Kick start the “Educational career” that I’ve never imagined, just because they need me.

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Do you still remember Teacher Shelly? She is the entrepreneur of YeLaoShr center in Muar. Before joining YeLaoShr, she worked as a TV drama producer and assistant director. When she was starting the center in Muar, she found herself a partner, Bee Yong to run the education business with her. This round, we are going to talk about Bee Yong’s story.

Bee Yong, who graduated from communication media, joined the TV drama production team as part of the miscellaneous team and script supervisor. “Basically the miscellaneous team has to do everything while the script supervisor has to record the movements, dialogues and costumes of each play, making sure that every scene of the same part of the drama is connected.” After leaving the TV drama production team, Bee Yong joined the production team of Jack Neo’s film “Our Story”. Behind the wonderful work on screen is an extremely busy shooting job until Bee Yong has to work all night. When she was pregnant in 2015, she began to think about her future.

First time receiving birthday gift from her leader, Maymei, Gabby and Shelly after joining YeLaoShr.

“My original plan was to go back being a script supervisor after giving birth but I hesitated after my child was born. Leaving my kid to do what I wanted to do, is that really what I want?” After some thoughts, Bee Yong decided to stay with her child and grow up with him. “The child’s growth is not something I can miss as that happens only once.”

“When I was thinking what I should do for a living, Shelly contacted me and told me that she started a business in Muar and needed my help.” Bee Yong and Shelly have known each other and had a great time working together when they were in the TV production team. Therefore, without long consideration, she went for the interview and joined YeLaoShr. Bee Yong moved to Muar from Selangor with her husband and child because of this and stayed with her mother-in-law. 

Grateful for the caring leader, Shelly

Bee Yong admits that education sector was not her ideal career. “I joined YeLaoShr so that I could stay in Muar and at the same time, to help Shelly.” After some time, Bee Yong began loving her job. She teaches pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in Bahasa Malaysia and she learned a lot of basic skills in language from YeLaoShr which she can teach her child later. Another reason is her caring leader, Shelly. 

“Shelly is a very thoughtful leader. She always thinks from others’ perspectives.” Bee Yong said that when the center has just started operating, Shelly had to arrange the working days for everyone. Bee Yong mentioned that she hopes to rest on the weekends as her husband who is working in Selangor only comes back during weekend and that is the only time where the family can spend time together. Shelly agreed to it straightaway and Bee Yong was so touched. “When we first started, we did not have students and we needed to set up booths in different places. Shelly would allow me to excuse myself if the activities were on weekends so that I could spend time with my family. She is always nice to us. When we try to return her good deed, she will be extra nice to us. We can never beat her,” said Bee Yong.

Leader, teacher or assistant are all important roles in a team. To meet someone who truly understands you is not easy. 
I am grateful for everyone in my husband’s family. Thank you for willing to send me to work and off work. Thank you for taking care of my child when I am at work. 

Bee Yong was born in Perak and she went to a university in Penang and then she went to work in Selangor. To her, Muar is an unfamiliar place. She mentioned that Shelly who is from Muar has helped her a lot in her life. “Sometimes she is not like my leader but a family of mine and other colleagues.”

I’ve gained a lot in YeLaoShr

Working as an educator and dealing with the innocent children, their kindness always touches Bee Yong’s heart. “I once taught a little girl from Taiwan Bahasa Malaysia. She was about 6 to 7 years old. The problem is that she does not like the language. Every time when I teach her tatabahasa, she will bargain with me, hoping to have lesser homework.” Bee Yong taught her with a lot of patience although the little girl refused to cooperate. After some time, the little girl started to follow Bee Yong everywhere. “There was a time where she came to my seat and asked if she could sit next to me. I rejected her as we do not have a very spacious room to teach. She said that is fine as she only need a small space. So I gave her a little space next to me, thinking that this could be a good idea as I do not have to “drag” her to my class anymore.” Ever since then, she sat quietly beside Bee Yong during her class without making noise and interfering the class. “One day, she asked me for a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote something in it, folded it nicely and gave it back to me saying that I can only open it after the class. My tears dropped as soon as I opened the letter.” It turned out to be a goodbye letter from her. She said that her mother had to buy a big television so she had to stop coming to classes. She also mentioned that she will never forget Bee Yong and thanked her for her guidance. The little girl really stopped coming after that but for Bee Yong, her little action is very touching. 

A secretly written thank you note from the little Taiwan girl one month before she left

The other time was during a one-day trip to Kulai Rainforest Treehouse last year where each of the teachers had to take care of a few children. Bee Yong was assigned to a girl who was quite a “princess”, who does not cooperate when things get a little tough. “Honestly, I was a bit worried as we need to climb the mountain and cook ourselves during the trip.” Fortunately, the whole trip went smoothly. It was Mid-Autumn Festival shortly after the one-day trip and the girl asked her mother to prepare some mooncakes for Bee Yong. “She said she knew it was hard taking care of her so she was grateful for me to take care of her the whole day.” The little girl was only five but she already knew about repaying others’ good deed. Bee Yong was surprised and touched at the same time.

除了认字阅读 语言教学 , 我们还会带孩子出外体验。柔佛古来的雨林树屋。
A picture with the girls I was taking care of during the trip
1对1教学 认字阅读
A thank you gift from one of the girls during Mid-Autumn Festival after the trip.

Bee Yong felt that her teaching career for over two years was very interesting. The center has organized many different activities for the students and teachers. Other than bringing the students to outdoor trips, they went to watch the literacy competition in Selangor as well. “We do not want children to live in a dull education system. They should experience a different life in their childhood.” Shelly also arranged a few training courses for the center’s teachers. “I still remember that we have attended a training camp “A Good Judge of Talent, Educator” which was given by Teacher YongLiang, the chief lecturer of YeLaoShr. It was during my birthday and I had to sacrifice the celebration with my husband and child for the training camp. During the two days in the camp, I won three awards: “Most Like Like Award”, “Most Breakthrough Award”, “Most Achievement Award” and these are my best birthday gift in 2018.” Other than the awards from the training camp, Bee Yong is also one of the YeLaoShr’s outstanding teachers. Being recognized for your own effort is no doubt the greatest satisfaction.

叶老师 何永良 培训课程
Other than the large-scale training course once a year, the leader also gave us the opportunity to participate in the training camp “A Good Judge of Talent, Educator” hosted by He YongLiang. Although I had to sacrifice the birthday celebration with my husband and child, the [Most Like Like Award], [Most Breakthrough Award] and [Most Achievement Award] that I received in these two days were my best birthday gifts in 2018.

When Bee Yong accepted the job, she told Shelly that she would leave any time as her family’s plan is to live in Selangor area. “I hope my child can go to primary school in Selangor area so we will probably leave when he is 7 and we have also bought a place in Selangor.” However, everything YeLaoShr has brought to Bee Yong is unforgettable. She hopes she can continue to serve in YeLaoShr center in Selangor to continue her journey as an educator. 

The first ever one-day trip.  We went to Rainforest Treehouse in Kulai, Johor in 2018.

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