An opportunity, a chance and a willing heart are what we need to grow.

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The development of YeLaoShr in East Malaysia is still at a very preliminary stage. Therefore, it is not easy for the partners to open up the market in East Malaysia. Celine Ku is one of them. She joined YeLaoShr center in Sabah in June 2017 and moved to Miri in last October. She claims to be a girl who is dependent on her family but she managed to leave her hometown and moved to an unfamiliar town to start her educational career. What is driving her behind?

On the right: Celine Ku

Learning the true meaning of education from the children

Before joining YeLaoShr, Celine worked in the tourism industry for about half a year. However, becoming a teacher is her ambition since young. “I wanted to teach in a primary school, as a government servant. Unfortunately, my application was not successful.” Coincidently, Celine found YeLaoShr platform on Facebook. After doing some research, Celine thought she could try to join to accumulate some teaching experience.

Celine who lives in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah joined the only YeLaoShr center in Sabah, which is the branch in KK. When she first joined, she was deeply attracted by YeLaoShr’s lively and creative teaching method. “At first, I joined to gain experience and my plan was to apply to be a government teacher the next year. I always thought that classes and lessons are very serious although I have never liked it that way. I always want to be a teacher who can bring joy and positive impacts to the students. When I am here, I can see the children are always having fun in the class.” With this atmosphere, Celine can quickly blend in.

Education can be joyful too

From being a teaching assistant to starting to handle the first subject – Bahasa Malaysia PKTT (vocabulary and grammar), Celine thinks that her teaching method was dull, which can be seen from the children’s dull performance and bored faces. Celine has a female student who used to have a hard time understanding what she was teaching and she finds it hard to remember the vocabulary. Celine had no choice but to let her take a break. “During the break time, we had a small chat and I asked her what does she like? She said she likes to draw. I love drawing too, so I took a blank paper and started drawing. Ever since then, I draw pictures on each of the vocabulary. For instance, I draw a present on the word ‘hadiah’ and tell some interesting stories. In this way, the girl remembers the vocabulary!” Since then, this has become a unique way for Celine to teach this girl, which is very effective. “This girl made me understand that every child can be taught, you just need to find the right way. This has inspired me greatly in my future teaching.”

On the journey of teaching, the relationship between the teacher and the children is also one of the most important elements. This is a lesson learnt from another child. “I used to teach a special child and I used to teach in a very dull way. When the children come, I give them classes and let them have a break after the class. I was quite afraid of talking to special child at first so I could not build a friendly relationship with him. As time goes by, I realized this could not work as the child has not made any progress.” Later, Celine started to play games with the children, letting them to connect a few vocabularies in a story. This can help to stimulate the creativity of the children and at the same time, helping them to remember the vocabularies. Celine’s effort in making her classes fun has won the children’s heart. “To educate children, you need to enter their small world and understand them. This can only be done by one-on-one and creative teaching.” With her fun teaching method, Celine has become a very popular teacher among the children. Even after she left Sabah to the center in Miri for a few months, she’d come back to visit occasionally and there are still children who miss her.

Listen to the children’s inner voices and understand their hearts

Start this business to benefit more children

Entrepreneurship is not the reason Celine joined YeLaoShr. However, as she spends more time here, she realized many children need help. “YeLaoShr is rarely known in East Malaysia and I hope children from different places get to know YeLaoShr.” When Celine and her leader, Elva discussed about her future plan, she shared this thought with her. “If you have this opportunity one day, but leaving your hometown to a place that you have never been is what it takes, will you still do it?” Elva asked. Celine hesitated because she rarely leaves home. However, for the sake of the children, Celine replied, “I am willing to give it a try.” Last October, Elva brought Celine and another partner, Jenny to Miri and started another YeLaoShr center. 

 “Teacher and the children” It is a big family

When Celine first arrived, she could not adapt to the new environment. She could not even enjoy her three meals every day. “I am not used to the taste here. When I finally found the dry noodles that I could eat, I had it for all three meals every day.” After about two months, she can finally adapt to it. 

Moving from a big city like Kota Kinabalu to a small town like Miri, other than adapting to the dull life of a small town, Celine and Jenny were unfamiliar with the place. They did not know where to buy stuff, shopping and handle affairs. They can only explore slowly with the aid of Google. Now that they have adapted, they feel peaceful and comfortable. “At night, there might be noisy cars in KK but here in Miri, the town is quiet and safe.” Celine appreciates Jenny’s accompaniment very much and they encourage each other all the time. When there is stress at work, Jenny will always encourage Celine with some motivational words. “We have come this far and of course, there are times when we miss home. We always comfort each other saying that KK is actually not far from here. We can just go back by plane during holidays.” The two of them have spent so many difficult times together.

With your accompaniment, I will not be lonely

The biggest task for these two at the moment is to try their best to increase the number of students. “Not many people here know YeLaoShr and there are quite a lot of “competitors” near our center. We are newly opened and the exposure is not as much as other education centers.” Therefore, Celine and Jenny used their spare time, waking up earlier to distribute flyers at other shops and schools. They are also going to set up a booth in the mall in May to introduce YeLaoShr to the public.

All this hard work is only to benefit more children. “From being a teacher to a business partner, my mind has not changed at all. I hope that I can become a teacher who teach with great love and patience and at the same time, help to increase the students’ confidence in their lives with YeLaoShr’s study method.”


All this hard work to benefit more children

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