How does a working mother balance between her family and career?

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Su Min, the person in charge of [YeLaoShr] center in Sentul started this branch in August 2016 together with her two partners, Maymei and Gabby. She is also a wife and a mother. Starting a business and taking care of the family, both take time and Su Min has experienced a transition period where she could not balance the both of them.

There is no child who can’t be taught, you just need to use the right way.

“I used to work as a beauty therapist and then I started my career in education sector where I became a teacher in a daycare center. You know how we used to write our ambitions in school and we all want to be a teacher as it guarantees a stable life and you do not have to work late. You will also be able to teach your own children.” However, Su Min’s plan did not go on smoothly as what she expected. 

During her four years in the daycare center, other than teaching, Su Min basically has to do everything else. “As a teacher, she needs to check the homework, tutoring, collect tuition fees and sometimes she has to cook when there is short of hands.” In short, she needs to do almost everything when the others need help.” There are almost a hundred people in the daycare center and there are only a few teachers. In this case, it is impossible for her to leave work early. Another thing that Su Min dislikes is the teaching part. “There was no guidance for us to teach last time. All the teachers have to figure out the way to teach by reading the textbook and homework themselves. Other than that, the classes there are conducted in a big group so if there are a few weaker students who could not keep up with the progress, scolding them does not help because they really could not understand. We can’t slow down for them as well because this would be unfair.” Su Min was then thinking is there any way that applies for all students and help them to learn? She then saw the recruitment advertisement from [YeLaoShr] on the newspaper. Since then, she is exposed to one-on-one teaching method which is based on the students’ progress. 

Systematic education system

In year 2014, Su Min started teaching in [YeLaoShr] center in Ampang. After some time, she moved to the center in Rawang as the center supervisor. She started her journey as the entrepreneur of the center in Sentul after gaining enough experience. “Under the education system of [YeLaoShr], every student has a progress report that helps different teacher to understand the student’s progress before teaching. Besides, sufficient trainings are provided to help the new teachers to set their goals and directions to teach.” After joining this new educational environment, Su Min realized that education can be done so systematically. 

Getting sufficient trainings from [YeLaoShr]

Other than the efficient teaching method, what reassures Su Min about this job is the institutionalized distribution of work.” During the interview, the supervisor introduced me the hierarchy in [YeLaoShr], including teachers, senior teachers, center supervisors, business partner and so on.” Su Min mentioned that when she was in the daycare center, it was very difficult to be promoted no matter how heavy the workload was. Unlike [YeLaoShr] who cares about the teachers’ career growth, they will understand the teachers’ own goals and help them to plan their career so that they can be more successful. “I told the supervisor during the interview that I wanted to try to start up a center and she gave me the opportunity to work as a supervisor in other center after a short while.”

A few years have passed, the colleagues who used to work under the same leader now have their own branches in different places. Even so, they still keep in touch with each other and maintain a close relationship. “Although we are all working hard in different places, we don’t feel alone because we still care about each other. Whenever we face any problem, we share and support each other so it feels like we are still working together.”


[YeLaoShr] has taught me to be a better mom

Su Min has a four-year-old son and a newborn daughter. “Now I am still in the confinement period. Although my business partners are not focusing at the center in Sentul, they always come back to help to communicate with the parents and handle the affairs in the center.” To take care of both the family and the center, good time management is crucial. How does Su Min manage to do so?

“My current job is to train the teachers and to handle the affairs in the center. The teachers’ work starts at noon, so I can start working in the morning and go through some training with the teachers. I will be able to leave work at about five or six in the evening as long as things are done.” She mentioned that her four-year-old son will go to the center after his class in kindergarten and stays there until she is off work. In this way, Su Min can take care of her son while she works. 

“No matter how busy I am, I hope I can witness my children’s growth.” Su Min said that of course we can let others to take care of our children, but children’s growth happens only once. It is such a shame that a mother missed her children’s growth and does not know what happened to them in that few years. “Every night when I spend time with my children, I will make sure it is quality time. Accompanying the kids means I have my full concentration on them. If I just let them play themselves while I focus on my phone, that would not be quality time spent.” After having dinner with her children, Su Min will spend some time playing with her children, telling them some bedtime stories and listening to their stories about what happened in school as well as their friends. Although her children who are not even four years old cannot really tell a complete story, for Su Min, this is a very precious moment for her. “I do my own stuff such as doing house chores, handling the center’s documents only after my children are asleep.” No matter how hard it is, Su Min never complains.


The sense of accomplishment working in [YeLaoShr] comes from teaching the children, leaders who recognize her effort and colleagues who cooperate and share selflessly. For Su Min, this career is as important as her family because what she gained here is not only the sense of accomplishment but also the way to become a responsible mother. “When I was arranging my time, I kept thinking about the importance of these two and then only I realized, I can’t give up on any one of them. The only thing I can do is to try my best to keep the balance between these two.” She feels bad for some parents she has met in the center. “Sometimes when we share the children’s learning progress with the parents, they do not seem to care about it. This is like a warning to me, so that I will not become a parent like that. This career makes me cherish and love my children even more.”


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