Different positions with the same educational goal

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 As early as 15 years ago when [YeLaoShr] was still not a center, Teacher Fang Fang had already started working there. 15 years later, Teacher Fang Fang is still at the same position serving for [YeLaoShr]. Teacher Fang Fang loves new challenges but how did she manage to work in the same environment for more than ten years?

15 years ago, when Teacher Fang Fang graduated from university, she became a teacher in a Buddhist temple. From there, she got to know the founder of [YeLaoShr], Carol as her children were her students. “Teacher Ye had already attended many courses that time and she started developing her own teaching method. So I became a daycare teacher at her house in the afternoon.” As the number of the students grew, Carol started setting up [YeLaoShr] Education Center. Teacher Fang Fang was there to witness this historical moment. 

Just started being a daycare center teacher at Teacher Ye’s house. This is my first batch of students in [YeLaoShr] and two of them are Carol’s children

Teacher Fang Fang has held many different positions in [YeLaoShr]. The change in her position is closely related to the business development of [YeLaoShr]. “I started as a teacher in [YeLaoShr]. I then became the performance director who was in charge of supervising the teaching quality of the teachers. After that, I became the person in charge of the center in Sri Petaling for about one to two years before I was transferred to the headquarter as part of the team who did researches on teaching materials and as a trainer. I developed the teaching manual together with Carol besides training the teachers systematically to teach in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia, so that they can guide the students step by step.”

6 years ago, Teacher Fang Fang and Teacher MeiQin started the branch in Sri Damansara. “We trained many teachers here who then started their own [YeLaoShr] branches at other places later such as Kepong and Sg Buloh.”

Started the first [YeLaoShr] in Sri Damansara with my partner, Teacher MeiQin in year 2012

Teacher Fang Fang admits that she is a person who cannot stay in the same position for long or she will feel bored.” Although I work in [YeLaoShr] all these while, my job scope is constantly changing so I always have new learning opportunities.” Teacher Fang Fang who loves new challenges, is able to perform well in [YeLaoShr] organization and it all thanks to the working culture of the company. 

“Since I knew Carol from more than ten years ago, she has always been a constant learner. I was in my twenties that time and she was more than glad to pay for young people like us to go outside for trainings. She would “force” us to read a chapter in a book every day before leaving the center so that we can all grow together.” The sentence that she remembers the most is: ‘The only constant is change and therefore, we must improve ourselves continuously for a better self.’ This spirit influences every colleague in [YeLaoShr]: “We try to improve ourselves by 1% every day. The working culture here is just like that. There is no competition and comparison among us. I am constantly looking for challenges and chances for self-improvement and this personality of mine fits perfectly with the corporate culture of [YeLaoShr]. Therefore, I had a really great time working here.”

Teacher Fang Fang witnessed her own growth here and at the same time, watching her juniors grow. Some colleagues she interviewed who were so young have now became the pillar of [YeLaoShr]. “For example, Eri is now the chief trainer at the headquarter and WenQi is now in Johor Bahru developing her business…… I am so glad to hear about these.”

Trained up business partners, Selayang Jaya, Bandar Menjalara, Sungai Buloh

Teacher Fang Fang shares about the three main values of [YeLaoShr] corporate culture: being responsible, supportive and learn continuously. “Carol has always been telling us that working here means being successful yourself and at the same time, guiding others to achieve their goals. In [YeLaoShr], we focus a lot on training the teachers and improving their ways of thinking. The headquarter has invited the famous tutor in the education sector, Zhang BaoYou to give us a lesson so that the teachers appreciate the beauty of education.” She further explained that the growth in thinking is not about the improvement in technical skills but to understand the meaning and purpose of one’s work and that is the key affecting our behavior. Teacher Fang Fang smiled and said that the few of them started from knowing nothing. They learned and explored step by step until they found out these theories.

Educators find their true meaning and the long lost self-esteem in [YeLaoShr]. Teacher Fang Fang takes her own family as an example to show the first impression people usually have for teachers. “I studied accounting which people think that it is a high-paying profession.  When my mother knew that I wanted to become a teacher, she allowed me to experience that for a few years but at the end, I will still have to come back to be an accountant. ‘Why would you be a teacher with your educational background?’ she said. This indicates that teachers are always considered as a career for people with low ability and a career that does not guarantee a bright future. However in [YeLaoShr], I can educate the children besides having the chance to be promoted. I even have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur by starting my own business.” Teacher Fang Fang’s success in the past ten years has proved that it is possible to have high income in the education sector and this makes her feel fulfilling. 

The improvements of the children in [YeLaoShr] are all from the hard work of Teacher Fang Fang and her team who designed the teaching materials and syllabus. This point has been proven by her when she teaches. “During my time in [YeLaoShr], I once went to San Francisco in the States to teach the local children Mandarin. Although I wasn’t there as a teacher from [YeLaoShr], I taught the children using the method from [YeLaoShr].” Unlike here in Malaysia, the children in the United States learn the traditional Mandarin. However, this difference does not affect the efficiency of the method she used. This shows that the [YeLaoShr]’s teaching method really works. 

My American students when I was teaching in YuLiang Primary School in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, United States of America.

Teacher Fang Fang remembers that she once taught a boy with hearing impairment when she was teaching at the branch in Sri Petaling. He did wear a hearing aid but because he could not get medical treatment on time, his pronunciation was inaccurate and he had problem communicating with others. “We taught him word by word and let him listen to the difference between his pronunciation and ours. The boy put in a lot of effort, from five words at a time to a whole sentence and lastly, he managed to read the whole passage accurately. Half a year later, he can read a book fluently.” She added that although there are times where he pronounces the words inaccurately, the teachers correct him right away. What moved Teacher Fang Fang the most is that the child’s reading ability has improved and his self-confidence has also improved indirectly. This is such a huge change in his life!

“I firmly believe that the teaching method of [YeLaoShr] can really help the children.”

we must improve ourselves continuously for a better self

This year, Teacher Fang Fang has a new mission. At the beginning of the year, she was chosen as the president of Yelaoshr Excellent Talent Club. The headquarter of [YeLaoShr] did the selection based on the scores of the teachers’ performance and the teachers who performed well will be included into this group which symbolizes the role model for the teachers in [YeLaoShr]. Teacher Fang Fang said: “In fact, we hope that this group can be the role model for the entire education sector. The teachers who are selected are all hardworking, self-disciplined, positive and respectful. We are going to bring positive influences to the company.” Teacher Fang Fang will lead these teachers to carry out some special activities. For example, this year they are going to serve at the countryside and contribute to the society.

As what Teacher Fang Fang said, she is a person who seeks for changes. This is because when there are changes, only there will be new challenges which lead to improvements. “I believe that I can continue serving in [YeLaoShr] for many more years because this team is a vital team that grows continuously. Therefore, I strongly believe that there are more challenges ahead. I hope that we can be people-oriented to training more good teachers and students.”

A big training for all the teachers in my branch

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