#11 Let our children focus on becoming their better self: a day that we willingly accept our children’s true self and to wait and believe that they will be successful

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Being focused is the key to learning, creating, and accomplishing anything. However, I am not sure if you have noticed that the current children’s concentration span is low and their eagerness even lesser. Why is it so? Where is root of the problem?

Today, living in the 21st century, our children are blissful. Not only are they clothed and fed, but they also enjoy a materialistic life. This is the crux of the children’s inability to concentrate because they have too many things around them and their daily lives are too busy and packed. Whether it is tuition class, an interest class, a talent class, or even too many books and toys at home, our children are live in an abundant and colourful environment. In fact, we are looking at it, there are many unnecessary things in the children’s lives.

Let’s talk about toys first. Experts say that children should play one or two toys in a time, and let them play other toys at intervals. This is the environmental factor we must first change. In addition, there are too many ready-made toys, which are delicate and they can make loud sounds, and the colours are vibrant. These toys shouldn’t be added too often to the ‘buying list’ as they don’t help much for the children’s growth. I suggest that parents let their children play toys that can boost creativity, change, and imagination, such as building blocks, play-dough, empty boxes, and so on. These can lay a great foundation for children before going to primary school for high-order thinking education.

叶老师 左右脑开发课程

The characteristic of another modern child is probably an abnormally “full” life. Parents arrange their children to go to classes, interest classes, talent classes, and many more, in order to fill up their children’s time. So many things to learn, how can they concentrate on all of them? In recent years, our Yelaoshr teachers have found that more and more children are not able to concentrate well. They have no way to concentrate well on learning words and reading a few words. Many times, the teachers will learn about their children’s living habits to find out why their children can’t concentrate. I sometimes see a lot of children who looked lethargic. I joked that are they doing large businesses? The children will then tell me what they learned at a certain time, what they learned later, and then finally came to our centre.

I understand that parents really hope that their children will become successful, but their lives are harder than the average office workers. Where should parents make adjustments?

叶老师 三语认字 一对一教学

First, let’s find out what children need to learn most at the moment. This should be the root cause of solving problems in children’s schoolwork, such word recognition and reading classes, etc. Once they start, they must be persistant. Many parents are just excited for that short period of time and keep registering new courses for their children. As a result, the children have to keep adapting to new environments. Parents, please stop and take a look at what your children needs most.

I have met a parent and said that she wants her child to learn to write essays. I asked the parent why? The parent said that her child is already in primary two, and there is going to be composition in primary three and four, so she wants to let him learn first. After the test, the child has no way to master a even hundred words, let alone write an essay! Therefore, I strongly recommend starting with improving literacy. I told parents that starting a tall and large building requires a foundation. Instead of looking for a composition class, it is better to learn the words first. After learning the words, the child can read books by himself in the future. In fact, writing inspiration and skills are all obtained from reading.

叶老师 三语认字 一对一教学

Many parents do not have a correct education concept and they are not clear where to start in educating their children. Parents send their children to many classes, but the children are just plain memorising, plain remembering, and plain memorising which is not studying. I know a parent. The driving wheel in her car is covered with the schedules of her three children. It seems that she is a tough driver. Parents don’t have the right concept, thinking that they will be relieved if they fill up their children’s time, just like they have fulfilled their educational responsibilities. Is education so simple as it is?

Therefore, parents should first review their children’s curriculum, leaving only the courses that have the greatest benefit to the children, and then let them concentrate on learning. Yelaoshr teaches to recognise and read words. We only set the target in the part of word literacy volume and reading. We will not teach Chinese characters, Chinese pinyin, etc., so that children can concentrate on learning one thing well. With the children’s concentration cultivated, when they grow up, this will definitely bring a lot of benefits to their life.

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