Part-time work while studying in exchange for a precious growth

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Under the education system of [YeLaoShr], in addition to the one-to-one teaching method, there is another Jr. Educare® child care center. Huang WongWei is the director of Jr. Educare®.

Huang WongWei explained: “Jr. Educare® categorizes the children according to their ages just like any other kindergartens but the teaching methods are different. The kindergarten teachers usually explain the content in the textbook before giving the children exercises to do. Here, the teachers will only let the children know what they are going to do today and let them discover the answers by themselves. The teachers will only guide them further if they cannot find the answers.” She mentioned that this is to train the children’s ability to solve problems and they can remember the knowledge better if they look for the answers themselves.

Teaching the children the concept of “money” by drawing something they like

After completing her SPM, WongWei joined [YeLaoShr] in January 2018 under the introduction of her boyfriend’s relatives. She was teaching in the branch in Sri Petaling that time. She likes the one-to-one teaching method very much as she can clearly observe the children’s learning progress. However, after working for a while, there was some situation back at home which needed WongWei’s attention. WongWei then asked her supervisor if there is any other working hour which is more suitable for her as the working hour at that moment was from noon to 9 o’clock at night. Therefore, her supervisor assigned her to Jr. Educare® in Sri Petaling as the working hour there is from 7 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock in the evening and that suits her better. 

After adjusting the working hours, it is time to adjust the teaching mentality and method.

Teaching life skills in addition to teaching knowledge from the textbook

“When I first came here, I was taking care of 3 to 6 years old children. I heard that other than teaching, the teachers have to change their diaper as well and that did freak me out as I was not sure if I could do it (Would it be nausea to change the diaper?). After that, I started learning slowly and it is not that bad after all, the children are still very cute.” In Jr. Educare®, the teachers have to take care of the children from every aspect other than teaching and training their daily living skills. “The children here are younger than the children in one-to-one center so some of them need to be trained to use the bathroom, wash the dishes, take meals or naps by themselves. For the elder children, we will teach them how to sweep the floor and wipe the table. If they split something, they need to clean up themselves. This is to train their sense of responsibility.”

First time reading a picture book

In teaching, the one-to-one method allows the teachers to teach according to the children’s progress whereas in Jr. Educare®, the children are learning together in a big class. “The children have different learning ability, some of them are able to complete their homework faster and we have to assist the children who are weaker so that the learning progress of the whole class will not be affected.” She mentioned that other than learning the materials being taught in kindergarten, the teachers here use the materials that require high order thinking skills (HOTS) which help the children to complete their tasks independently. “The difference with the one-to-one teaching is that Jr. Educare® focuses on inspiring the children’s creativity and independent thinking and the environment in a big class allows the children to learn from each other.”

Adding physical movements after a few times

Adding self-value by doing part-time work while studying and at the same time, understanding the family’s love

After graduating from high school, WongWei really wanted to further her studies in college. However, her family could not support her financially and she had to work in [YeLaoShr] to support the family. “In 2018, I actually had a bad relationship with my family. This is because I insisted to start working while my father wanted me to continue studying.” WongWei’s father thought that her result was pretty good and it would be a waste if she did not continue studying. So he always wanted her to further her studies and to get a degree which can guarantee a bright future. However, WongWei has a different opinion as she thinks that the things do not always work out the same way.

In order to satisfy her father, WongWei found an online course on early childhood education. After asking for details about the course, WongWei had a discussion with her father and he thought it was fine to give it a try. Therefore, she registered for this two and a half year course in September 2018. “The reason I was enrolled in this course is that I did not want to give up on my career in [YeLaoShr]. In this way, I can further my studies without adjusting my working hours.”

Tying two children’s hair just like the teacher’s 

 Now, WongWei began to understand her father’s intention and started agreeing to what he said before. “During the course, I learned some educational theories and sometimes we have to be creative to complete the assignments given. All of these can be practiced immediately at my work and I can see the results right away.” WongWei shared that one of the assignments was to make a prop to help improving the children’s physical coordination. So, she made a box and let the children bounce the table tennis balls into different “frames” in the box to train their physical coordination.

Attending classes after work helps enriching herself and at the same time, improves her teaching quality. WongWei’s hard work has shown her passion towards education and her determination to progress further. “When I first joined [YeLaoShr], my only goal is to start my own business. However, I found out that I still have a lot to learn so I am now still focusing on doing my best and not thinking about how to reach the highest level with a little effort, haha!”

From having conflicts with the family to understanding their love and care, WongWei’s vision in her career has also changed as days go by. This change represents her growth and is building the most stable foundation for her future.

Children were picking props for me during Christmas
Teaching materials made by myself for the assignments from the online course

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