What is the reason? The reason that a girl from Kulai would gave up three times the salary to stay in her hometown to start up her own business?

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A small town in Johor, Kulai, is where Cecilia builds her business. Although most of her friends are working in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to gain more in career development and a higher salary, she still chose to stay in the end. Cecilia could have used her less than an hour’s drive to earn three times her salary. What made her not leave her roots to stay in her hometown?


Cecilia is the director of Kulai Yelaoshr learning centre. In 2015, she was exposed to Yelaoshr and taught at the Nusa Bestari centre.

“Before joining Yelaoshr I was an assistant teacher in an international school, and then I went to my father’s company to work as an accountant.” – Cecilia

Cecilia, who has always been passionate about education, even as she left the international school to work for her father’s company, but she will always remember the fun of teaching and the cuteness of the children.

“My family certainly wants me to stay with our family business to help, but after thinking twice, I still feel that teaching is more suitable for me.” – Cecilia

Cecilia said that her family had objections at first, but they later learned that she really loves education and they no longer force her to stay.

Cecilia, who has always been passionate about education

When she saw the job advertisement of Yelaoshr on Facebook, Cecilia thought it was just a common tuition centre. Unexpectedly, after joining Yelaoshr and being trained as a teacher, Cecilia truly realized that Yelaoshr can really help children to learn happily.

“Yelaoshr’s method is effective in teaching children how to recognize words. After the children master the skills, they can start to read the book themselves and no longer need teachers to explore new knowledge. This makes me feel a sense of fulfilment.” – Cecilia

Despite receiving a lower salary and spending 30-45 minutes a day to and fro Kulai and Nusa Bestari, this sense of accomplishment made Cecilia happy with her job, and she goes to work joyfully every day.


About a year later, Cecilia began to ponder about the possibility of opening her own Yelaoshr in Kulai but she seemed to face a psychological barrier.

“There is no Yelaoshr yet in Kulai, so I can open up a Yelaoshr learning centre in Kulai so that more students can benefit from its teaching methods while I can be close to my home without needing to go back and forth every day. However, I am worried that after I started my business, I cannot communicate well with the parents who walk in. Honestly speaking, after starting a business, income pressure will follow suit, and my communication with the parents will directly affect my income. What if I can’t explain fully about Yelaoshr’s learning concepts? What if I can’t reach a certain turnover?” – Cecilia

These questions have been plaguing Cecilia’s mind. Fortunately, her family and the leaders of Yelaoshr have given her great encouragement. The founder, Carol also directly affirmed Cecilia and thinks that she could do it.

“After a year of teaching at Nusa Bestari, the leaders began to let me meet the parents as part of training and practice. I seized the opportunity and practiced privately according to some of the ‘lines’ shared by the leaders to make up for my own shortcomings.” – Cecilia

With Cecilia’s continuous efforts, she finally succeeded in joining venture with her colleague Lan Meirong in November 2017 to establish the Kulai Yelaoshr branch learning centre.

“I just want to thank the parents for their trust that enabled me to have the confidence to face the challenges of starting a business.” – Cecilia

Cecilia especially likes to take care of children ages three to five years old, so that children who are shy and afraid of coming to class will love the sessions. As parents hear the children eager to come to Yelaoshr and asked for Teacher Ceci, they also doubled their trust in her.


Cecilia admits that when she joined Yelaoshr, she used to take Yelaoshr as a stepping stone. Her ultimate goal was to teach in Singapore.

“I originally wanted to accumulate some experience while working with Yelaoshr, and later on move over to teach in the kindergartens in Singapore. According to my friends, the teachers in Singapore have a lot of benefits, and the kindergartens there will support you to take pre-school diploma, so you can teach in Singapore. It is a good way to have both a degree and an income.” – Cecilia

However, with the increasing investment and effort in Yelaoshr, Cecilia’s thoughts have also started to change.

“I really cherish this team with Yelaoshr, they have the perfect and correct educational philosophy. Plus, I am also familiar with the operations of Yelaoshr. I can work on in this career and don’t need to start all over again in Singapore. Now I have my own career, my education is no longer important to me.”  – Cecilia

Being able to develop her career in her hometown, being away from the hectic lives of coming back and forth Singapore, this choice of Cecilia is not difficult to understand at all.

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