention to children’s individual development and develops richer multi-language materials for students of different levels.

Education Group Recognised by the Ministry of Education [MOE]

YELAOSHR is an education group recognised by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Not only that, our contribution to education over the past 17 years had earned us a number of credible awards in Malaysia, which includes the [The Star Asian Women Entrepreneur Leadership Awards 2019], [SinChew Education Products Awards 2019], [SinChew Outstanding Educational Institution Award 2019], [SinChew Business Excellence Award 2019], [The Golden Bull Award for Outstanding SME 2022], and [Consumers Choice Award 2022-2023].

17 Years of [Experience in Education] and a Huge Line-up of Teachers

Teachers from 60 centres across Malaysia must complete 96 days of on-the-job training. Only after strict evaluation and assessment allowed formal teachings to be carried out. Each teacher must go through a certification process when assigned a new subject. The person in charge of the centre will also monitor the teachers’ teaching quality through an intelligent system reporting the students’ learning progress to ensure that the students are improving. Currently, there are more than 350 teachers come from all over Malaysia with different backgrounds. However, they all have the same ambition and passion for education.

[Teachers] with Professional Training

All centres in Malaysia are headed by a group of “all-female class teachers” who are passionate about education, possess rich experience and received professional training. It is currently the most trusted education centre for parents. This is because women are good at communicating, attentive to details, and careful and patient in teaching children. The teachers of [YELAOSHR] are not only recognised by the government Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (Level 3), but also certified by the British Academy Diploma in Early Childhood to provide the best quality early childhood education.

60 [Branches] Across Malaysia

Since the opening of the first centre in 2005, there are now nearly 60 YELAOSHR centres in 2022. We have expanded our education centres in multiple locations thanks to parents’ trust and positive testimonies from children who enjoyed learning here. We often receive inquiries from parents whose children have missed good learning opportunities due to a lack of [YELAOSHR] centres in the area. Hence, this has motivated us to establish new centres in more locations. To ensure the teaching quality of the centre, we needed more time to prepare and establish these new centres so that parents can rest assured that their children will receive a good education model with [YELAOSHR].

Teaching Tools in the Era of [Technology]

Unlike other education centres, YELAOSHR not only uses physical texts for classes but also constantly researches various types of teaching software, which could achieve vivid learning effects of graphics, text and sound and each child’s learning progress. Modern technology has exerted great benefits on the evaluation results. On March 16, 2020, when the government announced its entry into the MCO period, YELAOSHR was able to adopt the online teaching mode in just two days. This is because we had valued the advantages of science and technology way before the pandemic happened.

Do You Rely on [Rote Memorization]?

The so-called “cramming education” is to impart knowledge to the students. Texts were memorised by rote, and it did not consider whether the students could fully understand their meaning. YELAOSHR focuses more on improving the child’s learning ability and instilling knowledge into the child’s mind in an interesting manner so that it will not be easily forgotten even beyond the school age.

How To Make Sure Your Child [Progress]?

The “Improvement Guarantee” program is an assessment system that guarantees the progress of your child’s learning. In order for parents to feel more comfortable with our teaching model, and for us to implement our teaching model more thoroughly, this “Improvement Guarantee” program allows parents to focus on the effectiveness of their child’s learning, and to feel more comfortable letting their child integrate into our teaching model in order to help their child achieve maximum learning results.

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