Do everything whole-heartedly and spread the positive vibes

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XinYi, 27, joined [YeLaoShr] on 2nd January 2017. She is now the assistant of the person in charge of [YeLaoShr] center in Taman Desa.

After graduating from secondary school, XinYi worked as a part time teacher in daycare center and art studio. After that, she was enrolled in the bachelor’s degree of Early Childhood Education. After graduating, she started working in the educational sector. Her experiences have showed how passionate she is in this field. Here is another reason that she said: “Being an educator is very challenging. We interact with different children every day and this makes my work interesting unlike the boring office job.”

When XinYi joined [YeLaoShr], she was trained at the headquarter in Sri Petaling before she started teaching in the branch in Taman Desa. Although this is her first full time job and she was lacked of experience in teaching and taking care of children, she did not feel stressed or worried at all. She had the self-confidence that comes naturally. “Although there are many problems at work where the children can just pee in front of me, fight with each other and ignore my instructions, I took it as a chance to learn and gain experience. I will consult my colleagues whenever I face any issue and from there, I learn.” 

XinYi who is very optimistic is always full of positive energy and she works really hard when she is teaching or in training. This has brought positive influences to the colleagues around her. “Actually my performance is not considered outstanding. It’s just that I appreciate every opportunity for self-improvement,” she said humbly.

Happy TD family – Teach with love and patience, the children will be able to feel it

XinYi mentioned that she was quite an introvert when she was alone but after meeting different teachers at work, she was affected and she became more active. “After attending the trainings provided by [YeLaoShr], I was inspired to become more positive and cheerful. With this positive attitude, I managed to complete my tasks easier.” She revealed that she used to complain a lot and she unconsciously affected the people around her by spreading all the negative vibes. Now, things have improved thanks to [YeLaoShr].

There are many different kinds of trainings to improve the teachers’ teaching methods and attitudes. XinYi remembers that when she first joined, she complained about how naughty the children can be although she still tried her best to figure out the best way to teach them. “After attending Teacher Howard’s course, he taught us not to find excuse and not to complain. We should focus on looking for the solution when there is any problem.” Therefore, XinYi stops complaining when there are these “challenging” children. She tries to understand why are the children behaving like these and she starts to look for a suitable method to teach them. She said: “If there is no training, the teachers will never know that there are other better ways to teach and they will just teach according to their own personality and methods.”

“Last time when I was working as a part-time in other companies, there were no trainings like this. [YeLaoShr] has a very good management by focusing on training the teachers,” she added. In this way, the employees will have a clearer goal and at the same time improving the educational quality of [YeLaoShr].

Thank you [YeLaoShr] for all the learning opportunities, support and encouragement

The children touched my heart and the team let me grow

The one-on-one teaching method is one of the reasons XinYi joined [YeLaoShr]. “Last time when I was working in the daycare center, I used to teach in big classes where one teacher has to manage the whole big class. So I would like to experience how it is like to teach the student one-on-one and does it really benefit the students.” XinYi then found out that this is just like the theory she has learned in university. The theory says that: ‘In the process of learning, children have to be taught based on their standard, learn what they should learn at that stage and not just going through the knowledge with them.’ Other than that, one-on-one teaching allows us to focus more on the children’s development and growth in every aspect. The children can also focus better.”

There was a boy in the center who was so active that even his parents asked the teachers to be stricter to him so that he could be under control. “I taught him pronunciation for Bahasa Malaysia and I was stricter to him compared to other students. However, he still looked around during classes, running here and there and being talkative.” Even though XinYi was strict, she cared a lot about him. As a result, this boy was always smiling in front of XinYi and he was not afraid of her even after getting scolded. There was once when XinYi was teaching another student and the student said that he did not want XinYi to be his teacher. That naughty little boy ran from far to hug XinYi and shouted: “I want you!” “I was so touched at that moment. Although he is naughty, he is actually very thoughtful.” XinYi feels that the little boy actually knows that his behavior did make her angry but she still treats him well and cares about him. “He stopped coming to the center this March and he told me that he will be back before he left. I was a bit sad at the moment.” Without the one-on-one teaching method, the relationship between the teacher and the student can never be so close. 

The smiles on the children’s faces are what keep the teachers moving on.

By the end of year 2017, XinYi’s career path had changed due to her supervisor, Samantha’s pregnancy and health issue. She had to start to help dealing with the parents. “I only planned to focus on teaching when I joined [YeLaoShr] and I had no idea how to communicate with the parents. I had no confidence to talk to them about the students’ progress, tuition fees and so on. I would like to thank Samantha for teaching me patiently.” In order to repay her supervisor’s kindness, XinYi always takes the initiative to help to handle some tasks in the center. The supervisor is also more than glad to share the work with XinYi which helps XinYi in her career growth. “As I started handling more stuff, my visions are widened. I don’t want to focus only on teaching but to start my own business.” XinYi admitted that she is still not capable of handling a center on her own but for her, she is now in a good place to train herself so that she can gain more experience before entering the next stage.

“Thanks to [YeLaoShr] and my supervisor, I have the opportunity to learn different things. I always have low self-confidence but they have given me a lot of motivations.” There is a sentence she learned from a training course which sounds like this: ‘Do not stay where you are, improve a little each day.’ This sentence is a huge inspiration to XinYi. Looking back at the past, she is surprised by how much she has changed along the way and the best way to repay [YeLaoShr] for this change is to continue teaching wholeheartedly.

Thanks for all the support, encouragement and care that you gave. Thank you, my supervisor.

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