Kindergarten? Nursery? Day Care Centre? YELAOSHR Junior Educare is the newly innovated Whole-Child HOTS education programme, cultivating sensible children, allowing them to grow up confident

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Are you looking for a Kindergarten? Now you have a brand new option to choose!

For 15 years, since the year of 2005, YELAOSHR has one sole objective: to provide learning opportunities for children to read and recognise words. Until today, there are 67 branches across Malaysia, 80% and above are children aged 3 to 8 years old.

Children aged 5 to 7 years old are among the majority. These children faced difficulties like limited vocabulary, able to understand the word but unable to pronounce the word, thus causing them to have difficulties in reading and understanding. This problem heavily causes children’s learning to be more challenging.

Therefore, among the more than 8,000 children of YELAOSHR in Malaysia, most of them can be divided into these two categories:

The first category: Parents provide basic preparations for their children. After their children go to kindergarten, they will send them to YELAOSHR in the afternoon, and use a one-to-one teaching method to strengthen the grasp of thinking according to the needs of children, to be able to recognise words, can read a lot of words, and have a good understanding ability, so that they can cope with heavy schoolwork when entering elementary school;;

The second category: The child is already going to primary school and found that he cannot keep up with his schoolwork. The biggest factor is that he can’t read the text by himself and cannot keep up with the teacher’s teaching. So he is sent to YELAOSHR to strengthen his word recognition and reading ability, laying the foundation again and doing it correctly this time.

In traditional kindergartens and primary schools, as long as there are large classes and the number of students increases, one-third or more of the children will not be fully taken care of, and will gradually fail to keep up with the progress of learning. As time progresses, the children will have a big gap in their learning progress.

Is your child ready to enter primary school and study confidently? Preschool education is the key!

YELAOSHR’s teaching philosophy emphasises on “customised teaching”, “teaching according to the level of the child”, and “to teach until understand not to finish teaching”. So, we decided to open this “Little President School” – Junior Educare Child Care:

  • The Junior Educare combines kindergarten, nursery, daycare centre, literacy reading centre, multi-intelligence centre, left and right brain potential development centre, etc., all into one “innovative whole-child HOTS education system”.
  • Aims to abandon “large mass production” and pay more attention to the “small amount of exquisite” education model, with small class system, child-oriented (Student-Centered), “Finnish-style” education model, to cultivate unique Little Presidents ——A sensible child who can grow up confidently!
叶老师儿童托育 全人HOTS培育体系
The purpose of education-to make people a better person. The whole-child HOTS education programme allows children to become a person who can live out their self-worth and make people and things around them better.
叶老师儿童托育 全人HOTS培育体系 培养懂事的孩子,让他自信成长
The cultivation of HOTS thinking ability allows children to become a sensible problem-solver while growing up confidently!

So, is this a kindergarten? Nursery? Daycare centre?

儿童托育 Kindergarten preschool malaysia

Yes. Junior Educare is an integration of different children education centres. This is more convenient for parents and also allows children to learn more effectively and easily (children do not have to go to different learning locations). The same teaching team follows the children’s learning progress every day whilst providing the most appropriate learning experiences, all under the same roof!

Do the lessons learned have a continuation to the primary school syllabus?

Yes. Parents also need to know this: when enrolling your child in a primary school, primary schools do not pay attention to the kindergarten or education centre the child studied. For children to enter parents’ ideal primary school, there are a lot of considerations to be made, like meeting the distance between the place of residence and the school, whether the other siblings are studying in the school (if any), and whether complete documents are submitted within the time limit, after completing the registration process, the final consideration is the number of students that the school can accept. Many parents are unable to help their children enrol in their preferred primary school. It has nothing to do with which kindergarten they attend as most Chinese primary schools today face an overwhelming number of new students. In the end, those who can attend the school have to go through a lottery.

幼稚园 吉隆坡 kindergarten preschool

Therefore, parents need to be more concerned about whether your child has “school readiness” before entering primary school when they are studying in the kindergarten or education centre. These school readiness skills include trilingual recognition, reading comprehension, self-care ability, interpersonal collaboration, self-emotional management ability, etc. This is exactly what we are concerned about.

Next, let’s take a look at what the Little Presidents can learn in YELAOSHR Junior Educare!

I. Language and Cognitive Development

认字阅读 叶老师 Junior Educare
According to different age groups, teachers use different teaching methods to achieve the most effective teaching.
认字阅读 叶老师 Junior Educare
Learning to write” requires step-by-step practices. Don’t let young children enter the writing stage without the basic grasping ability.
Kindergarten Preschool education
Can write, recognise and understand words.

Master the basic Phonics reading technique, children will be able to read words, no memorising needed.

The children in the video have started learning when they are two and a half years old, and can easily read short sentences by the age of three. Before the age of six is ​​the golden learning period for children. At this stage, children are learning with 10 times faster absorption capacity. When we effectively guide children in their learning during their golden learning period, children can learn happily under relaxed and stress-free situations. Thus laying a good foundation and cultivating their enthusiasm for future learning! 

daycare childcare klang valley junior educare
Creative teaching makes children’s learning more profound.
Yelaoshr Kindergarten Preschool daycare
Learn computing skills, cultivate mathematical thinking and literacy.

II. Movement, Hand and Finger Skills Development

Happy learning in Yelaoshr Kindergarten Junior Educare
Children’s left and right brain development systematic training
motor skills for kids junior educare
Exercise fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination. Concentration training.
montessori 蒙特梭利 yelaoshr 幼稚园 安亲班 托儿所
Montessori Education- Sensorial Materials
montessori 蒙特梭利 yelaoshr 幼稚园 安亲班 托儿所
Self-care exercises
Kindergarten Malaysia Daycare
Cultivate the ability to take care of self – independence

III. Emotional and Social Development

Malaysia daycare yelaoshr junior educare
Experiential Learning -make learning more meaningful
daycare learning centre for ages 3 to 6
Cultivate interpersonal collaboration skills and complete tasks in harmony with others

IV. Europe Multiple Intelligence Education System

Europe Multiple Intelligence Education System 欧美先进国家指定使用的专业多元智能启发教材系统
Adopt professional multiple intelligence inspiring teaching materials system designed by advanced countries in Europe and America – develop multiple intelligences

450 multiple intelligence exercises + self-checking = developing a good habit of initiative + independent learning

A Holistic Brain Development System

叶老师儿童托育 全人HOTS培育体系 课程结构

There are more exciting learning contents: energy ball emotional edification, BrainGym mental exercises, picture book cross-disciplinary comprehensive teaching, classroom simulation to establish the necessary adaptability for growth… The space is limited and I can’t introduce you one by one

Yelaoshr Junior Educare 2020Promo-free1on1en-02

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星洲教育奖 叶老师
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