Aged 7–12 Chinese & Malay (1on1 Coaching) Foundation Intensive Programme

Forge Forward With A Solid Foundation

A weak foundation in Standard 1 and 2 makes learning in coming years an uphill struggle for children. When reading is taxing, slow and frustrating, children often struggle with their homework and fall behind their peers in school. Poor academic results lead to lackadaisical attitude and disinterest in learning. Once a child loses his self-confidence, the problem will spiral down even further in high school.

At YelaoShr®, our one-to-one guidance enables a child to get full attention from the teacher to work on a problem, something which he/she may not get in school. We formulate an individualized solution to help your child stay on track, restore his/her confidence and interest in learning before secondary school.

    • ○ Boosts vocabulary

    • ○ Rebuilds confidence and interest in learning

    • ○ Nurtures self-learning

    • ○ Cultivates reading habit

Options for Our Intensive Programme

Our intensive program is now available in both physical and online versions! Whether you prefer the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your own home or thrive in a face-to-face environment, we’ve got you covered.

Malay Syllable Pronunciation, Reading and Comprehension

Without a strong foundation in Malay, Standard 3 students will not be able to keep up in school. This only leads to greater fear and dislike of the language, creating a virtuous cycle of poor command of the language even till secondary school.

Most tuition centres fail to get to the root of the problem. Without a solution that targets at the cause, it is extremely difficult to help a student improve and rebuild his/her interest in the language.

YelaoShr® Malay Syllable Pronunciation, Reading and Comprehension Intensive Programme targets at the cause of the problem with one-to-one guidance. Without peer pressure and stress caused by the need to keep pace with the school syllabus, children are able to sail through the challenges and learn effectively.

Our teachers specialize in teaching young learners who:

  • ○ Have not mastered suku kata
  • ○ Have not mastered perbendaharaan kata
  • ○ Are weak in ejaan
  • ○ Are poor in pemahaman
  • ○ Are weak in tatabahasa

3 steps to begin YelaoShr learning journey

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Book an Appointment

Because every child is unique, we focus on face-to-face counselling. Arrange for an appointment at our branch near you.

Preliminary Learning Assessment

A simple test for your child will determine how we can advise you on their learning improvement. As for the class time, course fee, etc., we will give you a detailed explanation during the parenting consultation session.

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