To take care of both work and family, an easy task? It can be achieved with not only just capabilities but with a willing heart.

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To become a Yelaoshr venture partner, to manage the big and small things of the entire learning centre, to sometimes even step into the classroom for lessons; all of these requires effort and energy. Peggy is the venture partner of Johor’s Nusa Bestari learning centre. At the same time, she is also a wife to her husband and a mother to her two daughters. To allocate time for both work and family is a choice Peggy constantly have to make.

Peggy is a woman passionate for education. Prior to her contact with Yelaoshr, she was a tuition teacher. Her workloads were so heavy that she works six and a half days every week. Even if she is filled with passion and performs well, but her employer only paid her minimally as she has no SPM certificate. January 2017, she switched jobs to teach at Mount Austin’s Yelaoshr.

“During the interview, the centre’s person-in-charge, Ms Khoo asked me why I decided to change to a new job. I shared with her my experience while teaching in tuition classes that there would be children of different standards in one class but I have to teach the same thing which caused me to be helpless in teaching students who are weaker. This is how the education system works, hence, I wanted to try Yelaoshr’s one-to-one teaching.” – Peggy

It didn’t occurred to Peggy that these words are in sync with Yelaoshr’s education concept. In the first year after she was accepted as a teacher in Yelaoshr, Peggy is being promoted to become the centre’s person-in-charge. Perhaps it is indeed because of this reason that allowed Peggy to be able to adapt swiftly to Yelaoshr’s different systems and environment.

Peggy had frankly said at that moment her 25-year-old self was thinking: “I am still young, should it be that I am employed with a job and after work go home and bring up my children? Such a life that I should be living till forever? That is why during the interview, when I got to know that Yelaoshr offers opportunities of a business venture to their teachers, I was intrigued and hope that someday I would be able to build a business of my own. My family are very supportive of me.” – Peggy

The guilt of not being able to accompany my children more in the past

With this vision in mind, Peggy is much immersed with her work with Yelaoshr. Whether it is during lessons or training courses, Peggy really put on her best shoes forward. Unfortunately, Peggy was just into her third month of work when she had to often apply for leave to take care of her children as they got sick in the kindergarten and landed in the hospital.

“Because of that, I missed out on a training course. When my colleagues came back and shared with me, their eyes were full of excitement and it dawned on me what I had missed out. As I listened on to their sharing, I actually shed tears quietly because I felt that it was so unfortunate that I missed such a good course.” – Peggy

The training course taught on how to discover and see oneself and provided some methods to allow thoughts and digestion and to talk to oneself. Peggy’s colleague shared with all her heart and while learning, she silently made a decision: If it’s not something major, I would not miss out on any training sessions.

Honestly speaking, is it easy to take care of both work and family?

Peggy’s work with Yelaoshr takes up long hours of the day, after work when she reached home, her children are all already asleep. When she wakes up, her children have already gone to the kindergarten for classes. This situation of not seeing her children for the entire day would happen. As a mother, Peggy faces guilt. Especially when Peggy became Nusa Bestari’s venture partner, many things require her management and she would need to work overtime quite often. Basically, she only has time to accompany her children during weekends.

“That is why I would literally ‘fly’ back home every single time after work. I just want to get home faster so that I can talk to my children, even if it is for only half an hour.” – Peggy

As an educator in Yelaoshr, Peggy believes that her children’s upbringing should not be neglected. Thus, with the short time spent with her children, Peggy would not forget to instil proper moral values in them.

“After work, it is already their bedtime, I would tell them stories. These stories are actually real-life situations that I’ve adapted. My idea is for them to learn different lessons from their point of view.” – Peggy

In reality, these are also some of the methods Peggy used to teach children at Yelaoshr. When students made mistakes, Peggy would not tell them off at the first moment but will slowly guide them to reflection. Why would they do that? Doing this is not right. Next time you should do it this way…

“After some of my guidance, my elder daughter started to realise that she did wrong but she wouldn’t be too guilty or blame herself. Yet, she will positively correct her wrongs.” – Peggy

Peggy, who is in the education world, would often not be able to be at her children’s side. Thus she would share all these education tips to her family members who are taking care of them and hope that everyone would cooperate and use a unified education method.

“At first, they would use their own method that they are familiar with which can be lenience or reprimands. However, after sharing with them, in addition to seeing that the children learnt how to reflect with my education methods, they slowly started to agree to my ways.” – Peggy

With her family’s support, Peggy can ease a little and not be overcome with guilt.

“To tell you the truth, taking care of both my career and family is really tiring but by feeling tired and guilty will not help with things. Which is why I adjust my attitude: My daughters would one day grow up and they would one day live their own lives and there will be people who will love them. I am grateful for the cooperation of my family members so that I can slightly make up to my regrets of not being able to accompany my children.” – Peggy

She notes that her husband is not really good with bringing up the kids but he is able to be tolerant. When I am educating the children, he would not interfere. When he realised that the methods work, he picked them up too. Peggy is filled with endless gratitude to her husband and other family members.

Teaching passionately at Yelaoshr, Peggy learnt how to utilise effective methods to educate the children and is able to shape their good character. To be able to achieve this feat even though being busy with both worlds is no easy challenge.

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