Remembering Initial Intentions: Giving more love & more support. The children’s growth is our reason to persevere on.

“I joined Yelaoshr on the 21st of April 2016.” – Ice

When Kajang Prima learning centre’s supervisor, Ice was asked about when she joined Yelaoshr, she would reply with the full date without any hesitations. To most people, it wasn’t any special date but to Ice, it is a meaningful one indeed.

Prior to these days, Ice was a salesperson in a fashion store. While working, she received a call from her sister Wendy, the person-in-charge of Kajang Prima and Sg. Chua’s branches, saying that they are lacking teachers and asked if she could come over and give a hand. 

“My sister told me that this was a great opportunity, hoping that I would try to change my working environment and at the same time, she explained to me regarding some of the job scopes.” – Ice

Ice had worked part-time at a kindergarten before and she loves spending time with children.“Their smiles could always infect me and my mood will become happier.” – Ice Hence, after three days of consideration, Ice finally consented with the idea.

Even though she had been in a kindergarten, but Ice was full of curiosity towards Yelaoshr’s one-to-one teaching.

“Wendy told me that one-to-one teaching can help us to be closer and to understand every child better. This made me remember that during my job in the kindergarten, it was really hard to understand the children at a deeper level and there was no way to know their level so the classes had to be a ‘touch-and-go’.” – Ice

As predicted, Ice was quick to learn about the benefits of one-to-one teaching. She pointed out that in addition to ensuring that children had truly learnt before teaching new knowledge, the teaching methods are not just plain memorising but one with creative teaching such as utilising stories to attract children’s attention to help them absorb better.

First time vacationing with leader cum sister (Wendy) & teachers.

The children’s growth – not only are the teachers happy but their parents are reassured too.

By using fun and creative teaching methods, aren’t we worried that the children will ultimately focus on play and not improve? Ice said, “Children love to play. I am totally not worried that this method is ineffective whereas the boring teaching methods in classes may cause the inability of children to absorb”.She thinks that the spoon-feeding education is already accepted by children in schools. If they come to Yelaoshr and they are still taught to memorise deadly, what is their purpose of coming to Yelaoshr?

“Often, parents who come to Yelaoshr are those who are able to accept our teaching methods, if after one to two months and there is no improvement seen we will focus and review on the children’s focus and learning abilities.” – Ice

She added on, children with a weaker foundation will definitely be slower initially but parents actually know better about their children and will not be hard on us.

叶老师 一对一 创意 教学

Ice taught a special child before. He is a five-year-old boy. He was not only feeling unfamiliar with the environment, but also very reluctant in studies; a child lacking total confidence. 

“I taught him Bahasa Malaysia. At first, I gave him flashcards and it took some time longer than average children to be able to teach him sukukata syllables. It was a long process.” – Ice

Flashcards methods with this child is not the same as average students. Ice used a playing kind of method. She made the boy tell her quickly what the word is when he got the flashcard, making the classes more interesting. Ice also poured out a lot of care and love. Ice would always caringly ask if he ate, if he was happy or unhappy etc. when she sat down. At first, the boy would only nod his head in reply but Ice did not give up. She continuously and patiently asks and care, until one day, the boy suddenly replied: I have eaten. Ice lit up in excitement, proceeded to ask what he ate and he replied truthfully.

On the way home, the boy actually said bye to Ice which was something he had never done before. Ice saw the happiness flooded in his mother’s eyes which was unforgettable. 

“Most parents who saw their children’s results declining minimally will be unsatisfied but to the parents of special children, a small step of improvement will be enough to make them happy all day.” – Ice

叶老师 一对一 创意 教学 

认字 语言 教学
Initially this child, he does not have enough volume in Chinese literacy, when I used an encouraging method and say, ‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t know this word. I’ll teach you. Don’t be afraid and you will be able to learn it’. Now, he is getting better day by day

Entrepreneurship embodies a sense of commission

“Do you want to come over to Kajang Prima and be the centre’s supervisor?” Late last year, Wendy gave another call and handed Ice with a new task.

Kajang Prima’s supervisor was resigning soon and Wendy wanted Ice to take over. Thus, a month before the supervisor left, Ice came to the Kajang Prima learning centre to work and to passover some of the work. 

“When I went to Kajang Prima, the little ones at Sg. Chua actually missed me and Wendy allowed us to video call each other. Till today, they will still occasionally give me a call.” – Ice

叶老师 一对一 创意 教学 

认字 语言 教学
This little girl, she didn’t have a smile at first. I had to start by playing with her and now, she’s full of smiles!

Being honest, Ice did not have any thoughts of entrepreneurship initially. However, in the recent years, as her working environment changed, she was inspired. Ice hopes to have her own learning centre, bringing up a batch of children who require assistance to learn happily.

“Wendy once advised me not to stop in my tracks and move forward to improvement.” – Ice

Ice admits that she enjoyed teaching and the fun that comes with it and did not think about being a supervisor or entrepreneurship. Today, she has the opportunity to take over the job of a supervisor and she starts to understand a centre’s mission and strength.

“Opening up a Yelaoshr learning centre is to let children know that ‘learning is a form of joy’ and not just listening to teachers and memorising deadly.” – Ice

Currently, as a supervisor, Ice was persistent in teaching, not forgetting her initial intentions and to continuously stand in the frontlines to maintain a relationship with the children while enjoying that purest joy.

“The process of accompanying the children from knowing nothing to learning something and witnessing their growth from a stage to another is really a joy to me. In addition, the children’s innocence is something you cannot resist. In life, there would always be emotions in humans. When you’re unhappy and the children realises it, they would just gather around you and smile. At this moment, you would just naturally put aside all your emotions and focus on playing with them.” – Ice

From the beginning till the end, the children can learn and at the same time maintain a positive and happy heart to improve are the things that are most important to Ice, which are also things that she absolutely enjoys.

叶老师 一对一 创意 教学 

认字 语言 教学
From the beginning till the end, the children can learn and at the same time maintain a positive and happy heart to improve are the things that are most important to Ice, which are also things that she absolutely enjoys.

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