Spreading my wings and fly high after a rough transformation

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Some people with outstanding leadership are born to be leaders and lead their subordinates while representing the organization to communicate and coordinate with other parties. On the other side, there are some people who can always do their best, following their leaders’ instructions and perform the task perfectly. Both of these people are equally important in a healthy organization.

However, there are some people who grow in the organization and they are able to transform from a follower-type employee to an independent leader. Mandy WenQing, the supervisor of [YeLaoShr] branch in Kota Damansara is one of the good examples of this type of person. The process of the transformation is just like the butterfly that breaks through during metamorphosis which is a tough process. WenQing has gone through a really rough patch before she becomes who she is today.

‘ Kota Damansara Team ’

WenQing who was majored in communication psychology, was first exposed to [YeLaoShr] during her internship there in August 2016. After graduating in May 2017, WenQing started working in a kindergarten but she left after three months as she could not adapt to the work there. 

“When we were doing the entrance tests with the students in [YeLaoShr], we realized that some of the children who were in kindergarten did not master the knowledge that has been taught in the kindergarten. This is one of the reasons why I worked in kindergarten after graduating. I was trying to find out the root cause.” WenQing’s doubts were answered after her personal experience in the kindergarten. This is because lessons in kindergarten are conducted in a big group and the teachers will not be able to focus on the learning progress of each and every student. WenQing who had her internship in [YeLaoShr] could not adapt to this teaching mode. Therefore, after three months, WenQing returned to being a teacher in [YeLaoShr].

WenQing’s serious and positive attitude to learn has grabbed her leader’s attention and she was asked if she would accept more challenges by becoming the supervisor of the branch. “At that moment, I personally feel that I was lacking in experience and I was too afraid to take the challenge. However, I decided to give it a try.” The position as a supervisor was a whole new challenge to WenQing and she could not perform the tasks well. Three months later, a teacher was assigned to her branch in Kota Damansara in order to assist her in being the supervisor of the branch. “Although she was only here to assist me, but she slowly took up most of the tasks as a supervisor. I guess she is probably my role model for me to learn and observe. Therefore, I started learning from her and gradually returned to being a teacher.”

Although WenQing’s did not complain or show any dissatisfaction with this arrangement, this incident has impacted her psychologically. “During that period of time, I felt that I did badly and I lost my confidence. I even doubted my choice of being in this field. This had affected my teaching quality and because of this pressure, I broke down and cried in front of my supervisor.”

Fortunately, WenQing managed to overcome this in two months and she started to assist the new supervisor of the branch. “Few months later, the supervisor has decided to return and serve in her own branch. With this, I picked myself up and started to find out how to become a responsible supervisor and from there, I did a lot of reflections on how I performed.” In December 2018, the supervisor left and WenQing became the trainee supervisor in January 2019.

left three: Mandy leader

“I am always lacked of self-confidence. Therefore when I was learning about leadership, or every activity that I am involved in, every decision I made or even every question asked by the parents, I would consult my leader, Mandy Kong first. Until one day, Mandy told me: ‘Don’t be afraid, do what you should do and say what you should say.’ Her words reminded me to be braver in making decisions.” She is very grateful as Mandy has taught her a lot in many different aspects and at the same time, sending her to participate in many different training courses.

Every course WenQing attended taught her to deal with different issues. She then explained one by one: “Due to the lacking in self-confidence, I always speak softly and the course “Happy Teaching” required the participants to speak in front of the others in order to train the teachers’ speaking skills and to boost their confidence. I participated in the activities actively and I was awarded as the ‘Happy Teaching Role Model’. The professor in “Charismatic Leaders” taught us how to lead the whole team while “Sincere Customer Service” taught us a variety of skills to communicate with the parents.” Every lesson of the training courses requires the participants to present their outcome and thus, WenQing now has no issue communicating with the others including the parents that she used to be afraid of. 

“Sincere Customer Service” taught us a variety of skills to communicate with the parents.”

Another important task of being the branch supervisor is to lead the subordinates. “There was a problem with the team that I lead. They like gossiping and talking about others behind their back. Therefore, I played the ‘Killer’ game with my teachers during a meeting and I kept rumoring throughout the process by saying that someone is the killer or other identities. At the end, I told them: The message that I am trying to bring out from this game is not to believe in rumors and not to gossip.”

WenQing also conducts sharing sessions among the team so that everyone in the team, including her can take turns to receive feedback and suggestions from the others in the team. “In this way, all of us get the chance to learn about our shortcomings in addition to being able to solve any conflicts that might have arisen before by communicating openly. I am really glad that my team is very supportive in these activities that I have conducted. After every session, I record every teacher’s shortcomings and put it up at their own seat in order to remind them about it.”

there are more interesting by teaching and learning from games

For the regular subject training, WenQing is also putting in a lot of effort in order to make the training courses interesting. “I work together with a teacher who is more experienced, Teacher LaiLing on the games to be played during the training courses. We both think that teaching via pen and papers is dull and we prefer teaching and learning from games.”

Now with a different identity, WenQing’s goal has also changed from “being a teacher who can teach well” to “a trustworthy person”. “Regardless who they are, my team, my students or the parents, I want them to trust me because that is my obligation.”

awarded this ‘Happy Teaching Role Model’ as I participated in the activities actively

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