A sacred & noble profession. It doesn’t matter the 90s or the millennials, all results require “Hard work”.

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Johor Bahru’s Yelaoshr branch person-in-charge, Wen Qi, left her home in Selangor-KL area in 2015 and came down to JB to pursue her business career. Wen Qi was barely 21 that year.

Reminiscing: Youth & Innocence

“7 years ago, when I finished my SPM, I wanted to further my studies but when I was picked to join the National Service Programme (PLKN) then I could not immediately study hence after SPM I went and teach in Sri Petaling then join PLKN. After everything is completed, I’ll only pursue my studies.”

Unexpectedly, when PLKN finished in July, the Sri Petaling centre was lacking of manpower and wanted to employ Wen Qi back to help out. Thus, Wen Qi went back to Yelaoshr.

“Alright, I’ll just further my studies next year instead.” – Wen Qi thought to herself.

The capable Wen Qi worked and worked in the centre and her job scope changed from teaching to training teachers. The change in the nature of her work seems to drive Wen Qi one step at a time towards the path of entrepreneurship.

At the age of 20, Wen Qi was being sent to HQ Sg Besi area’s Yelaoshr to become the person-in-charge.

“The centre was a small one, thus the number of employees were small too. I alone had to do many things which includes teaching, meeting up with parents, picking up calls, training up teachers and even when the bell rings, I had to put down my work at hand to open the door personally!” – Wen Qi

Heavy workloads did not make Wen Qi unhappy but to her, this is “obtaining a salary from others, it’s better to learn from their capability, and felt that she had earned something!

Wen Qi’s students from 7 years ago is now 12 years old.

Gradually over time, Wen Qi’s thought of furthering her studies started to dim. Wen Qi defended herself, “Currently, I have great job working experience and mastered many skills, why should I need to pursue my studies?”. With that, Wen Qi was never again swayed by the thought of going off to further study but focused on her services with Yelaoshr.

Parents: from objections to recognition

“Carol actually once joked when I transferred to Sg Besi, ‘Nah, I’ll only give you two years-time. After two years, you’ll need to open up your own centre.’ At that moment I only smiled. In my heart I was thinking I’m only 20 years old, how can I open up my own centre?” – Wen Qi

In addition to Carol, because of the centre being near to HQ, many of the person-in-charge of nearby Yelaoshr branches gave Wen Qi recognition too and encouraged her to start up earlier.

“Many of the people who encouraged me are my ex-colleagues. Now, they are person-in-charges of centres. Along with their encouragement, I seem to slowly build up my confidence.”

Who would have known that Wen Qi’s family actually object to her starting a business?

“They feel that I’m too young and to dive into entrepreneurship, why not create a new brand identity?” – Wen Qi

Wen Qi explained that joining venture with Yelaoshr, she has a strong team as her backup and shield, the risk of failing is lower.

Finally, the right time had come.

The demand for Yelaoshr in JB is high and there is an increasing trend. The initial first branch of Yelaoshr in JB is gradually fully occupied and is unable to cope with the increasing demand. Hence, HQ decided to open up a second branch in JB. Carol approached Wen Qi this time. Wen Qi saw that it is a golden opportunity not to be missed and had agreed to it.

“I agreed readily and Carol was rather surprised. I thought that I should try it out while I’m still young and I do not have any family commitments which is a great opportunity to venture into business.” – Wen Qi

With just an impulse, Wen Qi had not thought that till today, it has been 3-4 years.

Due to the fact that she’s not 21 years old, she is unable to apply for a loan. Thus, Wen Qi could only receive her salary just like other teachers to venture into business for the time being. March 2015, Wen Qi then took over the new centre. With much accumulated experience, she was more than competent to take up the task and by May the centre is right on track. At this moment, her parents came down to visit Wen Qi and came to her centre.

“This is their first time visiting my workplace. Previously back in Selangor-KL area, they had not seen Yelaoshr before.” – Wen Qi

Looking upon the student name list on the notice board, her parents realised her abilities in entrepreneurship when they saw that she could recruit so many students in just two to three months.

“After my parents’ visit, they decided to pitch in and fund my business. I really felt that recognition from my parents at that time.” – Wen Qi

A sacred & noble profession

To Wen Qi, Yelaoshr is a career of her own and it is an education concept that she agrees from the bottom of her heart. Perhaps it is because of this that Wen Qi can persevere till today.

Reminiscing the past, Wen Qi only scored a mere 19 marks in her Bahasa Malaysia exam and was almost ‘beaten to death’. When she encountered Yelaoshr, she would sometimes think that: it would be great if there were people who would use this method to teach me in the past. Yelaoshr’s creative teaching has a special and deeply rooted place in her heart as over they years she witnessed the improvement from children who knew nothing. Wen Qi firmly believes that Yelaoshr can definitely help children to learn.

Apart from the improvement in exam results, Yelaoshr ‘s education concept believes that every child has an opportunity to grow and learn. Wen Qi once taught a primary 6 boy who had aggression and violence and had tendency of self-harm. During classes, Wen Qi tried to befriend him and slowly touch his heart.

“Later on, I realised that the boy had heard some Malay students talking about him in Bahasa Malaysia. As he could barely understand them due to his poor standards, he got angry and fought with them. Under the constant supervision and eyes of teachers and parents, he felt stressed which caused him to self-harm.” – Wen Qi

A few months later, this boy always had a smile plastered on his face when he goes home from Yelaoshr classes. To the parents’ surprised reactions, Wen Qi explained, “Actually he is very smart and has potential. For every mistake made, we need to dig deeper to communicate with him to understand the situation and then solve them but not just to simply label him with xx tendency.” The boy was secretly eavesdropping on them and cried when he heard Wen Qi’s words.

To earn money, entrepreneurship is actually a good option. However, this profession for Wen Qi, its deeper meaning is beyond any money earned. She not only changed her life but is doing something to change the lives of children and parents for the better.

Wen Qi leading her team to break records.

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